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  1. So I recently finished a re-read of the entire series. I love the series and think they are great books. After finishing them I was hunting for something new to read and seeing a new Shannara book on the shelves decided to do a re-read of the books starting with "The Elfstones of Shannara". What stuck me right away is how similar the description of the "Rovers" and the "Tinkers" of the two series. I have always maintained that the Shannara books seemed to "borrow" from older fantasy novels such as "The Lord of the Rings". How much So my question in regard to the Tinkers. Is there
  2. In regard to Taim... If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck or flies like a duck. It is probably a duck. If he isn't currently a darkfriend he will be by the end. Just his attitude toward discipline in the final chapter of KoD indicates that he has the cruelty.
  3. Two items in the most recent book Knife of Dreams blows two of your statements out of the water. First... Aram is dead. He was killed during the attack on Malden to recover Faile. He was not a darkfriend just a very troubled young man that fell awry of Masema. Second... At the very end of KoD. The last page as a matter of fact. Taim says "Let the Lord of Chaos Rule." Coincidence? I don't believe RJ deals in coincidences.
  4. The scene where Nynaeve goes into the inn common room to convince former Malkier soldiers to seek out Lan and follow him to Tarmon's Gap. I believe for the first time through her manipulation of Lan and forming the political will of nations versus individuals she has shown she is truly going to grow out of her childishness and become a powerful Aes Sedi.
  5. Taim is no doubt a darkfriend. And I believe that he will be granted acceptance into the ranks of the Foresaken. I guess my original question was "Did Rand create another foresaken and any number of male dreadlords through his mismanagement of Taim." The evidence I have to support that this is true is the constant disrespect that Rand in his madness expresses to Taim. Yes Taim is inherintly ambitions and wants power. Many of the Aes Sedi are the way and yet stay to the light. ie Romanda and Lelaine... Yet Egwene has handled them correctly. The other thing is that earlier in
  6. I think the emphasis of Mat knowing the secret and Setalle's growing and close friendship with Tuon is the key to this plot line. Satalle will be the one that convinces Tuon that channelers are human. Why? Satalle had the unique position to befriend Tuon while she couldn't channel with the eventual ability to channel again. Just like Tuon. Mat is the only one to know the secret and we all know how he runs on with his mouth when he gets upset. Even the Tuon POV expresses how much she will miss "her talks" with Setalle. Setalle took an extreme interest in Tuon and Mat so sh
  7. Every time Rand deals with Taim I personally think that he has handled it poorly. He has never treated Taim with any respect. He always treats him as someone that is underneath him and not worthy of anything great. I also personally believe that as the wheel turns around to the new age there will be new Chosen. Taim is a prime candidate for that. Can Rand having mishandled Taim actually forced him to the dark? When if he was handled correctly he might have made a good person for the light? I ask myself how long I would allow myself to be treated that way before I would do somet
  8. The theory that it was the link to Finns being destroyed makes no sense. We know there is a alternate way to this world through the tower out by Whitebridge (don't remember the name). For it to be the link to that world causing the issue. All links to that would would need to be destroyed. *editted to add* We also know that Aes Sedi are taught that messing with ter-angrels while holding the source can not only still them but others around them. Maybe she knew that when holding the sorce and tackling her through. We don't know fully what she saw while in the rings. She could have
  9. If they were both burnt out as they went through the rings it would have made for one heck of a cat fight on the far side! In this corner...
  10. A couple of small points... The deathwatch guards have two ravens tattooed on their backs to symbolize the Seachan and their alliance to the Crystal Throne. I believe the two ravens is symbolic of a single attack on the Aes Sedi. Why the Aes Sedi instead of the white tower? (I am not saying they won't be attacked at the White Tower) A white flame is the symbol of the female Aes Sedi. Even in the ancient symbol. The attack will shake the Aes Sedi to the core and scatter them. But I also think it will help reinfoce Egwene wanting to get rid of the three oaths. Also to note that
  11. I would agree that just passing through the doorway would not cut her bond to Lan. She passed into the doorway in Tear without alteration of the bond. And I would assume for a sister to release the bond would require physical contact since the creation of the bond does. There are also several examples of the sisters that were stilled at Dumai's Well during Rand's escape. The Warders of those sisters went crazy as if the sister had been killed. So we know that severing cuts the Warder bond as if the sister were killed. With all the reinforcement of ter-angrels and the power cau
  12. Didn't many of the other forsaken start out on the side of good and their displeasure caused them to turn. Simple fact is that Taim is power hungry. And he isn't going to be happy to sit in Rand or Logain's shadow. So his path to power?
  13. A little off topic but I could see Galad learning to channel. He is a half brother to Rand himself afterall... and wouldn't that be a good connection having the future leader of the whitecloaks learn to channel.
  14. I think Gawyn would be the perfect character to bring the White Tower, the Black Tower, Rand and Andor all back together. He is currently located near the Black tower being someone in the plains just to the east of Andor. I could see him captured by the Black Tower. Find out that he can channel. This gives the Black Tower a way to the White Tower through Egwene. A way to link the Black Tower to Andor through Elayne. And makes him much more sympathetic to Rand being able to channel. I think he has a lot of potential and personally I would love to see him come back in a big
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