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  1. The first three books are my favourite so far, book four was a little slower yet still good, and book five was a tad slow again but had an awesome ending. I am only about a quarter of the way through book six but i like it so far.
  2. Im not entirely sure where but i read on the internet not long ago that Kentaro Miura has given the green light for more berserk to be made. Whether it is going to be based on the manga or not i dont know.
  3. This is a thread for anime appreciation :D I just finished watching beserk and it was such a good series, it had such a good ending. I must say i do prefer the manga even tho i havnt read a great deal of it.
  4. Weakling - this entire f@&^* battlefield, great song by one of my personal favourite bands. Any black metal fans about?
  5. I don't think anyone here in Australia considers bloody to be a swear word, and if i remember correctly i think the prime minister said a similar thing on national television.
  6. Weakling - no one can be called as a man while he'll die. Definately one of my favourite black metal tracks
  7. This is very untrue, any genre of music has bands that are talented some are just harder to find than others. Having said that chances are they won't be bands you hear on the radio, you have to have no talent to get played on the radio it seems. (Generaly speaking of course)
  8. something tells me i am way too late for this but hey i will vote anyways. I dont listen to much music with melodic singing but i would definately say without question that may twqo favourite melodic singers would have to be Mike Patton and Jeff Buckley
  9. My mate althor(that is actualy his real surname) told me to read, so i did, and loved it, thats about all there is to tell haha
  10. Im no good at this shit so i will just say that i am up to book four and so far wheel of time has been the best thing i have ever read, other than that i enjoy music and maybe other things that i cant think of :?
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