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  1. I agree with Mr Ares and Yosarian's points. Elric you're overestimating the Aiel. Circles are an advantage yes, but the one advantage doesn't counteract the other several advantages the Seanchan have.
  2. Elaida is more arrogant. And perhaps a bit crazy besides... I actually appreciated Elaida, I would have liked her if she was slightly shrewder, and I absolutely adore Tuon (her handmaiden too). Yet I'm not particularly fond of Egwene. She's just about the only pov that fails to capture my interest. Perhaps because her development and rise was delayed compared to the mains, but something about her just feels off. Considering her prominence near the end and the her unlikely climb, I wish RJ had set her up as a ta'veren and even a third part to the Rand/Ish struggle from the very start. What makes me dislike the male characters, aside from the whining (though in Rand's case it's somewhat acceptable), is how unambitious they are. Perrin and Rand most of all. Except for the Forsaken (and evil greedy nobles), Logain and Mat are notable in being driven or having interest in anything outside of survival/fulfilling destiny/mundane labor. I mean I get it, but it does make them somewhat dreary. Ambition is a great attribute in fictional characters. This.
  3. I really dislike her character, she's a Mary Sue and worse an arrogant Mary Sue. It makes certain parts of the book extremely difficult to read because you know Egwene won't get checked on her arrogance. Most other arrogant characters had some one to check them at some point(Rand has Cadsuane, Elayne has Aviendha) but Egwene doesn't have this and her character really needs it. Her and Gawyn are the only two characters I've come to dislike, but at least Egwene has (very rare) moments where she can be cool, there is nothing redeemable about Gawyn though...
  4. It was said in the vision that Tuon died, I'd assume that whoever became empress after that wouldn't really care who Mat was if Tuon is dead. And that's assuming he didn't just die fighting the last battle, along with Tuon. Yeah, but it's all of them. That means all of them are dead. You'd think some of Rand's friends might have something to do with his kids - especially if he's gone. Elayne wasn't there, their children were. Nynaeve, who's going with him to SG, not there. Perrin, his lifelong friend and Bannerman, not there. Rhuarc, not there. Not one of them is there. Just doesn't seem right to me. Yeah, I'm wondering about this also. I'm guessing something major must have happened for them to all just dissapear like this.
  5. It was said in the vision that Tuon died, I'd assume that whoever became empress after that wouldn't really care who Mat was if Tuon is dead. And that's assuming he didn't just die fighting the last battle, along with Tuon.
  6. Okay so no response then? I said nothing wrong? Good to know thanks chief. So far in this thread all you've done is called those criticizing BS "babies" and said that RJ is dead therefore the criticisms being made are dumb. How does this defend BS's work so far with the series? You disagree that he's done a bad job, that's perfectly fine. Just back it up with something other then name calling or by dismissing those criticisms because the original author is deceased. Neither of those things furthered your point and trolling Fish about his grammar (when that doesn't have anything to do with Brandon's work on WOT) is seriously...childish.
  7. I'm thinking Cyndane. She couldn't overpower rand without the help of the angreal in FOH and now she's weaker than she was before. This would fit in with her being disgusted at having to use Slayer, because she realizes she's not strong enough to face Rand herself.
  8. Mat and Tuon Side note- hasn't this thread been made before?
  9. If you can't see this from Mat's perspective take a minute to put yourself in Tylin's shoes. You have someone at knife point that you're leading toward your bedroom and more to the point your bed.They say "what are you doing?" and you don't answer. You know they can't attack you because you're a king/queen. In addition to that you could kill that person and it would be justified until proven otherwise (but since you're a king/queen who's going to question you). What would you call what you just did to that person? So because Mat didn't breakdown crying he can't be upset about what happened? Absence of tears doesn't equal absence of emotion, anger, sadness, or pain.
  10. no idea. if i had to guess it would probably be queen whatsername [tylin?] raping him every few hours and him still liking her. Doesn't sound very happy to me, then there's.... Still isn't enjoying himself... He still didn't want anything to do with her....and then in Winters Heart Seems like Stockholm's to me, he's put in a situation where he can't do what he wants and is basically being held in Ebou Dar. As time goes by he starts to identify with Tylin and acccept this relationship as part of his life, and manages to suprise himself saying he'll miss her because he knows there's no rational reason for feeling that.
  11. He only needs to convince Rand and that could have been as easy as "Trust me". Lol that's true
  12. This, I agree with. I also think Tuon's will to fight Rand's Ta'veren effects stemmed from her version of the prophecy. Also, I do not think one prophecy will be fulfilled and the other will be deemed false. Instead, since both Rand and Fortuona seem to believe they are correct, a compromise will occur that satisfies both prophecies. Something like Rand kneeling to Mat, but I hope it's not that simple. Avi's future shows stuff gets pretty disastrous if Rand bows, (presumably instead of kneeling) so I really hope that's not what they come up with. The best I can do, is that they both kneel to each other (hence equals), but even then I struggle because I don't see why the Seanchan should be seen as more important that say, Andor, in the same way that I don't think Tear should be considered more important than Mayene (sp?) just because they have more power (admittedly a lot more power), but then that's why I'm not a politician. The problem with Avi's future wasn't that rand bowed but that the aiel had no part in the dragons peace. I might be misunderstanding you but it's not the continent itself that the seanchan see as important as the dragon, it's the empress. The seanchan feel that the empress isn't really a person but more of a symbol, there's a Tuon pov where she more or less thinks this. So while people in andor still view the queen as a person the people of seanchan view the empress as something more.
  13. I'm interested in seeing how Rand, nynaeve and Egwene took the news of Mat's marriage and I'm also interested in seeing how he convinced them to let him go alone.
  14. What i don't get is why people whine that he isn't so properly traumatized by and hateful of the experience as they would like him to be. Different people react differently to different situations. That particular situation was annoying, but not a big deal, for Mat. That's all. The WoT is a book about some various people dealing with a trying moment in their fictional world's history, not a manual on dealing with sexual aggression. Not everybody is going to respond the way you think they ought. It makes for lousy reading when every character's response to every stimuli is the predictable formulaic stock attitude. Lousy and unbelievable. That and, seriously, in a situation such as Mat's, it's really usually not as horrid an experience for men as for women. What would be unbelievable about it being traumatic? I'm not saying that everyone responds to everything in the the same way, if Mat's over it that's all good, but it's "lousy and unbelievable" that Mat would look back on it and think hey that time I spent with Tylin was fun.
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