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  1. maybe I missed it when these questions were answered, but I am way confused. 1) How do Aes Sedai that become damane get over the three oaths (especially not using the power as a weapon). as we saw with teslyn they're still aes sedai, and no oath rod is used to remove it, and yet they're sure as hell killing people. This seems like way to fundamental a plot point to gloss over, but I think I missed it when jordan explained. 2) what ever happened to the whole know-where-you're-traveling idea. When skimming/traveling were introduced, skimming was when you had no clue and the power just led you, and traveling was when you thoroughly knew what you were doing. In many places this was described as taking "at least a day" to know a location before traveling. HOWEVER, in the last couple books this limitation has just disappeared. Specifically, how the hell did nynaeve travel to land's end in saldea??? Clearly she's never been there. Also, the asha'man traveled to the two rivers to pick up tam and the other archers before rescuing faile---to my knowledge, none of those people had been there either. even if you accept that describing a place is the same as being there, it still doesn't explain nynaeve-saldea. I'm way confused. please help.
  2. In the glossary, under Warder: "...The bonding does not tell her how far he is, though, nor in what direction..." it's not presnted as one of those "everyone thinks that..." like some glossary entries, so there's an inconsistency somewhere. Also, the quote from tSR about thom and domon was "Thom's cloak made Domon's eyebrows rise" in my edition (p. 653). Thom made quite an impression on domon when they rode, and they talked quite a bit on the boat, and it's a bit of a coincidence that neither of them recognize each other when most other characters make connections within seconds. Geez, though, these were just some starters--there's way clearer mistakes in the books, though I didnt try and chronicle every single one (these are just some off the top of my head!).
  3. I think it would be fun to have a contest to see who could find the biggest internal inconsistency in the books, i.e. when one book or section totally contradicts what jordan wrote in another section that can't be explained away by our knowledge of WOT. I can think of dozens of examples of when this happens (I guess jordan's only human!) but what do you guys think the WORST example is?? I guess I'll start us off by a couple: At the end of EOTW moiraine notes she should have realized Rand was the one that could channel because when they were leaving the two rivers, he unconsciously healed Bela (he was worried about egwene, who was riding her). However, Rand only got 'channeling sickness' after his SECOND noted channeling attempt, which was when he killed the darkfriends with lightning on the way to caemlyn. A second example could be, for instance, that Moiraine says in tSR she doesn't know where Lan is (when he doesn't show up to Rand's performance in the stone because he's off getting sander to go to tanchico), but she knows he's close by--even though, as proven everywhere else in the books, warder-channeler connections do not tell either party where or in which direction they are, only that they are alive. Another would be that thom and bayle doman act like they've never met in tSR even though they met on the boat to baerlon in EOTW. I'm sure you guys can come up with hundreds more (I don't want to even start stealing the better and most obvious ones)!! Still, lets remember to keep these only to when the book contradicts ITSELF, not when it contradicts reality (i.e., according to real world economics, mat could NEVER make enough money gambling to hire 36000 soldiers like in KOD, or how could no two rivers folk die when fighting 40 trollocs and a fade with Perrin in tSR when in the next fight they had 27 die and many more wounded, or even why, in 100000 pages, do we never see ANY of the main characters go to the bathroom!!) since if we added all of those this thread would never end! Take it away guys!
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