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  1. Well, when I first found out it was Mr. Sanderson, my first reaction was, "OK, at least it wasn't Terry Goodkind, China Mieville, Lawrence Watt-Evans, or Jerry Pournelle." Don't get me wrong. I think each of them write excellent works by any standard (though Pournelle has been going downhill lateley), but I didn't (and still don't) think any of them would mesh with Mr. Jordan's style. That said, I would say that to immitate Mr. Jordan's style outright would be impossible, and any attempt could result in the book feeling like a parody. (As if the narritive portions of The Return of the King
  2. It's also a rather blatant ripoff of Gordon R. Dickson's Dragon Knight series, with bits and pieces of Weis and Hickman's Dragonlance books and Anne McCaffery's Pern books for grins. Mr. Jordan owes far less to Tolkien than Mr. Paolini does to Dickson.
  3. And that's why I pray that Red Eagle never selects me to arrange the soundtrack.
  4. Problem is, considering the Blight, and Ogier longevity, what sort of promise could the DO make to an Ogier that that Ogier would find both attractive and credible? Especially a young Ogier like Loial?
  5. Well, we have Bili Congar, and Bili the husband of Nieda, proprietress of Easing the Badger in Illian.
  6. I disagree with pretty much every single song. Sorry mate :D Well, I asked for it. :lol: Anything that stuck out as a particularly bad choice? And if so, what?
  7. The point is they you are trying to force a context into the song that the words themselves don't mention. That song is not like, say, Don McLean's American Pie, which does mention specific people (James Dean, for example), places and events(A football game halftime show that either ended too late, or else the third quarter began too soon, take your pick), religious charecters (The Devil and the Holy Trinity, specifally, which wouldn't have been mentioned in Randland in those terms), and other miscelaneous things that anchor it to it's relative time and place (Randland does not have paperb
  8. Walking through Rhuidean: In the House of Stone and Light by Martin Page Victory at Emond's Field: We Did it All for the Glory of Love by Boston Asmodean's Theme:De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da by The Police "Love Theme" of Rand and Aviendha: Take it off by The Donnas Gaebril/Rhavin's Theme: Master of Puppets by Metallica The Battle at the Walls of Cairhein: Push Push Lady Lightning by Bang Camaro Rand's Struggles with Lews Therin: Institutionalised by Suicidal Tendancies Rand Establishes the Asha'man Order: Another Brick in the Wall, Part Two by Pink Floyd Aviendha C
  9. These are the lyrics. :roll: As you can see, no mention is made of NASCAR, Jim Beam, baseball caps, or Pickup Trucks. Just a guy experiencing an almost compulsive need to leave home to see what he can see. Just like Loial
  10. Listen to the lyrics and tell me that's not Loial chafing at having to stay in the Stedding.
  11. Well, just to be contrary, with the excepetion of some synchronous music form sings in the background (All directly from the books, of course) I'll do a rock and roll soundtrack, with the following songs: Mat's theme: Space Cowboy (The Joker) by the Steve Miller Band Perrin's Theme: Bark at the Moon by Ozzie Osbourne Rand's Theme: Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas Moiraine's Theme: Change of Heart by Cindi Lauper Lan's Theme: Hero by Ministry General Whitecloak Theme: Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine Loial's Theme: Freebird by Lynnard Skynnard In
  12. Which means no brass instruments for you except maybe straight trumpets for royal courts and army bugles, right?
  13. Here is the topic: Imagine that Red Eagle Productions has accquired the backing of a rich "Silent Partner" who disires in return nothing but his proper share of the gross. A Big Name director with a resume similar to Peter Jackson's has been selected to direct a live action version of the Wheel of Time series as a group of movies(Say, Sam Raimi, for the sake of arguement). Robert Jordan has personally grilled him on what he plans to do and has signed off on him as well. The cast is a mix of unknowns and relative unknowns in the big roles (The Emond's Field group, among others) and big n
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