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  1. Amen. I bought it and finished it in two days. When I put it down I just said "Wow."
  2. Hmm, I know a good author. He is a bit different from these other great titles. Ever heard of Terry Pratchett? He is fantasy/satire, and he is totally hilarious. Try the books Night Watch or Thud first; you won't be able to put them down.
  3. Oh, one more thing. Do you believe in universal truth? I don't think you would, because if you believe that all actions are equal because of the expiriences attached, than there would be no place for right and wrong. C. S. Lewis gives an amazing argument in Mere Christianity, (which is not about how to be a Christian. It is so logical it makes my head spin) for universal truth. I don't remember what is is, but I will go and get my copy and relate it to you. Oh, and also, did you see the post with my novel? Take a look and tell me what you think. It is intellectually challenging to debate w
  4. Are you saying that God created himself, but that he already existed before? I have a question. How do you relate to this God of platonic love? He lover you and everyone the way you or I might love a dog? Do you consider it your duty to expirience as much as possable? If God created the universe, then why do you even need the big bang? I have heard that the universe is expanding, but I have not recieved any solid evidence for this claim. Now, this God debris, So all matter just form similar to the way the theory of evolution is supposed to work? This just clumped into more and more complicat
  5. Well, I have taken this off because I am now paranoid about people stealing my work. Too bad. Is there a place that I can put this without undue risk?
  6. That is an interesting idea Jack. That God is everything. What do you call someone who believes what you do? Is it new age or something? So in the begining, God created himself, and now he is just recording every expirience that happens to anyone? I am a Christian and I have a relationship with God. Please don't start shouting "Bigot!" I believe that in the begining God was there, and there was nothing else except God the Trinity. I admit that I do not understand the concept of "Three in one". What do you mean by platonic? I do not know that term. You say that God created himself, but that d
  7. It's been a while since I came by here, but there is some interesting things that turned up. Werthead, you say that she is "attempting to give the ludicrous right-wing American belief" some credit. Are you saying that is good or bad? It sounds like you are dismissing this view out of hand. Details gave a good assesment. I agree that a human being is more than a worthless cog, but Goodkind seems to over do it when he has Richard slash through hundreds of people in pursuit of his own goals. There must be a better reaction than turning into a whirlwind of slaughter.
  8. Luckers, I must say, has a very logical and straight- forward way of adressing things. I have read several books that have iron as a force that inhibits or destroys magic. The Once and Future King is notable. In many lesser fantasies I have seen the same thing. I do not, however, have much expirience with primary sources in this area, so If Luckers could give some references, I would much appreciate it. :)
  9. I quite agree. That is one of my favorate Lawhead series. By the way, have any of you guys read the new raven king one?
  10. would you mind expounding Werthead? I only made this thread so I could read other peoples opinions after all. What is interesting about the idea of faith being a reason to stop acting sensably? or that there is no God? How many of you think there is a God? Why or why not? Does Anne Ryne's philosophy have value?
  11. Lets dicuss the very strange philosophy in Sot. It seems to be a very confused mixture of religions and contains a small bit of truth that has been so twisted that I can hardly understand the worldveiw. A world veiw is two questions: what is the nature of God, and what is the nature of man. there is more to it of course, but that is the core. So, any thoughts on this matter? :?:
  12. I also started Redwall when I was about nine. I loved them. From then on I read every single book, though it was a bit hard for me to get ahold them at that time. (I had to borrow them from a neighbor). Even now I still love them because they are so wholesome. I don't re-read them as much anymore however. I still read each one when it comes out though. But you guys are right; the story is much the same in each book. The redwallers solve a mystery while the only warrior around goes on an epic quest. Gets a bit boring after the sixth or seventh time
  13. I have read all the Song of Ice and Fire books and I don't like them. Don't get me wrong, they are riviting and well written, but the are just plain depressing to me. Almost like reading Steven King in some ways. The same atomsophere of death and destruction. No hope. I would not really recomend reading them unless you are prepared to be shocked and depressed for days. But that's just me. I am off subject though. Terty Brooks, I put no. He isn't bad, but he isn't good either, and his charicters are shallow.
  14. Hmm guess I just missed all of those when I read it Kniufe of dream the first and second time. Maybe I'll do some research the next time I have a question.
  15. Am I the only one here who has heard of Stevan R. Lawhead? He is a moderate to skilled writer. My favorates are a stand-alone titled "Byzantium" and also the Pendragon series. C.S Lewis is my all time favorate however. His "Till we have faces" and Space Trilogy are amazing. Not to mention "Mere Christianity".
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