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  1. Carlson

    Anyone else?

    Haha I like rats too I have two pets that make the babies I need for my snakes and for other people and some keep them as pets cuz I've got some cute ones haha. Both are blue dumbo eared rats. And then there's the animal that takes as much of my attention as she can my lil seven year old pit bull
  2. Carlson

    Anyone else?

    I love rainbow boas their colors are the best. An ya big snakes can get expensive what I'm finding spendy is the cage. I'm in the middle of building my 6.5 foot carpet a wooden cage and it's become a pain.
  3. Carlson

    Anyone else?

    First is my new carpet python unnamed still. And the second is my ball python Saliva. I thought I added that part but it's not showing up
  4. Carlson

    Anyone else?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else has snakes or likes them? I just picked up a new one the other day and I'm excited about it still so I've been bragging haha, so I was just wondering if anyone else out here likes them too.( not sure if this is in the right spot or not trying to get to know people on here though so I took a guess.
  5. Hey everyone I've been reading the WoT books for well seems like forever now but probably was ten years ago I picked up EoTW an read through the books it seems like once a year since but I've never posted here. Found this forum on accident well more like the new tapatalk app on my phone thought I would like it here :) it knows me so well haha anyways I ramble on and on I'm sorry this started out as me wanting to say hello to everyone. So Hello everyone I look forward to meeting future friends. Hmm it seems like I forgot things lets see I'm a 23 year old guy from Minnesota and as of right
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