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  1. So those Windfinders and Kinswoman... did anyone else finish and go that was about 3 books worth of wasted space!
  2. Re Rand's letter and that DF Tear lords (Weiramon and Anaiyella). I'm sure I remember there was a line in AMOl where it says that Rand used Saidin to listen to their heart beats which is how he discovered them. As for Alanna, maybe Verin's letter were instructions on how to release the bond? It doesn't seem like this is known at all amoung Aes Sedais? On of the Ashaman does it and it surprises Pevara?
  3. Do we have much discussion in the seies about how the Seanchan damane feel about being collared initially? The reactions that we get are Randland characters that need to be broken, but there was a Sharan that was collared in AMOL and there was surprise that the Sharan didn't have to be broken. Obviously different cultures have different responses to channelling. Maybe the Senchan damanes with a different expectation of what it means to be able to channel have a different response to being collared?
  4. You could be right on the 150 miles vs 250. I may have been influenced by others' mis-posts. Regardless, still an illogical leap. Other than some of the details, the overall story is still quite good, and intriguing. From memory it said 50 leagues
  5. Isn't ISAM referred to as the man with 2 souls (in TOM I think)?
  6. Cadsuane seeing even Red sisters bonding warders finally decides that she wants a warder before the last battle... so she bonds Loial against his will!
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned earlier in the thread... but what about a conversion between Moiraine and Nyneave?
  8. Yep, started in July and finished Winter's Heart this morning. On track to finish by 1/8, but we'll see what happens! Found Wot late, so this is really my first reread. In my first read, I pretty much went through 1 - 13 (probably finished about 12 months ago).
  9. In my re-read, I have just finished LoC... I did think it interesting that Rand's escape from Elaida's AS and the Shaido was made possible by Taim. Taim arrived with the Asha'man just in the nick of time, despite having no real ability to find where Rand was being kept prisioner. In the epilogue, we then see Demandred appearing before the DO and essentially saying look at the choas I have caused. Now not to say that this proves Demandred = Taim (I'm sure we've moved past that), but could at least point to a connection between them.
  10. Moirane is surpised in one of the earlier books (I think TDR, re Mesema sprouting about Rand) about another false dragon when the pattern no longer has a need for one. Was this before or after we know about Taim?
  11. Didn't Brandan make some crypic comment about the time frame AMoL was going to cover? A future based epilogue would fit right into that!
  12. From memory Brandon has already said that book 14 is going to be a lot about Matt... it might have something to do with that? It would make sense for him to end up as the general in the battle and turning the tide as the first big act in the book. I'm not sure it could have happened earlier cos Elayne has still been in Camelyn up until recently? Now the people are leaderless and their only hope may be the black tower - I'm not sure how Elayne would have felt about that if she was still in the city!
  13. So how many people are trying to read what is going to happen in Brandon's quotes? My only question though, is seeing the world is supposed to end in December, can we get Tor to bump up the release by a month so we all get to read it?
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