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  1. Sorry I started the thread then didn't get back.. interesting ideas all, I think the seals just became corrupted by the taint. If LLT had women while sealing the bore the DO would not have been able to make is counter stoke. We have already seen the taint removed from Sadin, with that done there is a very high limit to what both sides can do when working together. So between the taint and the DO own pushing and straining at an already weak point it was just a matter of time before the seals failed. In some ways it is kinda (very loosely kinda!) like when Rand was in the box and began to wo
  2. Hat tip to Duggadugga, the Twice marked thread is what put this in my head. The reason that the seals are failing is because the seals were created by just men. That is why the pairing of AS and AM is important, thats what it took to Clense the male half. We have seen a few instances that when working together using both sides of the source can accomplish great things. I think that was LTT's failure, he couldn't get the women onboard so all he was able to do is buy time instead of resealing the DO. In order for Rand to properly seal the bore is by destorying the existing seals and fixing i
  3. Lanfear's wish, "I want Rand easier to control" POOF goodbye Asmo!! There could be any number of ways she could have gotten what she wanted, the hows are fluid, I think RJ wanted to get the WHY's across to us. That maybe why he keeps us in the dark about the killer or how it was done. There is no proof in the books just the general understanding of who wanted to do it. It was a lashing out by Lanfear because of what happened to her on the docks, she was beaten by a lowly AS of this backward age and lost Rand. I would be PO'd if years of laid plans were ruined in minutes. Also Asmo was evidenc
  4. Because it is alot more important than he has let on. I just reread the Chapter Asmo died in, and the chapter before and after, the thing that stands out is that he is happy that he is free from the DO and the Chosen (atleast he thinks he is free!!). He especially voices his feelings for Lanfear, to the point of glee and relief at her death. I know this has been said over and over and shot down as many times because most can't see the how or the why for her but that is the only thing that rings true for me after reading it. Going in I really didn't have a good theory as to who or how ( see my
  5. Hey all, after reading 24 pages, I didn't see this presented. If it was I am sorry and bean me now and forever!!! Lets start with who knew Asmo was a Forsaken Then out of those who knew he was there Then out of those who could Channel including the True Power.(yes I believe he was killed by Channeling.) Then out of that hopefully small group who had the opportunity! I think this killing had more to do with opportunity than motive, either he stepped in on something/someone or was alone and the situation was taken advantage of. So either surprise at "No, you!" or disbeli
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