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  1. I'm not as eloquent or verbose as the above, but I'd like to add in something that I have felt for sometime. I feel as if, after this wonderful journey I've been on, that we've been on, Mr. Jordan's final gift to me was Brandon Sanderson... and while I will never again (after AMOL) have the true pleasure of reading Robert Jordan's work, he and his lovely wife have made sure I will likely never lack for stories that are powerful, moving, woundrously inventive and delightfully entertaining. Thank you for everything, Robert, the last as much as the first. Rest in Peace.
  2. I don't think you can really put Ta'veren into the discussion, much less one that has had the memories of a thousand lifetimes given to him by an outside source. Having the universe bend itself around you isn't the result of being a great warrior, its the result of being born lucky. Assuming you're talking about the 'here and now', I think you would have to say Galad and Lan are at the top of the list which should probably include Couladin, Rhuarc and Gawyn as well, but I suppose it depends on how you define a 'warrior'... being a legendary general with a brilliant tactical mind might make you a great warrior, even if age has stolen from you the ability to dominate on the front lines.
  3. I know that locations matter little with the ability to Travel, but it seems pretty clear that she's going to have a pretty big part to play in the end of all things, and I can't even find where we've seen her last... Am I also alone in thnking that with the Last Battle literally looming, the most powerful single weapon the Light-side has (apart from Rand) should be... somewhere doing... something?
  4. The tricky thing for me is this: In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself. It seems as if the first three are pretty clear - One-Eyed Fool is Matt, First Among Vermin who breaks the seals and frees the Dark One is Rand and the Fallen Blacksmith is Perrin. All three are called out seperately and THEN we have the addition of the Broken Wolf which suggests he is a seperate individual from the other three. Unless, the wording 'the one whom Death has known' is intended to specify which of the three already mentioned the Broken Wolf is... if that is the case then I think its a no-brainer that it would be Rand.
  5. I think he will qualify to be one, and that he and Nynaeve will have their bittersweet reunion after he has been called by the Horn.
  6. I don't think we'll see it - I'd like to - but I do think we'll have it implied to have happened more than once.
  7. ...I've seen many thoughts as to what the Blank may be and the 'lesser consensus' seems to be a City, but with the epilogue at the end of ToM and the teaser from the prologue about to be released, I'm wondering if the word we're looking for is 'Clan'... I seem to remember an allusion to people who filed their teeth to points long before the end of ToM, but I can't remember where, perhaps it was in the companion that got published years ago, or perhaps I'm just channelling the Imortals from 300. Has there been any specific citing of who these 'red-veiled' people are that would exclude them from being a clan either corrupted or made up of those who ventured into the Dark One's domain?
  8. LOL Yeah, just been a huge fan of Moiraine since day one and wanted to homage her a little with AMoL coming out soon... Thanks for the warm welcome - I'm already flexing my wings a bit and this thread is giving me a pretty good idea what to expect. :-P
  9. Egwene ain't dieing. I'd think Perrin more likely than her (and I don't think he's likely to die at all).
  10. I still maintain that Tainmandred was true but too many people figured it out too early... WAY too many 'coincidences' for it to have been a red herring.
  11. This is the actual story that's being referenced in Wilson's own words: 'It was late Saturday evening and [Robert Jordan and I] were talking about this and that, whatever he wanted to. He stopped short, got very serious and quiet. He leaned toward me and whispered these words that will be forever are etched in my mind, “There’s a (Blank) in the Blight.” His revelation took me completely by surprise so I asked, “There’s a what in the Blight?” He repeated, “There’s a (Blank) in the Blight and no one knows about it, not even Harriet.” He then explained the (Blank) in extreme detail and the significance it would play in things yet to come. For the next two hours the book flew off his tongue at a staggering pace. Wow! I’ve spent countless hours with [him]. None were better than that magical night.' So... A Dragon? No, its been established that there are no 'real' dragons. A Stedding? No surprise to anyone and hardly worthy of comment. A Sa'angreal/ter'angreal? Possibly... there has been hints that another big one exists and is unaccounted for. A tower? I suppose... it could be Sanderson's sense of humor to have the clue actually be IN the title Towers of Midnight... but its hardly dramatic enough to warrant exclamation or discretion. A city? This seems to be the most popular theory and the most likely. Perhaps the Makier capital, Lan's home city? Whatever it is, it can't be just a 'thing', it would have to be something that the author might go on 'in great detail' about, something who's full significance might not be immediately obvious. Of all the possibilities I've read suggested, a city seems to be the only one that could fit. Moreover, when Jordan said 'no one knows about it, not even Harriet', he's clearly talking about people here in this world, not people in Randland - a character, or characters, might be well aware of it. Side note: It seems pretty likely that the unimaginable numbers of trollocs have been bred on other words and brought into the blight through the portal stones for the last battle, this one place where the tipping point of reality at the one time when the Shadow makes its bid towards oblivion.
  12. But if that's the case, why is Moraine even there, in terms of power, she's a joke now. Wouldnt they need every bit of power they can summon? But we've seen that you can drawn thru multple Angreal's/San'Angreals at the same time. (TSR, Rand does it). So if that's why they're using Moraine, because she can still use her super Angreal, then why would Ny give her's up? I forsee a super lame reason coming about. (Just my opinion).I mean who wouldn't need a Terangreal that protects you from channeling? Why would you give that up? Honestly, I think Rand provides access to Callandor, Nynaeve the link and Moirane offers the knowledge to control. She's proven very, very often to have learned a great deal in her travels outside the tower that is unknown to most Aes Sedai and she could have learned more while trapped with the 'finns. Yea but at her current power level, it would make much much much more sense to pass the knowledge on and use a super powered being. Assuming it is the kind of knowledge that can be passed on quickly. If it is something complex, she might not have time or an apt student. Besides, the combination of Rand, Nynaeve, and Callandor means that she doesn't necessarily need to add to the total amount of Power available to be useful. That's a whole bunch of saidin and saidar right there already, especially assuming that Callandor amplifies both. (I can't remember if we got that confirmed in the fight at Shadar Logoth or not, but I think we did.) Anyway, I doubt that it is the amount of Power that will prove decisive in the battle with the Dark One. My thought is akin to what we saw from Egwene in 'Font of Power'... someone with a vey limited ability to channel but both vast and specific knowledge drawing upon the power of others.
  13. This hasn't been done before, has it?
  14. Per BS a significant portion of AMoL is battles... It strikes me yet again what unfortunate initials those are for someone whom we all look to for hints and clues...
  15. Honestly I think that the 'Sword of Peace' is a figurative thing, literally meaning the discovery that they were and were always meant to be a peaceful people, that the realization of such a fundamental truth would cut them figuratively like a sword would literally and 'slay them' as a people by robbing them of their cultural identity. I personally believe that Perrin's purpose in this book will largely manifest itself as handling the dream world side of the battle. Now whether that's just a means of protecting Rand's flank or if it in turn offers a way to outflank the DO who knows, but I don't think he's going to have any direct involvement with the discovery of the Song or anything like that. Of course, my opinions are no better than anyone else's - and more often than not, end up being worse.
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