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  1. @Vels Problem with that theory is that at the funeral pyre, Rand states that Moridin is beeing buried with full honors. If the body that was beeing burnt didn't have Moridins soul, why would he think that is was him?
  2. I don't get how people reason in Rand now using the True Power? Wasn't the bore first done to get a chance to tap in to the (then) new power? And with the bore undone, wouldn't the True Power, the DOs essence, be unavailable?
  3. OMG, I just finished =) Well, a lot has been mentioned before, but here are my thoughts. All in all I liked it, but a few things bother me. a) How did they figure out how to use Callandor. Min's role in this has been on stage for so long and to have the final pieze of the puzze off stage was really, really disappointing. Anti-climactic. b) The body swap. When did it happen? How did it happen? They were dying together in the tent, but suddenly one was dead and one alive and kicking? All the soulmigrations we have been shown have happend after the person dies. Does that mean that they really did die and then someone (The Creator?) migrated Rands soul into Moridins body? Or did it happen in the fight, and if so why would Moridin carry Rand out of the cavern? Or did it happen just as he came out? Did Nakomi do it? And again, if they both were dying, what is "Nwe Rand" suddenly up and kickin? Too many questions to something that really should have been explained a little more. Else it would have been better to leave him dead. c) Lighting the pipe. WTF was that all about? If his sould was migrated into a new body, shouldn't he still have his ability to channel? It is connected to the soul isn't it? And why is he suddenly Neo, who can make anything happen by wish. Weird. d) Over all, even if it was the Last Battle, wasn't there a bit too much of the fighting? Som eof that space could have been used for other means, things that just "happened" or were mentioned as an aside. Oh well,it was not the perfect ending, but it was A ending.
  4. I would guess on Olver/the Redarms, just because Olver is a boy. As mentioned above, he doesn't always realize when to keep his mouth shut. And I think the Redarms are so in awe of Mat, they would be willing to believe almost anything about him, even if it came from a boy. And even if they didn't really, really beleive it, making a legend out of their own leader would not seem so far-fetched. They are an army, and what better way to boost your morale and intimidate possible future enemies, then to have a living legend as your commander?
  5. I like both plot and charaterization, and I don't lack either in the books after BS took over. And to be honest, the main line for the characters developement was probably pretty firmly lined up by RJ. Also, I absolutely love Robin Hobb and her characterization. Perhaps not so much in their developement as in their complexety. The Liveship Traders have some very fascinating characters that you can hate while you completely understand how they reason and where they come from. If you haven't read that one, i really recommend it.
  6. I just love when Tam makes her stand down by telling her what he thinks about her. "A bully is always a bully". She never tries to argue with him, cause she knows he is right. And she could easily have been as awesome as she have from time to time, even if she treated others with a tiny little bit of respect that many actually deserve. I find her lack of respect towards others especially annoying as she demands unlimited respect for herself. What a hypocrit!
  7. I read the text, and there really is very little about RJ and WoT in it. The guy who writes it hasn't even read the series. There is a short bit from a discussion on using exeisting myths in fantasy litterature and a short bit about the book signing. I could translate those parts, but the rest was pretty uninteresting. If you want the whole report, I will pass.
  8. I find the last 2 books very enjoyable. The pace is a little faster than RJ:s, but thats a necessity to get to the ending. Of course the really hardcore readers notice a different style here and there and also some changes in how some of the characters are written. I didn't notice much of that, but then, I have only read the series twice, and english is not my native language. Also, a lot of the material in the books was written by RJ and it's still Harriet editing, so I don' thinky o uwill be disappointed. I know I am not. And even if I had been disappointed, I would still read the last books to find out how RJ wrapped it all up. Remember he knew the ending from all the way back when he started the series, so that will be all his.
  9. Just finished rereading ToM and in the last chapter, when Thom says he will be Moraianes Warder, he points out that Tuon could learn to channel if she wanted too and thus could bond Mat. Wouldn't that be the greatest jokes of all on Mat? After everything he has done to keep free from influence of the OP, he is bonded a warder in the end? And if Tuon wanted it, I bet she would get her way sooner lr later.
  10. Wasn't VoG all about fullfilling that prophecy of the blind man standing on his grave and then seeing again? Would be kind of weird that he both died and was able to see again.
  11. Good read! However, how does the "twice dawning day" fit into this scenario? Also, resurrecting or saving the good guys via balefire have been used at least a couple of times already. Is that really a worthy end of the series? I have always been hoping that RJ had a completely new idea for this. Something we haven't seen yet, and that will still feel absolutely possible and relevant. Maybe I am hoping too much. I am still thinking that the often used expression "three days dead" may be a hint to this. But hopefully not the "Birgitte solution". The more I think about it, the more worried I am that no ending can ever live up to my expectations. Guess I have to tune them down a bit.
  12. It's pretty clear from Loials book that the Ogiers will not leave. The decision was almost made when I stepped up to adress the Stump...... I find it very unlikely that the continuation of that would be .. and after my great speach they stood by their decision, opened the Book and left.
  13. I still think Min's viewing combined with Mats answer from the Finns is the most logical answer. "To give up half the light of the world to save the world". By giving up his eye Mat saves Moraine and by giving up his eye he saves the world. Thus by saving Moraine he saves the world. As was mentioned above, the ongoing info on Moraine through all the books indicates that she will play a major part in the finale. It makes sence that Mins viewing is just one more tidbit in that mountain of hints as to her importance.
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