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  1. After the Creator defeated the Dark One in their timeless battle through the "Chaos" or "Darkness" before the order of Time, the Creator made the Wheel to be the Dark One's neverending prison. Time is created to loop back on itself and thus have no ending to serve as a permanent prison for this troublesome Dark One. To escape his prison, the Dark One must destroy the Wheel. The Wheel is the prison, the Wheel is time, Time is the prison. Does that make sense? It made sense before I started typing...
  2. I liked the feel of the story (reminded me of Lord of the Rings). But what I liked the most and kept me coming back for more was the sheer incompetence of the main characters. They were teenagers that had never left home, country bumpkins that thought Aes Sedai were goddesses in a far off land and Fades were make believe. Rand's terror at finding out Trollocs were real (and in his house!) and his belief that his daddy would save him. Then the courage it took to save Tam instead. It was awesome watching these kids freak out and then watching them grow up to be heroes. After reading so many
  3. Waiting three days to make sure someone is actually dead was common practice in the old days. People were frequently buried alive in centuries past because of the lack of medical sophistication. They actually had bells attached to strings in coffins so that if you woke up in one you could pull the string and hope someone heard the bell and come dig you out. I'm sure the "three days dead" line is just an expression.
  4. Anything with Elayne in the last two books. Her securing the throne of Andor may be important to the series, but it should have been summed up in about two chapters. Two brief chapters. All the delving into her personality did nothing for the series. It was pointless.
  5. The truth of the matter is that all women are crazy, and RJ does an outstanding job of showing just how crazy Faile is. It is also true that all men are stupid, and RJ does an outstanding job of showing just how stupid Perrin is.
  6. If I found out that I had just killed the entirety of my family and loved ones I would lose my mind. But I believe that his moment of clarity to realize what he did was just that, a moment. A brief stop on the train to Crazytown.
  7. If all the participants in the relationship are in love with each other and are ok with everything, then there is nothing wrong with it. I have been married for just shy of ten years. I have only met one woman that I could share my life with, and I married her. It would be nice to have one or two more incomes added, the lack of child care costs would be great, and the idea of have at least one of the women wanting sex when I do is awesome. But three women means three personalities, three converging pms cycles, three women griping about the things women gripe about. And God help me i
  8. I think everybody is down on rand because Perrin and Mat have turned into HEROES. They do heroic things all the time; they win major battles, they make huge strides toward peace with the Seanchan, they have a hand in making new weaponry, etc. While Rand is getting a lot accomplished, it is not being done heroicly. Too much of what he is doing is going on behind the scenes. Of course, he is the only one who is insane...
  9. How ponderous would the series be if they were consantly having communication problems? There is already too much sniffing, skirt smoothing, and description of embroidery. I would die of boredom if there was description of translation errors and people fumbling over their words. There has to be a common language to keep a story flowing properly. That's why there is an ancient utopian society where everybody got along and everybody spoke the same language. Otherwise it doesn't make sense for everybody to speak the same language. Isolation is the key to language development. What we do
  10. I took Sheriam's reaction to the gray man like she was trying to protect two of her novices. She removed them from the situation so she could handle it. Not that she was a darkfriend and needed to cover it up. If she was, then she easily could have killed the two of them.
  11. I think this sums it up... If Book 1 had been written the way Book 10 was, there wouldn't have been a Book 2.
  12. I remember the comic when the adamantium was removed. I thought they explained that the claws that he had left were bone that had grown into the hollow adamantium claws. Am I mistaken?
  13. Jeez, reading this makes me feel old... I was in college when EoTw came out. I was really into Stephen King at the time, so I ignored it. I kept seeing the newest installments come out over the years, but I ways always in the middle of another series or too caught up in a different author to pick one up. About three years ago I was in a bookstore looking for something to read on an upcoming business trip to Denmark. It's a 9 hour flight and the home office is in the middle of nowhere, so there's really only two things to do when there - drink beer or read. The beer is very good but ve
  14. The series is fine until you get to book 10. The pace of the book is erratic. I am currently re-reading it and it has taken me twice as long to read this one as it has any of the others. RJ takes three chapters of 'blah' to set up one chapter of 'cool'. And he did the same thing in the last book. But, you MUST read them all. They are still better than most of the crap out there.
  15. Favorite character - The Prince of Ravens, the Son of Battles, the Trickster, the most developed character in the series... Matrim Cauthon. Favorite scene - when Nynaeve revives the Golden Crane. Gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye. But there are TONS of runners up.
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