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  1. As the title says I was wondering where that ridiculous custom of arranging hierarchy by a sisters strength in the power comes from. It's like a group of men would decide who among them rule by the size of their muscles.
  2. I'm rereading Lord of Chaos, and I'm at the part where Berelain begins to stalk Perrin. What I don't understand is why Faile treats him like crap. He does everything he can to stay away from bloody Berelain, and yet his wife treats him as if he was cheating on him!! (I'm not alone in the books in this opinion it seems. Min also expressed distaste at Faile's behaviour when she met her :D)
  3. The Wise ones say that being in tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh is evil, and you lose part of yourself. Did Jordan ever specify what exactly happened? I'm wondering because Rand was a lot in the world of dreams in the flesh, and I'd like to know if part of his craziness comes from that.
  4. I am more than aware of that (growing up with a single mother and a sister, as well as a grandmother who could make a crazy bull surrender tends to teach you that), but the way women in the series look DOWN on men is enough to make me froth at the mouth.
  5. I've heard of the war of the sexes, but surely that is too mild an expression for the gender relations in the Wheel of Time. I'm rereading the series, and one thing that makes me want to stop reading very often is the constant flood of negative comments towards men spoken by the female characters. If men were an ethnic group, then Lini would be in prison for inciting racial hatred! Is there a word for female chauvinists? Because if there is, then 99% of the women in the series should be called it. Not that the men are much better. Perrins, Mats and Rands comments to themselves that THEY are the only ones who can't understand women, but their friends can.....Aaargh!
  6. Didn't Semirhage at the end KOD state that Lews Therin was real?
  7. Personally I haven´t forgiven him for supporting Elaida. If he hadn´t led the students against the warders, Siuan would have been freed and Elaida stilled. The whole mess with the broken tower is his fault. I know that Egwene is probably going to bond him as a warder and live happily ever after, bla bla bla, but that doesn´t stop me from wishing that he will die horribly....
  8. you're free to add to the topic if you like. If we go into a tangent...heck stuff like that happens. Too bad I guess. I myself get annoyed by the overwrought hatred of Egwene. It's so played out. Faile hate is played out too. Lately, Elayne hatred has been the fad. Frankly I don't think I hate any character except maybe Elaida because she reminds me of President Bush. I'm supposed to hate her though. She's a villainous poser. I don´t hate Egwene or Faile. I´m just very annoyed by both, Faile more than Egwene. The most frustrating thing about Faile is that she is so insanely jealous. I mean, it´s pretty damn obvious to me that Perrin has no interest in Berelain, but Faile just doesn´t see it! What´s wrong with her? And even Lini(elaynes former nanny) believing that Perrin slept with Berelain when Faile was kidnapped....That just sounds so wrong. Lini is a smart woman, so why does she believe that foolishness? (I´m venting 3 years worth of frustration here)
  9. To the point where they can´t even defend themselves? Rand is lucky that two of the female forsaken haven´t jumped him at the same time. He´d just sit there like a lame duck and let them blow him to pieces. This weakness is even more frustrating than the constant sexist comments women direct toward men or the men saying every second page that they will never understand women.....
  10. This has probably been discussed before, but I couldn´t find any topics about it so here goes...... What´s up with Perrin´s, Mat´s and Rand´s silly inability to harm women, even those who are trying to stick knives into them? I mean, take the Moiraine/Lanfear confrontation for example. Rand was incapabe of killing Lanfear just because she was a woman, even though she was one of the Forsaken. What kind of horrible brainwashing do they put boys through in the two rivers to produce such a stupid and illogical weakness?
  11. Jesus H. Christ, can we please get back on topic? This thread is about common complaints, not yet another "who killed Asmodean" thingy.
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