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  1. Good point. I'm willing to be a male character for the next round. Maybe it will be harder to guess who I am that way. Ar'tara
  2. Now I'm blushing. I'm only a scholar in training but thank you. I don't do a lot with adaptations but I have a colleague who is doing an entire project on adaptions of medieval stories in modern fantasy novels. I skimmed her list and here are the ones that jumped out at me: Beowulf and Gaiman's American Gods Robin Hood legends and Beagle's The Last Unicorn, Roberson's Lady of the Forest I haven't read any of Gaiman's stuff. Does anyone know if American Gods matches up with Beowulf? Ar'tara
  3. *sigh* It only took one guess! I need to get better at being sneaky. Ar'tara
  4. This has nothing to do with the last few posts, but I was intrigued by the original question. I'm working on my Ph.D. in 20th century American and British lit (it's fun, really) and it's really interesting how many authors have "updated" older works. For example, I just read Joyce's Ulysses which is his reinterpretation of The Odyssey. It's not trying to be The Odyssey 2.0 but at the same time the novel really only works if you're already familiar with the poem. Postmodern novels also do a lot of putting sections of older books into new contexts. I guess for me, the difference between a good update and a bad update is what the work is trying to accomplish. It is just updating for the sake of updating or is it trying to do something new with an old subject? If it's the second one, I'm usually for it. The first, I'll pass. I did, btw, buy my mother Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because she hated the original. Her take: "It was better. I don't know if it was good or not, but it was much more exciting." Ar'tara
  5. *A slender, dark-haired woman slips into the ball almost unnoticed. She surveys the guests carefully, plotting her next move* Ar'tara
  6. Lanfear? I'm behind on the books so I will just be guessing blindly. I may guess Lanfear for everyone until I get it right. Ar'tara
  7. *wanders in* Sorry I'm late....Do I see cookies? I do! *goes to eat cookies* Ar'tara
  8. Actually, I have. I was here before the Comm/RP split. For me at least, it's not an issue of feeling resctrited. The Wolfkin don't really have alot of rules and they're the same in both places. Call me crazy, but I like to have logistics figured out before I move. Simply saying "Do it" isn't very helpful. I'm not talking about having all of the kinks worked out. I'm talking about things like "What we will do when we get here?" "How will this all work?" "Is this what's best for my org?" Honestly, I like the idea of having more stuff here. One place to go for all my DM things? Great! But since I'm in a leadership role, I have to think about the concerns I mentioned above. And I'm a bit frustrated that we can't seem to get answers to those questions. They're being "discussed" or "considered" (I don't use those quotes saracstically, I just can't remember the word Kath used), but in the meantime we're being left out of the loop in decisions that do affect us. As I said, I know the final decision rests with Jason, but would it hurt to include us in the process? Right now I don't feel like that's happening. Really, this whole thing does not have to be nearly this difficult. And I'm still not entirly sure how it got here. I have some ideas, but tossing accusations around won't really help with the problem. Can we stop threatning to ban/fire people and focus on making this work? We, as a DM community, have an problem and just being insistant about isn't going to solve it. Ar'tara Wolfkin Council
  9. Well, that's what I've been trying to do. However, when the Org Leaders asked me what would happen if they refused to move their Orgs, I was honest with them. Jason has asked us to move everything related to DM onto DM. Otherwise, it will not be considered part of DM anymore. You've got time to decide what you want to do. I've tried to be as nice as I possibly can be about this, but those are the facts of the situation. I'd really rather not have to replace anyone or restart any Orgs, but if that's the decision that's made, I'll accept it. I'm going to be honest. I am rather upset about the way this whole thing has been handled. There were numerous other ways to do this that would not have ruffled feathers. That said, you can only deal with the situation in front of you. Moving in RL or in OL is always difficult. While I've heard that the move would be done gradually and with feeback, I had also heard that this decision has already been made. Which did not strike me as incorporating feedback. Telling the org leaders they simply had to do this without any chance to at least check things out struck me as extremly unreasonable. I am very pleased to learn that the orgs will get to try things out first. As Corki noted, simply seeing these boards in action may alivate many concerns. Perhaps this is a new development. Perhaps it has always been part of the plan. But I am glad to hear it now. Would having everything in one place make my life easier? Probably. But I am against the move (as I currently understand it) for several reasons that all boil down to control. If these issues are resolved then I will be much more open to the idea. 1). Control of the subdomaines. This is not because of a need for power but a logicistical concern. Both Kath and Jason are busy and can not always attend to all requests for changes in mods, admins, powers, etc. One of the points of delegating authority is so that they can take care of such routine matters. If we're going to increase the number of boards here on DM, then there will also need to be an increase in the amount of authority that is delegated just to make sure everything runs smoothly. 2). I understand that this is Jason's site and he makes all of the final decisions. I'm sorry, Kath, but telling people that that they "MUST do something, OR ELSE!" is not the best way to convice people that you are going to let them run their orgs. Belive it or not, we are trying to work with you here. You're right, we can just leave if we're unhappy. But we haven't because we want to make this work. This isn't about egos or having our way. This is about trying to do our jobs so that this site this best it can be. I think if you address some of our concerns, you'll find that we're much easier to work with. Ar'tara Wolfkin Council
  10. Artara

    Theme Changing

    I agree with Daruya. Much better for my poor little eyes to read. Thank you! ;D Ar'tara Wolfkin Council
  11. Does anyone have an idea on when the mod powers will get straigtned out? I'm a former records manager and not being able to organize things is driving me crazy! Okay, crazier than normal. :P I know that you're all working hard and will get to them soon, but an time estimate would help my sanity a bit. :D Ar'tara Wolfkin Council
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