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  1. If the black ajah know about turning someone with 13 myrdraal, why are they so set up to find the male adam in Tanchico? Why not just shield Rand and then turn him?
  2. I am still up in the air about the whole LTT is real or not deal. Seems like the damage could have been done by Ishy's attack and LTT just started to gradually "leak" through gaps as it were.
  3. During my reread in preparation for book 12, I noticed something that may shed light on the appearance of LTT. I do not have the books in front of me at the moment to quote. However, during Rand's battle with Ishy at the very end of tDR, Ishy attacks and Rand describes a ripping or tearing of his very soul. He is only able to overcome the attack by grasping Callandor. IIRC, there is no evidence of LTT appearing prior to this attack. It seems logical to me, based on the description, that this attack somehow precipitates the emergence of LTT by somehow destabilizing Rand's soul or at least the connection between that soul and his body? Take a quick look at the appropriate section and let me know what you think.
  4. I believe this is all covered in the WoT FAQ Mosk and Merk are probably Moscow(USSR) and America. There is a reference elsewhere that claims they had spears that would reach around the world. Anla the wise counselor is probably Anne Landers. Check the FAQ, it has a thread about references to our world in the series.
  5. @Mr. Ares- Please don't bring up George RR Martin. tSoIaF is what we are trying to avoid here. Martin should be ashamed of himself. Robert Jordan will almost certainly finish tWoT first even though the man has passed away! Martin fans will unfortunately face this same sort of situation in a decade or two. Unless Martin manages to live and continue writing into his late nineties, he will never finish that series. Also, the only comparison to Tolkien that matters is the three volumes of the Lord of the Rings. Those three volumes were published fairly close together. There was no indication following the Hobbit that another story was forthcoming. And Tolkien himself never had any real plans of publishing the Silmarillion. Just because people will wait, does not mean they should have to. Brandon Sanderson deserves respect mostly for being so accountable to his fans and Mr. Jordan's fans. I am amazed that he is willing to put up progress bars on a creative project at all. Much less take the time to explain how and why he makes the decisions that he does. Most other creative people (authors, film-makers, artists, etc.) would say "This is my work, it'll be done when i feel like it. Shove off!" At this point my only concern is the quality of the work. I just hope that end result feels like a good conclusion to this series. I have begun my reread of the series (currently on the Great Hunt) in anticipation. The cost does not seem like a big hurdle to me. Books are so much cheaper than say a video game.
  6. Algodon is spanish for cotton. I cannot believe RJ was ignorant of that so I am quite certain that algode is meant to be cotton.
  7. And Isam is the one responsible for calling down all the trollocs on the two rivers and attempting to kill everyone that Perrin ever cared about. I definitely see Perrin holding a grudge against slayer.
  8. What do you think are some of the WORST possible surprises we may get in aMoL? Try to focus on at least somewhat plausible plot twists or revelations. I'll give a couple examples. Finding out Asmodean was killed by a grey man... Not likely, but would be just terrible. Finding out that Taim is Be'lal. I just can't take another returning forsaken. I'm sure you have some other potential plots or explanations that you are dreading.
  9. My guess is the secret is the ability to compel the warder when necessary. It certainly does not seem to be common knowledge that the AS can cause the warder to do something without the warder even being aware. When Lan first arrives to Myrelle, Allana's attempt to do so with Rand, and the discussion with Egwene about "bonding" AM are the only times it really gets mentioned. Obviously the ranks of potential warders don't know about this which i think makes it likely the "secret."
  10. Demandred did not recognize Damer Flinn at the cleansing from his own POV, he was surprised to find out that he could channel. Demandred is either extremely forgetful or He is NOT TAIM! I guarantee you that RJ threw that bit in just to finish off this whole Demandred=Taim idiocy.
  11. I realize that Asmo had probably had his gold-card forsaken membership revoked but interesting to think that if Slayer "has" to obey the forsaken, then he may not have been able to kill Asmo. Asmo had time to shout "No!" and Slayer's knife would have stopped centimeters from Asmo's heart. Probably impossible but a funny scene. Funny how the topic creator dismisses Graendal as killer due to the conjecture required and then fabricates a scene of Slayer strolling the weird halls of Finnland and bumping into Lanfear so that he can get the order to kill Asmo. I never see anyone discuss the "2 servants theory" anymore. Can't claim credit for it but there is an interesting idea about the 2 servants that Rand sees while chasing Rahvin through the palace. Afterwards, it is mentioned that all servants had fled the palace so who were they? Also the servants are mentioned in the One scene where balefire is used in the physical world before they enter TaR. Just before Asmo is killed he comments on the balefire damage so he is in the Exact Same Hallway where the servants were. Maybe they were 2 normal servants that were slow running away. Maybe it was Sammael and Graendal. Maybe it was Graendal and John Q. Nobody. Maybe it was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Who knows. But that sounds like the subtle kind of hint that RJ would sneak in there.
  12. Berelain with a Gaishan is a possibility but somehow i still see her ending up with Galad. (pretty babies) They are probably close enough together geographically. Actually it would be silly for Galad's WC's not to run into Perrin and catch a lift into TG. I wonder if Galad will find out his half-brother is the dragon reborn. The question of the ways is one of those mysteries right now. Nobody knows what is going on with Machin Shin right now, much less in the future. I would be surprised if RJ bothers to clear that one up. What are the biggest mysteries left to clear up at this point? 1. Who killed Asmodean? (obviously #1) 2. Where is Demandred? I'm sure there are others. I say we make a list and then maybe post predictions. See if anyone gets them all right once the book comes out.
  13. RAW, i need some references for that. I think Avi's description makes it almost certain that she was holding A talisman of growing. No reason to think there was only one. The ter'angreal could be used by someone who couldn't channel. All they have to do is sing. And it makes holes that are not holes. Seems silly to think it is not a talisman of growing.
  14. If you are not satisfied with book 11, i would seriously recomend dropping the entire series for good. I'll admit the chapters in WoT can be excessive. The prequel in KoD is longer than some books! Game of Thrones by RR Martin has nice short chapters but if you can't stand the whole Elayne and Egwene plot threads, you might hate that book too.
  15. Another of Egwene's dreams. I guess i combined that one and the AS one. Min's viewing on first seeing Mat. The evidence certainly points to Mat literally losing an eye.
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