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  1. Thom won't be cut. People are forgetting that TV and film productions are rarely, if ever, shot in order, from one scene to the next. Say there are 8-10 episodes in season 1. Perhaps they are shooting scenes that don't have Thom in them. As he is only in the first part of EoTW, maybe they're shooting scenes close to the Blight first. Who is in those scenes exclusively? The actors that have been cast/revealed. Except of course Loial. I'd bet they will be heavily relying on CGI for Loial, and heavy practical effects. They may only have a stand-in for him, with an actual actor doing the voice which is done in post. Thom is essential. He's in it, I have no doubts.
  2. Agreed on pretty much all of it. I think if Rafe is really going to expand on Logain(likely since he directly said it) then expanding Elaida would be expected IMO. Having her, and other sisters, involvement in gentling Logain in sight of Rand and the viewers would be powerful and horrifying. I don't think having Siuan there would be a good idea as she was in her full power as Amyrlin at this point and would stop it maybe. On the other hand, maybe they have some other Red sisters (read: Black, Galina or Katerine) nudging Elaida to do it in Caemlyn in front of thousands of onlookers, would foreshadow Elaida's eventual raising to Amyrlin.
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