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  1. I'm going with Saidin. Generally, Saidin weilders are stronger in the One Power than Saidar weilders, although they generally are weaker in terms of agility with the One Power. I prefer brute force. Saidin it is! Saidin weilders also increase in strength faster than Saidar weilders...another plus for Saidin. Chances are, if you are shielded already, then you are going to get wrapped up in air immediately following. So you are going to be vulnerable regardless.
  2. In the original posting, Despothera gives the quotes in the series about the owner of the chair being angry at Rand for sitting in it and then how the Aes Sedai wash his feet. Also, Despothera talks about the ceremony for picking a new Amyrlin. Could it be that somehow a new Amyrlin will be elected--I'm not sure how we would get from the present scenario with Egwene to needing a new Amyrlin--but Rand will be a Sitter in a newly forged Gray Tower? I would imagine that the prior Sitter that Rand replaces would be rather angry at being replaced. Rand will refuse to stand for the new Amyrlin,
  3. Depends...if the ability to impose your will upon your warder is truly dependent upon their inability to weild the one power, then I'd go with Birgitte. If not, then sign me up for Lanfear.
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