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  1. I would personally like to have a little more background on Tam and his experiences in the Aiel war
  2. I recently read a short story by Robert Heinlein called All you zombies. A couple of pages into the story was a reference to an insignia of a snake biting its own tail. I was just wondering if RJ was influenced somehow by this story or if it had a more significant meaning.
  3. 38. when you are on constant alert for something bad to happen when you are at the black-jack table.
  4. I like the head and shoulders piece up top:)
  5. Just got this last week. Am going to get it shaded from grey to black when i have the money.
  6. I have been reading the forums for quite some time now. The thread about a largely overlooked "thing" . Now that the series is done, have there been any big revelations on this matter yet?
  7. Hey guys and gals. I was just wondering who was inspired so much by the WoT that they got tatted up. I am currently wanting to get a slightly modified version of the wheel with a snake biting its own tail behind it:) just curious..
  8. As stated, what happened to him and his menagerie? I personally enjoyed all the scenes that he was in, but its been so long since i have read those books i cant seem to remember...
  9. So i was on a World Of Warcraft forum and someone had started a forum inquiring about how years had taken place since TEoTW. For wahtever reason i guess i had never thought about that before. Anyone have a good theory on this? Some people were saying 3 years..others 10..Was merely curious:) Thx for any replies
  10. Woo Hoo...Birmingham. Gives me an excuse to swing by and see my parents..Ha
  11. The chapter in ToM "The one left behind". That whole chapter was very epic for me.
  12. Hello there, I am current in the series, however, all the names and places, dates, plotlines, etc. are a lot to keep up with. While I am very excited to read the last book in January, I am a bit worried that I would have forgotten a lot of information. Just to kill time at work i have been listening to the audiobooks but havent had a chance to actually start an official re-read. Is there a good starting spot without missing certain key plotlines and influential characters? Thx for any advise:)
  13. i LOVE the idea of Rand and Nyn.......its dirty somehow though:)
  14. or maybe you could at least have listened to the audiobooks before commenting. if you had listened to any of them you would figure out pretty quickly that sex doesn't matter. either you are a troll or just really bad with sarcasm
  15. Hello guys and gals, I was just curious about the readers of the audiobooks(kramer and reading). Does anyone if they were designated certain parts of the book and others not? I have listened to a few audiobooks and this seems to be the first time where two readers seemingly swap out duties from chapter to chapter. The first example of multiple readers of an Abook that comes to mind is "Hearts in Atlantis" by stephen King( the readers being stephen king and william hurt), but there they just split the book in two parts, Hurt reading one and King the other. anyways, was just bored and curious, Thx
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