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  1. Heh. Yeah. I can imagine. Off the top of my head, it might be like the situation after TGH. During the wait for TDR, people furiously debated whether Moiraine was at the DF social (in TGH). Of course, having started the series when TFOH came out, with the hindsight I had, that seemed ridiculous. But of course, during the lull and without all the later books or statements from the author, it was "possible" (ok, not really, given Moiraine's history with Rand and the Two Rivers folk. It's a bad example but it's off the top of my head and I think you see my point.) For me, though, LOC was my first
  2. This is awesome news. And gives me an opportunity to say a few things. First of all, thank you to Terez for digging out this information and then having the ability to sit on it (mostly) for the last year at least. I am not sure I could have done that, given that original Taimandred has always been a pet theory of mine and I've been arguing that very thing (along with very many others) for years. (Barid even ended up locking a thread because of it ;-) ) While I have mostly been a lurker for all things WOT here, at Theoryland, reddit, Sci-Fi channel's forums, back in the day on the news
  3. I tend to agree with Suttree regarding Lucker's theory- partially. I think BS was looking for a way to nudge Aviendha into considering the future of the Aiel after the death of Rand and the last battle. Up to that point, no one had considered it. It had to be organic in some way. I think that he, or Maria, found something in the notes that intrigued him and he decided to flesh that out or manifest that as Nakomi. His quotes only referring to "something deep in the notes" not that he found Nakomi herself as a character deep in the notes. Personally, I alternate between viewing her as either a h
  4. Sigh. Ok. One more time. Taim-as-Taim shaved. The only reason he gave was "it was hot". We know heat doesn't touch him the same way as normal people (though of course, we know that only means you don't notice it. It will still affect you, as you can freeze to death in the cold you ignore.) So Taim's shaving could have been because he wanted to hide, if in fact he didn't care about the heat. Something, we can't completely discount. Shaving is NOT THAT great of a disguise. Not saying it doesn't help, but when Rand (or Elayne and Nynaeve) wanted to hide, they colored their hair and changed their
  5. No, what that means is that I made my arguments, you made yours, I responded with mine, you with yours, until we are now just repeating ourselves. That doesn't interest me. I don't agree with your conclusion or that this is that big of deal. Nope. You are now changing definitions. Minion-Taim is not DF Taim. Otherwise, Elza is a proxy for Demandred since she is a DF. Paitr (from EOTW and LOC) was a proxy for Demandred, since he was a DF. Minion-Taim states that Taim was a minion of Demandred and was acting as his proxy and under his general orders. The connection between Taim and
  6. No, I just already gave my reasons. I don't think the beard thing was that big of a deal, especially when there was a reasonable alternative. Look, I have no trouble conceding a point that the evidence convinces me of. I think I've shown that in my previous posts. But in this case, I just think we have to disagree. I think the best way to prove my point is this: http://www.drosi.de/wot/wt_faq.htm This is the WOT faq from 1996. So it was current up to LOC and COS. It presents every theory and discussion that had taken place over months and (in the case of LOC and previous books) years
  7. Slayer was not Luc. Slayer could be (and was) himself in TAR, the Isam personality. So it doesn't seem that he needed to add a Luc soul to somehow share the load. The problem we have no idea how he was made, why, what was the purpose of the merger, and so forth. So in the end, just another unanswered question. I mean, he was mentioned as far back as TGH in the Dark Prophecy. It's would've been nice to know why he merited and/or required such attention from both the light and dark.
  8. Luc was sent after Tigraine had already been sent into the waste. When Rand's father lost Tigraine (Shaiel) at the Battle of the Shining walls he headed north and was killed by a man who looked so much like Shaiel (Tigraine) that he refused to raise his hand in defense. This was very likely Luc. So unleft is the question of why it was so important that Luc be sent, how did he somehow get fused with Isam and get the ability he had to step in and out of a dream as either himself or Slayer (as they were separate people), and how did he come to serve as the shadow's assasin. Why was it so impo
  9. I always thought the fact that he new a version lesser compulsion was a pretty good indication. As for Asmo's killer, this was written after book 8 and RJ left a note saying it is spot on. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4975913/1/Sherlock-Holmes-Examines-the-Death-of-Asmodean You know I had totally spaced that part. Taim dead use a slightly weaker form of compulsion. It's been so long since I went over the actual evidence for Taimandred that I forgot that. I do remember, though, that up to that time, we pretty much had only seen forsaken use compulsion (Graendal, Rhavin, Moghedien).
  10. I think Slayer played a role, both as Perrin's dark parallel and the potential danger to Rand. If Perrin hadn't been there (as seen by Min) then Rand would have been in trouble. Why Gitara sent him, I don't know. As for Fain, he drove much of the action for the first movement of the series (books 1-3). But you can add stuff to this topic. There's tons of stuff that was never made clear. Not that I needed everything in a nice pretty bow, But there were elements that seemed pointless to be secretive or cagey about. Lot's of prophecies too. Thinking of Min's viewings of Elayne and the severed
  11. I'm only going to touch on a few things because at this point, I really don't see the point in arguing the beard thing any further. I think we have a difference of opinion regarding the whole shaving incident, And given that that is the primary objection to Taimandred (as of LOC) that people could make from the entire book, I'm just going to say that I disagree. I really don't think, esp in view of the preponderance of innuendo and subtle misunderstood clues (indicating a connection between Taim and Demandred), that the beard poses all that much of a problem. Why were we looking
  12. This right here. RJ had to have known what he was doing, either directly or indirectly. He can't have been surprised.
  13. See this is what I disagree with. If Taim was always Demandred, then I don't think this would matter. He wouldn't WANT to be recognized as Taim, as if he wanted to make sure that people thought he was masquerading as Taim. He was already Taim. So when it comes down to it, whether as Taim or Demandred as Taim, shaving would be something he could do and not think about. I mean, if a bearded criminal escapes prison and goes to hide out with someone else who might help him, does he really worry that that person won't recognize him? If that concern even occurred to him, it would also occur to him t
  14. I think you overstate your position here. You offer your opinion and interpretation. That does not constitute proof. Simple logical reason. Let's go with Taim-always-as-Taim as the truth (because indeed it was.) That being the case, your very same arguments can now be leveled against Taim. Why shave? Why make it possible for Bashere to even question his identity? Why not leave the beard and then shave later? By shaving off the beard, he allowed Bashere to possibly influence Rand into being suspicious of his identity and any pact they might work out? Therefore based on that same behavior (and a
  15. I'm just going to have to disagree with you on this. I don't think it would have been such a big deal. Once Taim showed he knew something only he could know, the issue died. You'll notice Rand was never suspicious. It was only Bashere and that was likely for a host of reasons. Given how easily Demandred (had he been Taim) proved himself Taim (and how in keeping it would have been with hist character of Taim to have shaved- because we can't forget, after all, that Taim did IN FACT shave because it was hot!!!!) it never rose to become a shadow of an issue. Again, I don't think this was a big dea
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