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  1. I have mixed feeligns about Demandred's arc. Shara was more likely than Murandy because of the relative paltry size of Murandy and the boasting that Demandred made. I also understand what he was doing. He was showing history (or rather attempting to) that he was better than LTT in every way. He was a better general (by far), he wanted to show he was better with swords, the power and even a better (more realistic) savior as well. Sakaren (or whatever) was his Callandor, essentially. He was prepared to meet Rand however Rand wanted to meet him. If Rand only sent pathetic minions after him, well then he'd carve them up and ask for seconds. He didn't attack Matt's command post with the power as he thought it would make him open to counterattack and he wouldn't get the confrontation that he wanted. In the end, and I even hate to go there, I think that AMoL should have been more than one book itself even after it got divided into three originally.
  2. Taim is just Taim. He's turned to the Shadow for many of the same reasons as the original Forsaken.
  3. Directly impersonating Rand Al'Thor is somewhat dangerous. After all, if the real Rand Al'Thor makes an appearance, then all you've done is raised another army for him. Controlling or impersonating someone that in turn holds the loyalty of the Sharans or the Murandians, for example, is much much safer.
  4. A couple additional thoughts... Balwer already had a Randland-wide network of Eyes and Ears -- that's what he did for Pedron Niall after all. It's not surprising that he has spies in Elayne's service, one big running plot of the whole series was the Whitecloak's play for Andor. As for Balwer's reactions to Rand, I can imagine him gasping at Rand's open discussion of spies on Balwer's staff because "enemy" agents that you are aware of are great assets -- you can feed them disinformation. Balwer doesn't like such things to be discussed openly. Also, if you were Balwer wouldn't you want to serve the Dragon? Spies are generally looked down upon by everyone and are always taking one side over the other. This would be his chance to be really useful to all of humanity.
  5. I agree that Demandred betraying the Shadow gained more traction. In the entire series, I don't think we've seen even a single person betray the Shadow of their own will. Asmodean was cut off from the DO and had no choice. Verin had never really joined the Shadow Fain ... I'm not sure what he is, but he certainly hasn't returned to the light. He's also the only real general that the Shadow has, which puts him in an excellent position to betray the Shadow. Sammael, Demandred and Bel'al were the only generals among the Forsaken. None of the female Forsaken seem to have any martial competance and Ishamael doesn't seem to know more than pushing ravenous hordes before him. Taim appears to have nothing but disdain for soldiering. Demandred being in charge of the Trolloc invasion of Camelyn is interesting. He may have been scouting as early as Lord of Chaos, where he spies Elayne in the throne room. He concluded (incorrectly) that Elayne might be separable from the Dragon reborn and that therefore his first non-Blight attack should fall there. He almost certainly has a distraction prepared for the Seanchan as well.
  6. Yeah, I'm guessing that Logain takes down Taim and leads the Black Tower -- his prophecized glory (by way of Min). Taim fancied himself the Dragon Reborn as well, and kept up with the dragons on his coatsleeves and whatnot. A False Dragon might very well be considered a Dragon without the substance and the imagery of a paper dragon bursting apart might be apt.
  7. I think a number of the major characters of the series are "reborn" people, not just Rand. Many have remarked upon how Elayne and Ilyena are nearly anagrams, similar in description, etc. Egwene appears to be very much the "Shadow Cutter" lady discussed in the Big Book of WoT. The Foresaken were not available to be reborn, because they were locked away in the DO's prison. What does the pattern do then? To a certain degree I believe that this accounts for their spectacular run of fail up to this point -- they just don't belong in the current age and so despite their best efforst they get wiped out. But, I think a few of them belonged in this age and the pattern tries to come up with a substitute. Taim is exhibit A. He's so much like Demandred many people believed him to BE Demandred. But, in actuality Taim is a nutri-Demandred -- a soul the pattern gave the same kinds of choices to that Demandred had and made the same choices that Demandred did.
  8. I thought originally Isam was instructed by Cyndane; however, I'm now actually leaning more towards Alanna.
  9. Demanded joined the Shadow because he was sick of being second fiddle. Three thousand years later and he's second fiddle again, and perhaps at risk of falling to third. I doubt that he will go back to the light, but I think he will find a way to mess it up for the shadow.
  10. I'm really not sure where it falls in the chronology. There are only three remaining Female Foresaken -- Moggy, Lan/Cyn and Gre/Ha. We know its not Moggy, because Slayer would recognize her. We know its not Gre/Ha because the woman is pretty. Therefore, it can only be Lanfear/Cyndane. The last we saw of Lanfear/Cyndane was in Rand's dream, where she was being tortured by the GLotD (we presume). It's not clear what her transgression was to be tortured considering the fact that she was obviously free post-Rand's awakening on Dragonmount and post-Slayer/Perrin's confrontation. Perhaps, the orders she gave to Slayer were the reasons for her latest imprisonment. Perhaps the GLotD needs that confrontation with the Dragon as much as the Light does?
  11. I did read the prologue. I'm currently working on a way to cryogenically freeze myself to be thawed on Jan 8, 2013. Anyway, Isam described evil-Town as a "good sized town, if you squinted." So maybe its Baerlon sized at best. Breeding programs or not, 2000 years or not, there's at best a couple thousand people "living" there and that I think limits the number of Eye Blinder's that they can have. Remember, in Randland proper -- with the entire population of millions of people -- the Reds are only finding a handful of men per decade. Granted, they are missing the learners, but it seems clear that they largely find the sparkers. Taim's crash course of training only had the hope of finding ~ 1000 men over the entire population. Even with that Narishma was still notable because he had the spark. I'm not saying its a problem for Randland -- even one rogue Male Channeler is a engine of destruction on his own. Just, I wouldn't imagine and army of channeling corrupted Aiel.
  12. Red on Black, the Dragon's Blood stains the rocks at Shayol Ghul. This might really be a reference to the Red and Black-vieled Aiel, who could be thought of as the blood of the Dragon. There are several things wrong with Aviendha's vision of the future -- for one, where are Aviendha and Elaine? With the amount of power that they weild, both should easily live to be 400+ yrs old. Aviendha should be around to guide her daughter. Elayne should still be Queen of Andor during most of that vision.
  13. I always thought that the number born with the spark is dwarfed by the number who can learn to channel. So, even if you 13x13'd every Male Aiel that goes to the Blight, and even if you considered their relatively longer lives, there really wouldn't be enough of them to stand against Randland united and the uncorrupted Aiel. I really don't think that evil-Town is really all that large. Aiel are militarily powerful because of their skill, experience, tactics and the high percentage of the population under arms. They are not a significant population compared to Randland. Channelers are rolls of the dice. This is why what Taim is doing is so important to the Shadow that he was rewarded with Chosen status.
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