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  1. I give up. Terez is a sadist. ;) Someone mind sending a PM my way? Thanks.
  2. Sure you do. Just right click anywhere on the page and select source. ;)
  3. Okay, so I thought resourceful might refer to the source code for the topic. No dice.
  4. This review destroyed any patience I have for the 4 weeks left until the book is released. :) I should probably just eat a ton of ice cream and settle down for a long winter's nap. Will someone wake me when it's Jan 7?
  5. He returned to Tear after collecting something, and it is indeed before Maradon. You are thinking about AMoL Prologue, this is different. I quoted it from ToM. It was likely in his safe deposit box at the First State National Bank of Tear.
  6. I believe it was in TFoH, at the palace in Tarabon. Edit: It was Chapter 11 of TSR
  7. If things here on DM are parallel to what happened with previous books, I will mosey on over here some time before the book is released and spoil myself.
  8. I guess I can sort of see the intent, but really - post warnings? Just leaving it at "Tell the people" would have been better than that. The idea of making up a bunch of signs is just absurd. There isn't really time for a comprehensive public reassurance campaign at this point. Edit to add: And in all seriousness, what would the signs say? Expect more earthquakes, but the Dragon Reborn is on the case? Signage isn't really an effective tool of reassurance. I agree on the signs. Passing word would probably be as effective. As effective as either could be.
  9. Post warnings? Really? I mean honestly, what are they going to put up, this: Post warnings. Honestly. Well honestly, what else could you say? Town criers? Kings/Queens announcing it? When push comes to shove, if you need to placate the people, no TV or Radio, written word has to be involved somehow (Hell even wiht TV and Radio it still has to involve written word). Would you have rather he just said "Warn the people, The Storm is Coming" ? There's not much choice here... I agree that there's nothing useful to be done, my point is why bring it up at all? I wou
  10. I would guess that Verin Sedai will be redeemed, though I don't believe it's spelled out in the books.
  11. The secret is to let them think there will be cookies at the end. Everyone loves cookies. That is the best way to encourage any behavior. Cookies are our friends.
  12. I thought it was quite fitting considering what the Dark One did to Balthamel/Aran'gar. Taking something that was so ingrained in a character's persona and turning it on its head really worked for me.
  13. Due to issues with some of the vendors TOR decided to release last night at Midnight Eastern. It's available through Dragonmount and all the usual suspects.
  14. Yeah, that weirded me out too. Though it could be his way of snubbing the others. New successful Chosen gets to be called Leader, old ones who failed get names like "wihtout forgiveness" and "last chance". Incidentally, we're missing the section where Hessalam is revealed as Graendal. How does it happen, and does she seem at all broken or changed by her recent punishements? Slayer POV: I leaped for joy when 2 of my theories turned out to be spot on (about the Red-veils, and that Slayer would be ordered to kill Rand and that will be the "other time" Perrin will have to be there for h
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