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  1. I have just completed the re-reading of The Eye of the World, taking notes, writing short summaries for each chapter, then a wider one for the entire book, trying to elaborate on the main characters, and so on. It took three weeks. Let's dream, for a moment, to be the director of the TV series... I would dedicate FOUR EPISODES to the first book: - Episode 1 - Emond's Field (from the very beginning to the leaving); - Episode 2 - Shadar Logoth (focusing on their stay in the cursed city but just a fast bit of Baerlon to show Whitecloaks, Fain , and Min); - Episode 3 - Caemlyn (cutting a lot of Rand's and Mat's, showing in the first half Elyas and the Traveling People and the attack of the Myrddraal at Whitebridge - sorry Bayle Domon to let you out - and in the second half the display of caged Logain at Caemlyn and the meeting between Rand, Elayne-Gawyn-Galad, and with Morgase-Byrne-Elaida); - Episode 4 - The Eye of the World (a few minutes in the Ways, a few more in Fal Dara, then the climaxing showdown from the Green Man to Aginor-Balthamel, and the final sentence by Moiraine back in Fal Dara to close it). Episode 3 could be splitted in two parts, but I would not use more than 4 episodes for the first book. I guess the screenwriters know that, if the series will be renewed (fingers crossed), they could just spend a couple of episodes for Books 8-11 and save money and general attention for Books 1-6 (7) and 12-14.
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