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  1. that's a tough choice. I absolutely loved the end of Knife of Dreams when Taim says, "You know how the saying goes? Let the Lord of Chaos rule." however if i could choose the last three as one novel then that one would be my favorite (gathering storm, towers of mid, amol).
  2. I don't think turned channelers can be healed because their soul is gone. Over and over again through the Wheel of Time books they allude to eyes being windows to the soul. Take Trollocs for example, they always talk about how Trollocs have "all too human eyes" and i believe this means (As the dragon theorized) that they have the soul of humans trapped inside a trolloc body. That the wheel spun them into the world as humans but the corruption from the darkness caused them to be born as Trollocs. When someone is turned that soul (the all too human eyes) is gone from the Channeler. I think t
  3. Thank you all for the responses. Ive been reading (mostly lesning to the audiobooks) when i work out and drive to class for years now. The characters and storyline in the wheel of time has become an important part of my life and the thought of it changing was quite frightening. It's deffinately good to know that Robert Jordan wrote the ending himself. It will be dissapointing to see the essense of the characters who only existed in Robert Jordan's head go away but having Brandon Sanderson finish it is vastly superior to it not being finished at all.
  4. Brandon doesn't try to emulate Jordan's style. There have been criticisms of his prose. I think even the most ardent critics would still encourage you to finish the series, though. :( So how is his style?? Ive never read anything from him.
  5. I'm on Chapter 37 in Knife of Dreams (The last one completed by Jordan) and i am a bit worried about how Brandon will do and wheither or not i should move on to another series. Does Brandon Sanderson do a good job emulating the writing style of Robert Jordan? Thanks for you time guys and PLEASE no spoilers.
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