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  1. A little bit dissapointed on the ending considered I made this tattoo.. I thought this quote would been more of relevance to how Rand would seal the dark one.
  2. Hmm how did LTT seal in the D.O with all the forsaken in AoL? I mean did he seal the whole cave in while they were having a meeting? it seems like he didn't seal it the same way this time, he used this Seven "focus points" sealing in AoL. If Rand wouldn't have used TP would the D.O been able to counterattack both saidin and saidar? If so, we should be lucky that they didn't use saidar as well in AoL. I assume L.T.T used somekind of sa'angreal to the AoL sealing, but Rand used 4 person linked + sa'angreal + 3 powers, will this sealing last for like 15 000 years because the last one was only sealed with saidin and lasted 3000 years? And I get the feeling that this sealing technique is much more solid than the "seven focus point" seal.
  3. About many of the bad parts there's something good about them, for example I liked the body-swap but I didn't liked that we didn't see the details of it or that they didn't let Mat, Perrin, Tam, Nynave or Lan know about it. The part after the last battle chapter felt stressed with the Fain part and no details about the body swap and how did Alivia know? Other things that disturbs me: Rand carried Moridins body out, did they just swap then lying on the ground? Flnn said both were dead. Logains attitude irritates me, he wasnt not like this before but maybe he was just under stress or sth. Who commanded the trollocs when the 4 captains were under compulsion? Grandael did that too? Maybe she was just multitasking as Demandred must have done. How does Demandred for etc commands the trollocs, commands the sharans and on the same time channels and fight and overviewing the battlefield...? I didnt like how Moridin was waiting for Rand in the cavern, it would have been better if he showed up when Rand started to fight the DO, he could have been a huge asset for the shadow until then. How big army did the seanchan have? How did they transport the whole army from ebou Dar? I guess they don't link. so the ad'ams must have made many small gateways? there must been like 300-500k people in that army? I assume they should basically be as strong as the sharans so I don't understand why Mat just hide them when they should have been the biggest part of the lights army. Pity Nynave and Moiraine didn't get more screentime. Everyone was looking forward for Moiraine/Rand/Cadsuane reunion, huge dissapointment there. Moiraine didn't feel so important as I would have expected. And how the hell did they create Callandor it makes no sense that it can be a sa'angreal for the the true power, The DO controls how much of the TP people can channel, so when they made Callandor they must have been able to use TP with the DO's permission and they must have been able to channel more than sufficient for it to be a Sa'angreal and that makes no sense in my eyes.. I thought Demandred was a badass aswell but I don't like the fact that the it was almost impossible for us to figure it out. Loved that therez being wrong thou. :) Good parts: Androl Lan Graendal Mat Rand Egwene - didn't like that she died though.
  4. And how big of army is the DF's equivalent to? (superoptimistic) of non-channelers? not aiel, but regular soldiers with a great commander(Demandred) like 30k?
  5. Questions that we can speculate in, Isam would probably not recognize Cyndane but why isn't Brandon just confirming its her, why is it a secret if its her? (which I think it is) and why does she keep looking into her reflection if it's her. (I guess Cyndane could use a MoM buts its unlikely when she's not recognized anyway) What is Rand gonna do after his meeting at FoM? aid Caemlyn? Aid Lan?(I guess just send some part of his army there is enough) so both options is possible. Moiraine will see him probably very soon. Assassin attempt will most likely occur and Perrin will be there to save him but when will this happend? Mins view of Lan, a baby in a cradle with a sword hovering? how is this gonna be fulfilled? Who will aid Caemlyn if not Rand? When will they find out that Caemlyn has been taken? Black Tower resolvement? Feels like they need a lot more female channelers for the circles. Where's Logain? How many DF Ashaman's is there? 100? 200? What in army numbers (non-channelers) is equivalent to the numbers of DF Asha'mans? reason for asking is that then we can speculate a bit more in detail about the armies of Demandred, numbers without channelers/or channelers and possible where his armies comes from.
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