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  1. Could this mean Mat (slaying/destruction as a general with gunpowder) and Perrin (protecting/sheltering as he did with the refugees from Malden)? Just something that hit me. They've been described as his two hands once if I remember correctly.
  2. Eh, I wouldn't say that. You also have to consider that "we" are living in the First Age and as far as I know from reading the series the Dark One is not supposed to be free in our Age. But we still nuked each other to hell (Mosk and Merk) and the Ogier had to come to restore the Earth and we discovered channeling and thus the Second Age, Age of Legends, started. Or am I wrong?
  3. Why would we discuss someone else? Careane managed to get everyone to believe the Kinswomen ran away instead of getting killed, so why wouldn't she be able to do the same with Merilille and Talaan? I find it odd that they haven't shown up with the rebels yet (as far as we know) when Talaan probably can Travel. But then someone saw them leave the city didn't they?
  4. But are we sure they didn't get killed by Careane like all those Kinswomen?
  5. Mainly because Birgitte told Olver that the Tower of Ghenjei was the portal to the world of the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn. I don't think you go through the door in the Tower and then decide which world you want to end up on. So it's probably the same world.
  6. Luckers: I don't think Taim has the authority to send an attack force with Trollocs and Myrdraal from all the 12 primary bands. I don't think he has the authority to send Trollocs at all. Yes, he could have posed as Sammael and done it, but he would still need to know the process on how to do it. It can't be as easy as just walking into the Blight and say: "Hey, you there! Trolloc! I need about 10 000 of you and a couple of Myrdraal. Thanks!". And you can't really use the Demira incident as proof. We can't be certain who assaulted her. I've always thought it was Fain's whitecloaks who
  7. It could be Mordin himself playing the other Forsaken. I actually think the attack was a kind of test on his part to test the might of the Dragon Reborn. Moridin would obviously have Ishamael's ability to locate ta'veren.
  8. Nah, she would send for Nynaeve so she could upbraid them for not doing what they should.
  9. Mat: Well he starts speaking the Old Tongue much earlier than Rhuidean. Before Rhuidean he only speaks sentences in the the Old Tongue unknowingly. While in Tar Valon he even has a memory(or rather an experience) of a battle as a Manetheren Lord or King. These things we can contribute to the Old Blood. We don't know if it is one of Mat's past lifes he remembers this from or just a result of the strong blood in the Two Rivers. He then recieves memories from several men(probably not his past lives) who has been in Finnland after his trip there in Rhuidean. At first he fights them but
  10. Are we sure that Masema won't allow them to move by gateways? He's pretty much understrength after the Shaido battle. I don't see him having much say in the matter of movement anymore. I think Perrin is much nearer Galad then Mat is and Mat is moving into Murandy before going north into Andor. So Perrin will probably meet up with Galad first. Rand is travelling from the northwest to the southest as we hear from Elayne thoughts, so he's not stuck in Altara. There must be a much easier way for him to be contacted by Tuon. He's probably left instructions on where he wants the meeting.
  11. Robert Something just hit me. In PoD Elayne still sees Mat as her subject and I think she still does. Wouldn't she see the Band of the Red Hand as an Andoran army answering to her?
  12. And there's no evidence against the other three(Mat, Hurin and Perrin) hearing all those names also.
  13. No no. The charge the Aes Sedai put on the Aiel was to protect the angreal, sa'angreal and ter'angreal from the male Aes Sedai and to still hold to the Way of the Leaf. I'm not even convinced that there exists or ever existed a song. But back to the topic. How will the large amount of Aiel who are living in Rhuidean react to a Shaido party coming and seeking to enter the crystal ring? Another problem is the Mera'din. They refuse to believe that Rand is the Car'a'carn. How will they be recieved in their holds when they return. And for the Shaido to be the remnant of the remnant, all the pe
  14. CrazyMike. Do we have any indication that it's Compulsion that Aran'gar uses? Maybe she's not even good with that Talent. She probably thought to use them as a method to get near Egwene so she would slip some things during the massages.
  15. Yeah it was most certainly Elaida who was one of the people responsible for the Vileness after Aiel War. while we're on that track what are Cadsuane referring to when she mentions that. does she mean the Red Ajah gentling men without them being brought to Tar Valon or does she mean the Black Ajah's killing of every lucky man in Randland? but i kind of see them as connected as Galina is Black Ajah.
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