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  1. I didn't feel this book. I felt disconnected from it. I didn't care when any character died really. It felt like the whole book was just describing the 'outside' of events while nothing took place 'inside' or rather inside the characters views and perceptions if this makes any sense. While people might like one huge action sequence and I do, the flaw to me I think is that you're never given a chance with the characters at all. Why is this? Because they get a couple pages then it's on to the next character. When 2/3's of the borderlanders died, I didn't care. All I really remember is Tenobia being surrounded and Lan figuring out that Agelmar was screwing them, they retreat. I guess I can try to put words to it to explain it right but in the end I just didn't feel it. The thing that I always loved about this series were the characters and their interactions with each other, it always felt real to me or at least it was entertaining and interesting, not so with AMOL. Sorry for not being very articulate at describing my impressions but words like bland, flat, stale come to mind. Whack a mole here for a couple pages, whack a mole there and we'll all dance with the jak o shadows and THE END!
  2. I got the first 2 paragraphs of that true dream Egwene had from CoT 'In the Night' right when not a single person in the fandom ever saw it nor agreed with me. 1st paragraph was FOM meeting and 2nd paragraph of it was Moiraines arrival. The third paragraph I thought was Tuon/Egwene which it might have been but I never really felt a 'we can reach the top moment' from Egwene/Tuon or Egwene/Leilwin in the story at all. So....seems that really fell flat in the even being fulfilled through anyone. I also have no idea about the Seanchan woman handing Egwene an adam was fulfilled either. Also the huge red herring with Into the heart he thrust the sword prophecy I was right about. Was wrong about a lot of others but those two I was sure about and turned out to be so.
  3. I had the same thought when I read that.
  4. You wanna know what the worst thing about the book was? Everything with Valan Luca was left unresolved. I mean the character wasn't even mentioned!
  5. Thought this book was the worst yet. Pretty much every character is the same. The book is just one big fight with every character pretty much doing the same thing. Character X fights a trolloc and kills a few. Next character 2 pages later does the same thing. The only 'characters' that he even seemed like he tried to make them characters were Mat and Androl. Mat gets praise about how great a general he is but all you ever see is Mat send an order here, send an order there and the characters are like, "Wow he's such a genius." Or...I don't know about this Cauthon guy. Demandrads thoughts, "I've gotta be fighting Lews Therin because no mortal of this Age could be so good!" Ok, wonderful...but why does everyone merely think this? All I ever saw was Tam shoots his bow and doesn't miss. 3 Pages of this and next PoV switches to Lan hacking people with his sword cuz he's so good and throw in some words about how tired he is because of all the fighting. 2 Pages later...next PoV...about as bland as can be. Next PoV, same ol' thing except perhaps they're fighting some shara with strange axes and maybe in this PoV a message will fall out of the sky saying "go here and do this" and the characters like WoW, this general is so good! Rinse and repeat this for pretty much the whole book. What is Rand doing? He pretty much does nothing except see mirror realities and has some tea with the dark one while Nynaeve and Moiraine just kinda chill. Perrin? He goes around in the wolf dream in the flesh, fights Slayer for a few pages here and there to fill chapters in the book while lanfear shows up sometimes to feed him information. Perrin defeats slayer, hoorah. It was SO exciting. To sum up, this book was pretty much: 2-4 pages of a PoV of a character hacking away at a trolloc or some other enemy. Switch to another PoV rinse and repeat. Soo bland! You can never really get into a character because all it is is the character fights a little for a few pages and switch to next one. Very disapointed in this book. VERY! After the intial honeymoon wears off with people, I think the criticism will come in droves for how generic it all comes off...stale.
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