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  1. Ok. Just finished. And...some awesome, some so-so. But it was An ending. Many many years tied up in this. The only time I got emotional was when Tam was lighting the pyre. "You did well. My boy...you did so well". Being a father of a son almost Rand's age, that scene made me feel it. Other than that, I didn't get much emotional impact from the other deaths. I feel I should have been given that as a reader. Meh, maybe it's just me. Perrin was the best written character IMO. There were a few jarring moments in the writing and pacing, but it had to all be done in one last volume, so what's a writer with a career of his own to do...? Only other thing that got me going was Lan vs Demandred. "Flash Of The Blade" by Iron Maiden kept playing in my head during that scene... Now the wait and speculation for the Encyclopedia!!
  2. Wow. @all of the above. I seem to remember a lot of Jordan bashing way back when (Crossroads of Twilight, anyone). If Sanderson stopped to listen to every criticism and re-write all the time, I'd expect us to be getting TGS in January, not the final book. When I first read The Gathering Storm, my first reaction was "finally, some action". Sure, there were errors. There is a lot of info in the WoT. I'm surprised there weren't more. But I guess I'm just a bit more fatalistic about it than others. This is what we got, and all we will get. The Creator is dead. Long live the Creator. The Ending please.
  3. There must be a way to figure out the "key". I doubt Moridin found a dream spike he had known in the AoL, so he knew how to figure it out. This double-bond is most likely how the two will work out the problem, 4 eyes looking at it so to speak, with both halves of the power. There will most likely be other advantages, and probably some disadvantages. I've wondered ever since the first AM/AS bond why they didn't do this, and what would happen if they did. I think this is the foundation that future male/female channelers will build on. It's the only way the women will truly trust the men. And vise versa. It would be nice if the wheel turned to the point that all men weren't wool-headeded lummoxes...
  4. This is something that has bothered me about him being Roedran. Even if he had Joseph Goebbels working for him, how would he convince human armies to fight humans once they arrive and see what's really happening?
  5. I hope we see something regarding it. Even just a "He screamed. Out of the shadows, seemingly from nowhere, thirteen myrdral appeared and stood infront of the thirteen ashaman. The men in black coats began to channel". End of chapter. Just a glimpse, that's all we need.
  6. Wouldn't it be interesting if the True Power had no effect on Fain? Imagine Rand and Moridin web slinging at each other, and Fain just steps in and slits Moridin's throat with no effort, saying "Al'Thor is MINE!". Or something like that.
  7. As Kamin said above, I think channeling will fade by the end of the next age. The empire will cull the ability out for an age or two, until the recessive gene kicks back in when needed again.
  8. I don't think Taim needed to be 13x13'd. He doesn't seem like the type that needed much persuasion to turn to the dark all on his own. Promises of power, the lure of "the dark side", his personality type, all made him ripe for the plucking. I'm sure he is a baddy by choice.
  9. I think that if he gets out all the way so that a manifestation is possible, it would be game over. They have to stop him BEFORE he gets out.
  10. Thats the easiest explanation. Wasn't this originally supposed to be a trilogy? Its a bit more difficult to stuff 2000+ characters into a trilogy than into 14 books... That, or Taim had not proclaimed himself at that point. He may have been causing the trouble "up north", but not have claimed to be the dragon reborn at that point. The reds were still working on him...
  11. Yay!! Goodkind bashing!! Haven't seen that in a while. Legitimate speculation: Terry Goodkind will never write a novel worth reading.
  12. Absolutely. And there's many things RJ did as a writer that I didn't necessarily like. Six pages describing a wagon train? Really? Two and a half books rescuing a person no one really likes anyway (you know who I mean)? But in the big picture, I LOVE this series. The immersion, the history planned out, no signs of "retconning" to fit things introduced in book one. Brandon had a lot to fill in, and scant (sometimes) direction to follow. So trying to tie this all together AND sound well written, when it's not even your baby to begin with... My hat is off to Brandon for taking up the baton and running it to the finish line.
  13. I suppose I didn't flesh out the second paragraph of my post above properly. I just slapped some words down. Do I wish RJ had finished the whole series? Who doesn't? Fact is, if Harriet hadn't liked Brandon right off the bat, she may well have hesitated and decided to scuttle the whole thing. My point, though, was that Brandon appears to have gotten better book to book. I hope it holds with the last one. It's certainly better than I could have done. I imagine it's very hard to write in someone else's sandbox and have it sound authentic. As much debate that I see here on who wrote what part, I'd say he's done as well as anyone could expect. It's certainly all we're going to get. Ending please.
  14. I'm hoping for a great book, in terms of literature. Brandon has certainly grown as a writer through out this process, and i think he can pull it off. But in all reality, and I expect others might feel the same, all I care about at this point is "I'd like to see the ending, please". I'd take the cliff notes version at this point...
  15. Well, whatever means were used, they have clearly been circumvented. With the succession war, Rand being crazy until recently, and a feeling that the city is now secure, no one had probably even thought about the waygate in some time. The problem I have with it is the logistical problem of moving so many troops through such a small opening, and the amount of time it would take, that no one noticed trollocks in the city until its too late. Even once the invasion started, it would seem very easy to shut it down quickly. Provided anyone at all was paying attention.
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