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  1. What always struck me as odd is this: There are only a few 10s or 100s heroes tied to the horn. But since the Wheel turns and turns, and may have turned infinite times before this Age came to pass, there should be at least millions of the Horn, if not infinite. So why only so few? Are there only these heroes, and they keep being recycled by the Horn/TAR? Logic would seem that there will be added new heroes each Age. Even if it's only 1 each Age, the wheel has turned so many times that there should have been millions of Heroes. Is this Jordan giving us an indication of how many times the wheel has turned so far? Or an oversight on his side? (which would be odd coming from a Physicist) The other option would be: people getting removed from their ties to the Horn. Sort of like a hit-chart: sorry mate, you got kicked out of the 100 most heroic list this year, no Horn for you..
  2. Ok, here are the facts. (Correct me if i am wrong) 1. Taim (confirmed Darkfriend) gives a Seal to Rand 2. LTT inside Rand freaks out, wanting to destroy the Seal then and there. 3. Taim looks very afraid when Rand (LTT) is freaking out, wanting to destroy the Seal. 4. Note from Harid Fel and Min's observations both conclude Rand must destroy the Seal before he 'Can build'. From point 3 one can conclude that the Shadow does NOT want the Seals Destroyed. (otherwise why would Taim be afraid?) So there must have been a reason why the 'Bad guys' gave the Seal to Rand. My theory is that The Dark one has reversed the effect of the Seals: They used to be focus points for the patch; now they are focus points for the DO where he can influence the World. What better place than close to Rand, where he can 'Turn him to the Dark Side?' Which we all know almost succeeded at Dragonmount. (Reading that chapter -Veins of Gold- still gives me goosdebumps, positive & negative) This theory explains why Rand must destroy then. How he is going to build afterwards, one can only speculate. Personally i will be very disappointed if he will apply another patch. I hope (and suspect a bit) that the Creator will take a hand. (Remember that CAPS RAFO from tEotW?) Rand be the light's Avatar and Moridin the Shadow's Avatar and the outcome will decide the battle. (a little bit like Falme, as people before me suggested, all characters linked to each other - see Min's viewing in BAerlon about the lighs trying to fill the shadow) Looking forward to AMOL, can't wait..
  3. Play WoW much? ;) Anyway, i love Mat too, happy to hear we will see a lot of him in TofM. Thanks for sharing that :)
  4. Tarmon Gai'don has already begun. And the Dark One is working through: Rand. Remember the Dark Halo around Rand? And i believe i read an interview with RJ/BS that the food spoilage increase and 'evil happenings' in the World are directly linked to the dark personality of Rand. (words may be different, but message similar) Also, the random events around Rand used to be balanced, now only evil stuff happens! Also, Moridin, which is closest to the DO of all the Forsaken, tells them to NOT kill Rand. This means the DO has plans for Rand, is working through Rand on evil schemes. Verin, as posters before me pointed out, confirms this by telling that the nature of Tarmon Gaidon may be different to what Rand expects. (full scale army battles) So the battle has already begun, but 'shit will hit the fan' when Rand breaks the Seals. I think it will be like Min foretold in tEoTW: a great darkness, and all those lights trying to fill it. That means imo that people will fight the shadow in their own specific ways. Perrin in TAR; Rand vs. Moridin/SH/DO; Mat with his Dragons + Lan + armies vs. Trolloc Armies from the Blight etc.
  5. I am just re-reading TGS, and Cadsuane & Nynaeve both (separately from each other) realise they 'handled' Rand the wrong way. (cannot mention chapter, but it's in Bandar Eban) There even is -in one of the cases- mention of "how to handle Saidar" so i think both realise the exact same thing that Moraine found out: control by surrendering. Moraine also came to realise this slowly over time, so cannot blame Cadsuane & Nynaeve for being slow. I personally like Cadsuane, and i found the spanking (breaking) of Semirhage brilliant. Also, the way Sorilea respects her and her apology to the Wise Ones show she is a wise woman, who made some mistakes. Besides: never forget how she humiliated a friend in Far Medding for Rand! She makes some sacrifices for Rand, but has her flaws. RJ did a good job on Cadsuane imo, although she can be annoying. (never as annoying as Gawyn!!!!) But nevertheless, looking forward to Moraine's rescue and her fulfilling a viewing from Min (Rand will not survive without Moraine)
  6. I agree Mat is still tied to Horn thanks to Balefire (stuff never happened that a balefired person did) RJ also agreed Mat didn't die when he was hanged by Finns. Seems a bit lame to use the Horn only for Falme, there should be some more uses for it. But since Mat will probably go into the Tower of Ghenji this book, he has no time to sound the Horn. Last book then, hopefully. Maybe Perrin learning about Tel'aran'rhiod & his showdown with Slayer will save the Heroes tied to the Horn.
  7. Apology upfront if this has another tread already, but i couldn't find it. Will the Horn of Valere be revealed in TOM? I've always been facinated with this Horn since book 1, and i understand why it had to be removed temporarily (too powerful, like the Choedan Kal) But it seems time for it's return, although it think it will be AMOL. The Horn would be ideal for making peace with the Seanchan, since it spawns out Arthur Hawkwing. Imagine Mat calling AH forth and have him serve Mat: eat this Tuon!! In your face. ;) I'm afraid this will not happen, but it would have been nice. But with Eggy in control of the Tower, i think the Horn will be dug up pretty soon. She knows it's in the Tower, right? What do you guys think? Will we see the Horn soon, and what will they do with it?
  8. All this rescue talk is interesting, and some nice theories here. But it won't happen. Rand will declare peace with the Seanchan (The north shall he tie to the east, and the west shall be bound to the south. ) and 'inform' Egwene she is not to attack them either, because the World needs to focus on TG. She gets angry with him and that "wrath" thing that was foretold will happen. But she will see the sense of it, or Rand will declare to side with the Seanchan if the WT attacks, and then she will see sense. Or something similar. An attack would also prevent that north/east vs. west/south prophecy. Time for peace; time for TG. Light vs. Dark, and the Seanchan will fight for the Light.
  9. Hi you Dragonmount Guru's! nice thread this, so i'll ask away. (My second post, although i've read lots on these forums) First question that comes to my mind is this: How did the Dark One get Lanfear of the 'Land of the Finns'? Sure, he is the Lord of the Grave, but we kinda know Moraine isn't dead, so i think it is safe to assume Lanfear/Cyndane wasn't killed by the ter'angreal either. Does he have some power in 'Finnland'? Anyone can shed some Light here? (I am aware i made some assumptions here: Moraine=alive and Lanfear=Cyndane, but they seem pretty safe) Thanks, Tom
  10. I must admit i haven't read all 39 pages of this thread, but my favorite scene wasn't mentioned yet. And it has nothing to do with the main characters, although i loved reading so much of them. (esp. Rand/Egwene) It seems a less important scene, but it just stuck to me: the scene with the farmer and the blacksmith in the Borderlands. (Shienar?) The way how they react to the odd 'gathering' storm, that's just amazing, and it shows to me the Dark One is going to get the surprise of his life at Tarwin's Gap.. Loved it. Veins of Gold was also nice, but i thought the switch within Rand happened a bit too sudden.
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