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  1. I dont think it will have anything to do with cadsuane. Avi is a wise one and im sure amys, sorillea etc will be the ones to insist on deciding her fate they dont like having much to do with the Aes Sedai and now that Egwene is gone i dont see their pact continuing with so few Aes Sedai left. Cadsuane is not Egwene and isn't subtle with her political movements. If she even catches a slightest wind of Graendal's situation, she'll move at her FAST. Don't underestimate her.
  2. If Cadsuane really does become Amyrlin, I'm pretty sure that Graendal is toast. Cadsuane would appreciate the dangers of her living and would move to eliminate her ASAP.
  3. She's always been my favorite Forsaken (I've always been partial to the females, Mesaana excluded). Though she was present for the entirety of the series essentially, she really came to shine later on. Her plans generally fell into place, and when they didn't she adapted. After all, she is the only Forsaken who survived Rand coming directly for her. I think she was the most power hungry of the Forsaken - Lanfear wanted power for power's sake, while Graendal wanted power for the control it brought, so her pursuit had a greater goal. I think her downfall was her obsession with control; Demandred was such a great general because he took risks, while Graendal's risks were always so over-thought as to have the element of risk entirely removed. Her death and subsequent resurrection obviously unhinged her, though she was still competent. Given the circumstances, I think anyone would be tense - it's the end of the world, you're vying for your cosmic lord's favor when you're at the bottom of the totem pole. Were we to psychoanalyze Graendal, I'd say that she was a deeply insecure individual. Her obsession with control and personality 180 in the AoL suggest a person who had to live at extremes in order to find validation in their existence. She went from believing and essentially telling everyone that she was superior to forcing them (and the best of the best, mind you) to acknowledge her supremacy. I honestly believe she was the most dangerous of the Forsaken, though perhaps not the most suitable for leadership.
  4. Demandred's arc worked in theory but not practice. As with all of aMoL, it was rushed and underdeveloped. I don't mind that he didn't face Rand - it was fitting, actually. A pre-TG PoV from Demandred in Shara would have done a lot more for the story than their sudden reveal on the battlefield.
  5. Think of the DO on a cosmic scale and consider that we don't know the number of times that the Wheel has previously turned. Perhaps the DO has found this particular scenario - when his own power is used - to be the most effective. Say that the Wheel has turned millions of times and each times he's come a bit closer with this tactic than the time before, then odds are he's gonna keep at it. (I know that we're given "Ages" but I think those numbers are pretty meaningless)
  6. This has been Nynaeve's role from the beginning. As Wisdom, it was her duty to serve the people, and she did so in her own way which made her service seem more like dominance, but that was never the case. She was never a leader, but more an advisor (Elayne notes this at some point in ToM I believe). Her true calling, her true desire, has always been to aide people however she can, and she was most able to do that by helping Rand. Unlike Egwene, she lacks the ambition for power, and though a powerful channeler, only seeks to help others with her ability (whether that be healing or battling). In many ways, Nynaeve represents the ideal Aes Sedai, though ideals are just that - ideas. Her version of the Aes Sedai simply wouldn't have survived for the thousands of years that the White Tower has. Randland is a political world, and Nynaeve is ultimately unconcerned with politics. Her skills have been invaluable to Rand, but really it was her support and Rand's trust in her support that allowed him to accomplish his greatest feats (sealing the bore and cleansing saidin). In that she's elevated from supporting cast to main cast. Rand's 'dragonhood' is defined by her support. And the fact that she's done some amazing stuff on her own is a testament to her competence and importance to the series.
  7. My only hope for the book is that Nynaeve does something awesome. By far my favorite character and I feel that she's been underdeveloped in the last few novels. She's always been an awesome personality that I believe wasn't fully explored.
  8. I'd prefer not to say, but I promise that it's quite uninteresting.
  9. Found it. I knew exactly where to look after your first post, but it still took me a few minutes. EDIT I must say, I'm a little disappointed because of something I'm not seeing. Please say it isn't so!
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