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  1. No real military reason for this but I assume Tear is done. So much is being made of it being the first city built after the breaking, and it's near invincibility that it just makes sense to me to see it be wiped out at the end of the third age.
  2. I still claim the eyes have to do with that freaking fly that's always there whenever Rand enters TAR in the flesh, can't wait to find out though :)
  3. At some point someone has to break the wheel of time otherwise some idiot will just drill a hole in the DO's prison again. Rand breaks the wheel with the giant circles of male and female channelers, time changes it's flow from a circular one to a linear one, the DO is imprisoned for good, the Creator remains merely an observer and mankind is left to find it's own way. Someone earlier in this thread posted the thought that the power is like water in that it is used and then replenishes itself, without the wheel to help in that cycle (since the power turns the wheel) the ability to channel is gone and we end up with today. Only today Merk and Mosk have thus far avoided throwing lightning at each other (thank you for that!) and we move on to a new future instead of pretty much the same old thing with some small tweaks... "What's with today, today?" Just some musings on a Sunday night, time for more sleep....
  4. In general looking forward to seeing the change in Rand and how it affects his relationships with the others.
  5. Also don't forget that many names can be shortened. For example Andrew --> Drew. Of course I don't think Brandon would simply change to 'Drew Sparks', too many puns available...
  6. Unless Cadsuane falls for an Ashaman too :)
  7. My vote is for Cadsuane, she's dealt with the most men who can channel and (spoiler in the next line) she has the Ter'angreal to help her. Maybe the thing she needs to teach the Ashaman is Taim's betrayal? Meh someone better kill the hook nosed freak.
  8. The Wheel of Time shattered, The River of Time flows on... ... so basically the cyclical nature of time up to that point has ended and they enter a linear time stream with no prophecies (except better written)... Or I need to go to sleep... or drink a beer... ah door number 3 wins again!
  9. This may be incredibly stupid but could the items be symbolic of the 3 people needed to save Moiraine? ie: Thom is representative of the music, Matt the fire and Jain the iron? of course I haven't done enough snooping to be able to back up any of the associations but Thom to music seems to make sense. So instead of rules it's actually a prophecy so old it's only remembered in a childrens game? Just spitballing... destroy at your leisure :)
  10. What about doing WOT as a 3 season spot? If you go a full season that's 24(ish) episodes, each book could take as little as 6 shows... well maybe not... but it may only take 4 or 5 seasons which would be much more reasonable than 12.
  11. Well a little later on in the chapter there's a comment on how Nicola has been caught trying to peek into the travelling grounds a few times so my guess is she's at least as nosy as Elayne was :) .
  12. It's not a huge plot thing but as I was (re) reading CoT I got the distinct impression that Nicola had bonded Areina, without permission of course. Everyone keeps talking about how Nicola keeps trying to push ahead and do things she's not supposed to. Also, Areina wants to be Birgitte and I think she knows Birgitte is Elayne's Warder so it would make sense she wants to be one too. Also this quote reminded me of how Birgitte and Elayne mirror each other emotionally: "Areina ran out of the tent after Nicola, the two women mirror images of disgruntlement and discontent." pg 430 Crossroads of Twilight I'm not sure what impact it would or could have plot wise, I just thought it was interesting, discuss or discard at your pleasure :) .
  13. I'm not sure how much help this'll be but could the 'ancient wrong' be something as simple as bringing the nations back together? Since the Seanchan believe that everyone in randland are oathbreakers and thieves could it be an "ancient wrong" from their point of view? The problem I see with this theory is the word "Again" that implies that this wrong has been avenged/slayed before... unless that's just referring to the turning of the wheel. ok now I know this passage was no help :) ...
  14. I'm sorry if this has been asked/dealt with before (and if it has can someone please post the link for me :) ) but how did Moridin see Aviendha unweaving the gateway in A Path of Daggers? As a male he should only be able to see saidin weaves. Is this a talent? (sweet talent would give you a huge advantage in a Power fight), is it a side effect of holding the True Power? Is it just a little creative lisence to further the plot by rj? Thanks for your input.
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