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  1. Again, no reason to believe an air cocoon could not be made to provide lift with a fire/air thruster on it. It wouldn't be anchored to anything because it would be mobile, and push you along with it, just like any solid would. You would not be lifting yourself, as you would be pushed by a solid mass of air moving independently. Not sure why that's hard to understand. J
  2. Sometimes I think you're missing my point on purpose. Why would you need to anchor a cocoon of air? It's being given lift properties by its very shape, and propulsion from the air/fire thrust weave would eliminate the need for "anchoring" J
  3. Actually, we haven't seen anyone raise themselves on a platform of air with the True Power. We saw OTHER people raise Egwene, we saw Siuan Sanche lift Nynaeve, and we saw Ishamael on a platform of air, but Ishamael doesn't use the One Power, he uses the True Power, different rules apply. Lifting yourself with a framework of air is fundamentally different than creating a ward. Creating a ward is like building a fence. It is around you, but does not touch you. The framework of air would have to directly touch and support you. What do you call the bridge of air Rand makes to the Seaf
  4. I still have yet to see why one could not wrap himself in a cocoon of air, and use an air/fire weave for thrust. You would need no contact with the ground. J
  5. By that logic, if an interior does not exist, there's no way to brush up against it from the inside at all then, and hence no cutting. J
  6. No, I don't think so. Why are we getting this accurate in terms of physics with flying, but not with other forms of channeling? Aside from that, if you had thrust and lift, you wouldn't need contact with the ground. I think if you tore apart every power like we're doing with flying, you could rule out everything because on some level it does not conform with the laws of physics. J
  7. i've been familiar with this series since the second book was published and have no other word to describe them. how would you describe them if they were in your house lifting you off the ground, throwing balls of fire around or healing a broken bone that protruded through your thigh? angels? i don't know what rj has defined them to be in his world but it seems not every character has that power. it could be that everyone does but only a few show the inborn ability or want to develop it. I certainly wouldn't call them witches, as would not you if you had any understanding or re
  8. Um .... isn't that what I just proposed? And disposed .... I suppose it is what you proposed, but you're not weaving on yourself when you shape air around yourself, so I fail to see why it couldn't be done. J
  9. How do you know that? It's not happened. The spinning gates in KoD were outside edges. I can't say for sure that the interior doesn't hurt you, though it makes sense to me, but I don't think anyone can for certain say that it does. J
  10. Well then, why not use the power to provide thrust/lift for a person, using air to provide some sort of frame? It just doesn't make any sense that you wouldn't be able to fly with the power. I mean if people are trying to offer physics as a reason, then how come there's no recoil from shooting lightning, etc? The reason? It's magic... J
  11. So, if sho-wings were built using the power, and they could fly, doesn't that mean you can fly with the power? J
  12. As far as the gateway question: My thought has always been that if you bump into the border from the outside, you get sliced,but if you were to touch from the inside, you would not. J
  13. I don't believe Cyndane's strength has anything to do with Lanfears at the time of her death. Death would reset her. If you are recycled, you're recycled. There's no need to *heal* anything... It seems more likely to me that the DO decided to teach her humility by weakening her slightly, though not enough to make her less useful, practically. Remember, she did conspire against him. J
  14. I thought it was an awesome game, and I loved it. J
  15. I think a feature more indicative of a person's brain power is their ability to deal with concepts they don't agree with without resorting to sarcasm and ad homonym attacks. Had to be said. I consider myself intelligent, and certainly have wondered why RJ has kept it going so long. In fact, I quit reading twice. Of course, I've also done two rereads since that time. The length of a series does not indicate its quality, and endless detail is not always a good thing. Sometimes, like in art, it's important to know when to stop adding to the work. My overall opinion is still out. I
  16. I can't remember exactly, but my favorite goes something like this: A woman will kill a man twice as fast and with half the cause that a man would, even if she cries twice as hard after. I can't remember where it was, but I loved it. J
  17. Wow, you guys are really ripping into this person. I admit his language was a bit inflammatory, but it sure seems like there is a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black here. Sure, he started it, but some of you seem to have just been waiting for an opportunity to unload venom... He may be trolling, but I submit that some of the posters in this thread are just trolling in response to a troll, hoping to get away with it because they didnt start it. Besides which, there is a point to be had here. I almost quit reading the books after I finished WH. It was just far too slow,
  18. RJ has lifted myths out of just about every culture from Hindu to American Indian. Mat giving up his eye and hanging also closely parallels Odin. I think there are several indepth articles or discussion about this if you search for them. J
  19. I don't have my books with me, and don't specifically remember your examples. You're saying there was wind present when they travelled? I would think that in order for this theory to be true, there would almost always have to be a discharge of air from the side of the gate with the higher pressure to the side with the lower...Since that doesn't seem to be happening, that's why I concluded you couldn't open a gate into a vacuum as a weapon... It is scifi/fantasy, and in reality RJ probably never thought too deeply about it, but you never know. J
  20. Theoretically, it would be pretty rare for there to be the same amount of atmospheric pressure in two locations, especially if altitude was different. Of course, a low pressure system in one area would be enough to change the balance. I submit that if there was not some sort of barrier between the two locations separated by the gateway, there would be a breeze as air moved from the higher to lower pressure areas. The only way this could be avoided would be if there was literally no difference in airpressure, and that would be really, really odd. J
  21. I'm positive it's true. I wasn't referencing genre. All I'm saying is that after all the development we've done, there is nothing new under the sun. Sure, there are things we haven't heard before, and maybe somebody learned how to produce a tone out of a computer that sounds new, but it will still have a root, a mode, a key, etc.. If you think rap for instance is entirely new, I'd urge you to check out some of the drum rhythms that have been going on in africa for thousands of years. I think we're more impressed with our "originality" than is merited. There truly is an art involv
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