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  1. I completely agree that its taking him way to long to finish it. Every two years the next one comes out but always finishes without finishing the story! :evil: Its getting really annoying. But it is good that he hasn't finished it yet considering there'd be nothing for me to b***h abt with my friends so it goes both ways.
  2. Well, seeing as i've heard the worst jokes on the planet and some very lame ones that are funny, can anyone make up a joke that is actually funny about WOT? WOT comics have done it, but that's all i could find. So i want to hear some of the jokes you came up with. :P
  3. I think its abt 13-70+. Depending on how well the mind has developed. I'm younger than 20 and most of my (dorky) friends have read it so i'd say anyone can read it. Don't ask. I've got no idea wat my friend was on at the time. :P
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