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  1. are there any trolloc or myydraal cities in the deep blight? We have been told many times that there is huge amount of trollops and myydraal's, so where do they live and how could they survive in the hard conditions in the blight??
  2. Rand thought of slaying the Dark One would be the wrong choice, however if it had been the true choice, would he have been able to slay him? Or endless war of visions continued until one of them wins?
  3. In someway it was much better than TGS and TOM, in someway it was not. I did not like the involvement of the characters such as Moiraine, Nynaeve, Shaidar Haran, Padan Fain and Min. The book was consumed by Mat, Perrin, Elayne, Egwene and Rand. However, the ending was the right one and unforgettable. I think it was also the right time for the Wheel of Time to end and I always remember the series above anything else. Thank you, Brandon to finish it for us and Thank you, Harriet and Team Jordan to let him to finish it. After Robert Jordan has died, the only significant thing for me to know the plot, ending. Actually, I do not care about the writing too much, Brandon could have written it maybe better but he finished the most complex series, the fantasy world has ever seen, with a great success.
  4. I was not sad and happy at that moment, I became very silent and thoughtful about the ending. I am still very sad about Egwene and Gawyn even they were always very boring and irritating. I liked and satisfied with the ending, I thought it would end like "The Dark Tower"
  5. 1) Egwene's reaction to Gawyn's death and dies after that ( Neither I liked her nor disliked, but when I read the scene, something inside me was very sorry for her and Rand also felt the same way:( ) 2) Rhuarc's destiny was really horrific, he always may find shade and water and one of the most respected character through the series with Lan. 3) Rand disappearance in the night in the body of Moridin, two prophecies fulfilled, three women in a boat and standing on his own grave, without letting Min,Elayne and Aviendha know that he is alive. Love is not such a simple thing to let it go to easily like him. He wanted to beat the DO to love again and again. 4)Siuan and Bryne. I expected to them die but it was a very surprising to see them to die by Min's vision which we thought was avoided. 5) Rand's vision against the Dark One. Seeing Elayne knowing something is very wrong. 6) Not knowing the questions asked to Aelffin and requests to Eelfins by Moiraine and Lanfear ( I am not sure that these were not told, I read the book too fast maybe missed them) It is not saddest moment maybe:) but I really wished to know them, I thought Rand understood how to seal the bore in the last minute and second. 7) It was very easy for Rand to beat the Dark One like he is a fly:)
  6. I also see many exclusive first read comments in google and it seems that half of the fans have already read the book already!! I simply shut down internet itself to avoid it:)
  7. I don't know why, but I always think that I'll be getting the book on the 8th of January, I am not one of the dying people who want the book earlier:) I wouldn't mind to get it earlier but I don't get into hot water!! The method of Semirhage, "draining blood while the person lives then replacing blood with a liquid solution might be used if it's allowed:)
  8. I didn't write it for every specific person:) I say it again: "There might be some people and not for 'the majority' . Even, there is only one, just one person, that everything will be messed up.
  9. Are there any precautions which were taken by DM's to avoid early-release spoilers?? There are many people who have already read the book (or claimed to read) and one of them might easily write what is going to happen in the end or talk about major events which will be happening in AMOL such as Min's visions (example). Even, there is a small chance of this kind of person, many people do not want to take that chance while we're one step closer to the ending. I begin to be afraid of entering the site to see some spoilers about the book but I love and appreciate Dragonmount so this isn't a solution. (at least for me). I am writing this statement because I want to feel safe, surely not to offend anyone (Luckers and Terez, I know, two awesome,dedicated fan to series, even they are not under stricted contract, they won't write anything about it, please don't get offended). Thanks for your help and understanding Haplo
  10. chapter 55 should have been "what a dream' !! Well done, great job!!
  11. @Yoniy0 you said that 'The Bore has continuously grown since the day it was Drilled and until it was Sealed' . Are we sure of this thing or you assume? Has RJ or BS told this in an interview??
  12. But Brandon Sanderson said that the size of the bore remained in the same size (he was %95 sure)
  13. I don't think if the remaining seals are broken, the DO will break free. In the Shadow War, there were no seals to hold DO back but he could not be able to break free. So, it doesn't mean he will break free when the last seals are broken. However, his touch and control will be much stronger than before. We can safely assume that there will be some conditions to be met if he wants to be free. So, he wants Rand alive to gain his purposes during the course. Furthermore, Taim maybe gave Rand the seaL, because the DO thought the safest place for the seal is with Rand, while DO is getting ready for Tarmon Gaidon. When the time comes, he will be broken in either way. Rand breaks it or it will be broken because of weakness. Morevover; I do not think that Rand took the remaining seals with him in FOM, because everyone knows that the light siders gather in that place. In an attack he could lose one of the seals which causes him some significant problems such as losing control over DO before he is ready. (his touch over the world)
  14. I would rather find a stedding or go to Shayol Ghul to channel to die instantly without pain.
  15. Maybe Saidar got tainted at the end of the second age so the dragon was a female person:)
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