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  1. RJ's descriptive writing style is wonderful. It really gives the feel of the location (e.g., the swishing of the grass, the feel of the horse, the smell of the dung...). On rereading, even Faile's kidnapping does not seem as long as it did when the books were being written. Yes, RJ took detours that were unnecessary, and then richly described those detours; the series could have been shorter. At this point, though, it is what it is, and it has spawned this tremendous forum on which we can wax eloquent with our own prose, or quote nested quotes five levels deep to prove or disprove some poi
  2. Here's my take. The visions are related to Rand, and to each other. 1. Cave - probably SG. Probably not Graendal's hideout. 2. Blood on rocks - presume Rand's blood spilled on the rocks at SG. 3. Two dead men - Rand and somenone with him, battle casualties. Are the Trollocs in ranks because their "motivator" is gone? 4. The pipe with smoke - it depends on what type of pipe. It could indicate someone relaxing after winning (speculation - Rand in Moridin's body after beating DO, when everyone believes Rand to be dead). It could also be one of Mat's "dragon" cannons. Yeah, #3 and
  3. Not that I saw it coming, but guys who are interested in gals often take up the gal's cause (or vise versa, but not relevant here). Thom helped Rand and the other TR folk with survival skills (how often did Rand play for his supper?), and possibly part of Thom's motivation was Moiraine's focus on the DR and his ta'veren friends.
  4. Did Mierin love LTT, or did she love being associated with LTT? Lanfear maintained the former, and Rand countered with a good description of the latter. Lanfear may not even realize the difference, but violent jealosy is not surprising.
  5. I have been mulling over the Delana/Halima/Graendal scene in the prologue, and it still doesn't make sense. It seems woven out of a mish-mash. The events don't mesh with the expected behavior of the characters, particularly Graendal. I could see Delana or Halima using Compulsion either w/o Graendal's input, or as a teaching moment (or a lazy moment), or as catching a glimmer of Rand's plot beforehand. But for Graendal to pass on the chance to Compulse a victim on only a whim? It doesn't click like I would expect RJ's work to click, but it doesn't feel like Mistborn either. It comes
  6. I guess the prologue with Delana and Halima and (OK, no spoilers...) won't get "fixed" in the 2nd edition; that was more jarring than the timeline complaints to me (I think Verin's boots explain the timeline issues somewhat - somewhere there may ba an assumption that's out of kilter). I noticed one time when "Galad went to the of the camp" during a battle, and there was an Egwene scene after that one that seemed to be missing something. Otherwise, go for it!
  7. My thoughts: When I first heard the "body swap" theory, it sounded ludicrous. Over the years it has grown on me. Now I expect to see Rand and Moridin grappling in a final fight in some non-physical sense, with Moridin pulling a "Gollum" ending that turns the battle to seal the DO. At the same time, Rand is killed (bodily); Rand comes back in Moridin's body while the three women weep over Rand's corpse. Later Min sees Rand/Moridin and a viewing lets her recognize him. "Woolhead," she says, "Let's go home." Or words to that effect... So, the three are Rand, LTT, and Moridin; Rand li
  8. Is Nynaeve pregnant during ToM? It would certainly help provide some continuity if Lan's cliffhanger ending goes as Lan expects. [if you have read ToM, you know what I mean. OK, spoilers are allowed, but not required.] I don't know the timelines that well, so I defer to the collective wisdom on that count. Two arguments to consider: 1. Elayne's ability with the power went haywire. Different women respond differently to pregnancy; some get very sick, some don't even notice, with most in between. 2. Nynaeve should know the signs of pregnancy. She is also very adept at holding o
  9. In a reincarnation universe, it stands to reason that people's new lives could be descended from previous lives, and they would have no reason not to marry other descendants of those previous lives. Someone mentioned that nobody else can sound the Horn as long as Mat lives. However, Mat has died twice. Rahvin killed him, and Rand balefired Rahvin and undid a lot of deaths (but Mat was still dead for a time). Also, we are given to understand that he died (maybe) while hanging from the spear. Regardless, the Finns told him that he would die and live again. So, is the Horn still bound to
  10. One thing that always bothered me was how the bad plants (and little bad critters) in the Blight shied away from Moiraine because "they know what she is" in some way. Also, Moiraine and Lan being able to sense Shadowspawn, unless they get surprised, or in the later books.
  11. Most of the Ashaman in the Black tower are a missed opportunity! Surely Rand must have heard us muttering (or yelling) at him to take out Taim while he still could. Oh, wait, Rand did hear that...
  12. Yes, Egwene is a hypocrite who does the same things that she condemns other for doing. Many other characters have had to face their own hipocrisy already (e.g., recently Nynaeve in ToM, pointedly with Egwene). So, Egwene will have her turn. Meanwhile, Rand is using her to bring the armies of the nations together (one short Travel to TG).
  13. Being in a circle is not the same as being collared, although there are some similarities. The thought does come, though, what happens if a channeler is in a circle (not controlling), and suddenly gets collared?
  14. My favorite glitch is during the trolloc attack, when Galad moved "to the of the camp." The typos are annoying, but we read on and wait eagerly for the next book. The Way of Kings (also Tor and first edition, of course) has similar issues with spelling and grammar. I understand how cutting and pasting errors can cause slips such as the sentence starting with "Dalinor He ..." toward the final plateau battle. Editor says replace "He" with the name Dalinor, try to highlight and slip, think that "He" is deleted and then type. There are several successive levels of editing, and in re
  15. As mentioned previously, if the Forsaken and the DO's minions were not so tied up with their own plots, the series would have been shorter: TEotW, Chapter 1 The wind blew ... OK, enough about the wind already. Rand pulled his cloak tighter about him, and saw a brief glimpse of something black before his head was cut off. Tam heard the ominous thump of a falling body, and came around the cart. His last thought was a regret for leaving his sword at home. The Fade twisted into shadow and reappeared behind a blacksmith's apprentice... The whole series is done in a few paragra
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