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  1. Can somebody tell me what exactly is the eye of the world?I have read most of the books and i just can`t remember what was its purpose?Was it only to save the Valere thing and the Dragon`s flag.Who created it(the eye) and how(i know it`s the Force of course).
  2. Hi.I`m fresh here and I wonder why Rand and Perin don`t have the same luck as Mat does.They are all taveren.
  3. The eye of the World of course.I like the way the Force things are not explained.Everything is dark and mysterious.Rand and co are being chased by Evil Creatures,terrible nightmares...It`s fun! :twisted:
  4. Are there any races different than European and what are they in WoT- for example I think that Bashere is a Japanese therefore all Saldean people should be japs.And have always imagined Ata`an`Miere (I hope I wrote this correctly) as Indians or at least Indo-European.Oh and btw I am not a racist!!! :)
  5. Why the chanellers can`t turn themeselves into birds.It`s pretty stupid idea but since the Power is the most powerful supernatural stuff i now realize that Aes Sedai and the Asha`men are simply very limited.This stinks!
  6. Hey how come Aes Sedai can`t fly?Somewhere in the books i remember mentioning that noone can explain why the channelers can`t fly but didn`t Rand and the ohter guy(a forgot his name) fight in the sky.Anyway I`m asking why the other Forsaken can`t fly? :?:
  7. Hey what about this one: What is a blonde with three braincells? ~Elayne-pregnant with Rand`s twins! :D
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