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  1. I still think that if the DO does not break free with balefire coming out his eyes, torturing thousands of people in their sleep while leading an army of 50 million trollocs then the last book won't be that good. I know people keep saying its impossible for Rand to actually defeat the DO. I don't care he still needs to fight him. I don't care who fights him some one had better fight the DO in the last battle ..I WILL FIGHT THE DO if need be!. I've been reading about the DO for this long! I need to read 1500 pages of the DO ripping the world a new one in AMOL PERIOD. To not be disappointed.
  2. My favorite obscure scene is in Fires of Heaven when Nyneve and Elayne question Ronda Macure and she says ... " PLEASE DON'T LET HIM USE THE SALT ON ME! PLEASE ..NOT THE SALT ,OH PLEASE!" LOL in the audio listening to Kate Reading say that part is just classic.
  3. exactly more about pillow friends who are Aes Sedai and can channel would be excellent. And interesting to say the least. I'm sure Aes Sedai have all sorts of different weaves to enhance the pillow friend relationship!
  4. exactly more about pillow friends who are Aes Sedai and can channel would be excellent. And interesting to say the least. I'm sure Aes Sedai have all sorts of different weaves to enhance the pillow friend relationship!
  5. The DarkOne dosen't break free and all rand will do in the end is seal the hole in the DO's prison. What kind of last battle can you have if the Dark One doesn't touch the world? If the dark one doesn't break free. What will initiate the last battle, if its not the Dark One breaking free?
  6. I always thought the last battle would be the Darkone and the dragon reborn fighting each other one on one with trollocs,Myrddraal and Dread Lords running loose. And at present I know he wouldn't stand a chance against the Darkone but he would learn to channel the true source somehow and that would be how he would drive the Darkone back into his prison. And if it wasn't the true source it would perhaps be something else from the age of legends. Or perhaps Lews Therin would instruct him on how he sealed the DO's prison last time. And through the books of Herid Fel(I think that's his name) that min reads there would be someway to make it whole again. I was just really waiting to read about what the DARKONE would do to the world. I wanted the DarkOne to break out with Balefire coming out of his eyes among other things.
  7. I'm like Juilian Sandar, but If I could choose I'd probaly be the Dark One
  8. So he won't break free, because that would mean the Light would lose? I thought the point was the chosen one fighting the ultimate evil? It just seems like he should break free and rand should fight him. I've been waiting for the DARK ONE to break free so he can destroy stuff. Any character named the DARK ONE I'd guess would be a control freak. I was hoping that he would explode into the world and swallow 75 percent of the world in darkness and trollocs would run wild with dread lords channeling the true source. And the DARK ONE he doesn't just channel ...no he has to do more than channel. Balefire should come out of his eyes at will. He should be able to drag two thousand people into the world of dreams at one time and torture them and kill them simultaneously. He should be able make the ARYTH OCEAN boil! And when he laughs people should hear his laughter in their mind and go mad. Banging their head with a hammer to stop the laughter. But your saying that he won't even break free. That would be disappointing to say the least.
  9. I'm surprised no long discussions about the darkone and what he will be like. This is my first post but I have been following the books for years now. When I finished the last book. I was thinking ...the DARK ONE had better be something else! I mean when he breaks free 60 million trollocs had better explode out of the blight. If he can't kill 250 ashaman and aesedai with the twitch of an eyebrow, and if 2 million people a day don't just fall over dead for two weeks after he broke free I will be disappointed. 11 books of anticipating the DARKONE and in book 12 he had better be nasty. He can't just be evil...he has to take evil to another level. The book should be 3000 pages and 2000 of it should be about the dark one wreaking havoc, and showing no mercy. And RJ would you go into more detail about pillow friends and Aes Sedai in book 12? OOPS scratch that last part. It seems my first post might be my last lol.
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