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  1. I found Dragonmount before I even read the books due to a dear friend of mine that was reading them and suggesting them to me and I wanted to find out more so I googled it and this was the first site on the list. Found out later that my friend was on here, took a look around, read the first book, am working on the second (hard to read as much as I usually do with school and all) and ended up joining shortly after I read the first.
  2. Welcome to the forums, Gidar!
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    Oooooh. ROFL. I feel so stuid now. Thanks.
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    Well, I looked through those, but it doesn't help much. I don't have a link to get to my PM box or a link to get to my Control Panel to edit my profile or board preferences, add an avatar, and all that good stuff.
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    Nah, he hadn't even told me that he was part of the forums, I just found him on these in a random google search for forums on WoT. Hehe. I'll take a look, thanks. Oh, I'm having trouble finding my Control Panel, help please?
  6. I'm 16, started reading the books at the End of September, beginning of October range. I still have a long way to go, yet, but I'm hooked.
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    Hi there, I'm Arien I've only read the first two books after vikingdriver bugged and bugged until I read them, and I have to say that I'm positively hooked! I'm a military brat, 16-year-old Senior, and reading and writing are my hobbies. I'm a fast reader, so there's no doubt that I'll be able to finish the series before the last book comes out, as long as school doesn't get in the way. Hope I can get to know a few of you.
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