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  1. OK, these are good points. And they will play a major role in The Last Battle. Moiraine, Suan, Cadsuane, Egwene, Nyneave, Elayne - these are all AS that have or will play a major role. But they are only a part of all the ASs. What i don't understand and probably was a part of another discussion here (sorry, too lazy to search it now) is why they havn't tried to get closer to the people. Like having a very active presence of Green and Yellow Sisters in the Borderlands fighting off Shadowspawn. Yellow sisters should be all over Randland. OK, they could gather once or twice a year to exchange knowledge, but during the rest of the time they should be helping people. Will anyone care about the Three Oaths if they saw how an AS saved a fellow villager from a lethal decease? P.S. I'm sorry guys, I'm really tired and have difficulty forming my toughts in English. Hope you get the main idea and don't mind the writing
  2. Just on a side note - not all christian denominations regognise the seven deadly sins. For example there's no such thing in Orthodox. Back to topic - i don't think anything else escaped through the bore. Shadar Logoth, Machin Shin are in a way product of Shaitan - Shadar Logoth was trying to fight the shadow and in doing so they got corrupted. Machin Shin is a result of the tainted saidin, tainted bi the shadow.
  3. Uhm, guys, am I the only one who is bothered that there is a discussion about how good and positive slavery can be? And I don't think it's wrong only from modern day perspective. I'll agree treatment of commoners in some states in Randland is wrong and I generally don't like the idea that someone should be in charge of a country because his/her parents were. But Rand is trying to change that. So from his perspective it's also wrong. How do you feel TR folk would react if someone told them they can be sold as animals and they can be proud of it, because they know their place in society. No, slavery is universally wrong. The fact that you have to become a slave to progress is not a positive, but quite a negative part of Seanchan's ways. Wasn't that trauma addressed when Mesaana colared Egwene
  4. But Egwene passed that test - she was colared again and remained calm enough to free herself.
  5. Brandon Sanderson should write all there is to finish the story properly without counting words or pages. Then TOR checks whether the story will fit in one book or not. If they need two, they should publish them as AMOL vol1 and AMOL vol2 issued together.
  6. Where do we get to see Olver's POV? I can't rememeber and that creepiness thing got me curious. About the Prologue - I'd really like to read Loial's speech.
  7. Gitara sent Rand's mother in the Aiel's desert. She knew what she was doing. I'd like to meet her some day.
  8. For me, VOG is the most important part of the whole story. Let the dragon ride again on the winds of time!
  9. Hm, books 8-11 were less fun to read, but the rest are brilliant. AMOL will be absolutely stunning
  10. First, apologies if this has already been discussed, tried the search function of the forum with no result. When browsing the pages trying to find info for another thread I came across Rand's thoughts as he was leaving Emond's Field. He thought to himself that no matter how long the journey is and no matter how far it will take him he will come back. I'm wondering if we are going to see him go back home. I can't think of any reason for him to go there now, but may be in the epilogue of AMOL?
  11. I think he new at least something about their reputation.Rand knows about it in Baerlon. And Perrin felt a bad smell coming from them. He also definitely knew these were WC in the forest.
  12. When Nynaeve left the Two Rivers she was about 25 and had been a Wisdom of the village for some years. Hardly a child or a teenager. I like your other arc summaries.
  13. You sound like they asked him politely to come out and have a cup of tea. Instead they threatened to kill him if he doesn't surrender. They did provoke him. The moment they made that threat Perrin could attack in self defence as there was an immediate danger to his life.
  14. I don't have the books in English, so can't give you an exact quote, but it is clearly stated that "all thoughts has left him" (translation back to English) and that Perrin was in pain. It is clearly written that he wasn't sane at that moment. Temporary insanity. This is if we accept the WC as a legitimate police force, which has the authority to arrest people in Andor. If not then Perrin had all the right to attack them as they threatened to kill him if he doesn't surrender.
  15. But now Rand has memories and experience from when he grew up and his social setting both in AOL and present time. He grew up more than 3000 years ago and he remembers that experience. Then he grew up again in modern times. But he has memories of both, he remembers the social settings of both, he has the experience of both men. Iliyena is as much part of his world as Min. For Rand Sedai Lanfear is Mierin. Rand would not call her that only because he knows that was her name. He calls her that, because for him she is Mierin. Sharing the same memories+sharing the same soul should mean that The Dragon and The Dragon are one person. Examples with amnesia from other members are quite on the point. No, LTT grew up 3000 years ago. Rand al'Thor grew up currently. Amnesiacs don't die and then get reborn 3000 years later as a different person. Yes, Rand has LTT's memories. He has knowledge and feelings from having those memories in his head. But they are LTT's memories, not Rand's. Because Rand was born millenia later. If it turns out that my soul was reincarnated and I suddenly start having the memories of an Eygtian pharoah, that doesn't make me King Tut. Even if I can now speak ancient Eygtian and know how to create mummies. If you have all the feelings and memories of King Tut that makes you King Tut. Of course you will have some new feelings and memories from modern times. But we all gain experience, new feelings and memories as we live. That doesn't mean we are a new person each day.
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