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  1. after i finished reading "a song of ice and fire" i find almot all the characters childish and annoying, but most anoyying of all is definatly rand, all his constant whining "oh no shes dead and its my fault, my head hurts, im going mad, blah blah blah" ive heard all the complaining to much. and nyneave with all her braid pulling and skirt straitening.
  2. in answer to the origional question, its like voldemort in harry potter. there are still people who say it just fearfuly or defianatly and such.
  3. You were taking the version of the personality test that lets you find your perfect WoT mate. You were looking for a woman and believe that the idea of opposites attracting is incorrect. After some playing around with the numbers a bit, it was determined that Berelain is clearly the right person for you. now to just find a way toi get myself into that book....
  4. lol its funny how the topic changed from the game to how "perky" 300 year old aes sedai are so ill post for both game: Games ok i thought brok ALOT of the wheel of time rules and pissed me off if i lost because of it (like thos stupid bug things in shadar logoth wtf were those or that big ghosty dog thing) but others wise i dont mind it for an old game. no nudity for what ive seen so far of it im only in the sewers of shadar logoth though and i think im fighing the boss not sure? tits: the power slows their aging so they still got it goin on that is to say if they had it in the first
  5. sounds like hes gonna say that bryne is that guire guy reborn?
  6. their swords and knices r steel they need to find sum iron.
  7. the things lanfear did creat were we are today in the wheel of time. without lanfear wed still be in the age of legends. If we balefired lanfear the thread of the wheel would unravel and every1 would pretty much be screwed. Also rand may have to redo the creators work and totaly remove the bore and do it all over again. thats were that "only 2 more powerfull" male sa'angreal may come in.
  8. cmon guys iron to bind. could iron bind you? yes! handcuffs! or you could poke them with i nice pointy peice of iron in the head that would bind them to death. but im thinking they will have usm kind of iron chain, they will have a bunch of torches and thom will play his flute while runnin round lookin for moiraine.
  9. bela couldnt have done it ALONE. mandarb and aldieb were hungry too.
  10. mabe lanfear had some iron or musical instrimants on her so they killed her?
  11. you can only imagine the force that hi is exerting on the bore right now, once the resistance of the last seal gives the bore will shatter.
  12. min has him all to herself right now. min will just get him for the first hundred years then after avienda and elayne have their hundred years rand can get sum new chicks.
  13. mabe im confusing for when eragon broke his right hand hand? w/e if i had to guess id say it would be his right cuz if i saw a fireball comin at me id put up my right hand to try to block it. he was holding the dragon scpetre right? mabe his sword was in his right and the scpeptre was in his left.
  14. mabe if rand kills mordin, if that doesnt kill thenm perhaps they will be free of them. mabe then rand will have the power mordin had?
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