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  1. Thinking about the battles more... It is actually an act of world building. Instead of just the shadow has this army the light has this army they fight and end of story, we get numbers and how they act. We understand some of the driving forces in how the shadow fights. We learn how they learn and adapt. Its defiantly more action packed world building than what we are used to, but its a neat ploy that helps move the story and makes it feel epic.
  2. I thought the battles were great, I was worried it would be build up, then one massive battle that was the 109 page chapter, then epilogue. Its kept the true spirit of gore and fighting and how actually un-Honorable it has been so far.
  3. It is, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wishes...
  4. Mik, How about the shadow actually being competent? Preparing for rand at Tarwins gap was freaking awesome! Yea Mat was a disappointment, but how is someone who never actually experienced war, gonna write a warriors prospective? I've loved the book so far and it has kept me up way to late over the past few days. GJ team Jordan, you honestly have exceeded my expectations so far. I mean how many people thought it was gonna be one huge battle, 109 pages long and boom end of book? I did, but the constant fighting, the losses, the disappointments, its been amazing to read.
  5. I browsed all of the pre released material, and never noticed they fixed it in the book.
  6. They are not. There is at least one MAJOR issues resolved in the pre release vs the actual book.
  7. I am so far disappointed with the black towers, as of chapter 5. I mean come on the biggest gathering of men going to the shadow.... WTf... the only thing I can think of is a duapoly of being able to change things back due to the balance of the wheel. but still Logain captured, that is utter crap.
  8. What investments would you buy because of AMOL coming out? Me: Coffee and paper makers.
  9. Anyone catch the nod by BS to the fans about who Demanard isn't?
  10. I'm hoping...... News on Tor.com Early: Early Release of AMOL. Due to overwhelming demand, the book is now available for sale as of 11/23/12 In other news: Man is trampled in book store due to AMOL. author is attacked by rabid fans over 'mistakes' in final book. Magic appears to be real, quote 'OMG I discovered channeling'
  11. Mathew please enlighten??? Sid: I think you are right:( I mean how do you not noticed one of the rules of circles that is talked about all throughout the books??? It is even mentioned as a reason for the war of shadow, as the dark on touched the land, women became more jealous and thus started to refuse to circles as they would lose control of the flows.
  12. But that does beg the question, are they going to release pages for the next two weeks? are they going to slow the pace down? why start so early? and why the review so early posted on tor? they allready have a shoe in for a large selling..... I do hold onto false hope, as either someone at Tor is incredibly stupid, or they really are going to release early. mtc.
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