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  1. The death occurred when they went to kill Ravin and then Math and Avi both were killed by lightning, but Rand ended up balefiring them back to life.
  2. I don't know all the answers, but I might be able to help. I'm pretty sure that the epilogue was the scene Jordan wrote. I doubt he would have left that to Brandon. Edit: The epilogue was Jordan. Read this: http://brandonsanderson.com/blog/1136/Its-finally-out. Some people know about Rand, Nynaeve suspects, Cadsuane is sure, the trio knows ofcourse, he will have to come back someday. The thing is, Rand cannot channel anymore, so it's not like there's much he can do or be forced into. Channeling would just remind him of these very stressful days. I think that's why he's relieved. Anyway, back to the question, I'm pretty sure his friends/father will eventually find out, but Rand is probably going to try to lie low for a long time. Coming back now would just anger those around him because they were getting all sad over his loss. However if he comes back later, lets his friends figure out that it is him, and also does his best to stay out of the world's affairs, he's going to turn out OK. Rand has always had a very special relationship with T'A'R. He appears in T'A'R when he is doing important things in the real world. I think it is through this relationship of being somewhat invested in T'A'R, being a huge figure of the wheel, being the champion of the light, and having survived being outside the pattern and seeing essentially all of creation that Rand is able to control his surroundings by thought. He is unlikely to use this ability extensively though. Mostly for the gimmicks and things he likes to do.
  3. Sanderson admitted flat out that he botched Mat very badly in TGS and that got in to the books. Your are totally off her with the Harriet angle. Brandon had to create from scratch far more than anyone previously suspected and it isn't a if she is infallible. The scene between him and Rand was 100% cringe. That has no place in this series whatsoever. While you could tell the difference between the "two Mats," I think Brandon got him better than most people give him credit for. I remember first reading tGS and reading Mat's very first paragraph where he is talking to Talmanes about women, and I thought, "Huh, this seems a little different from the Mat I remember." But then I remembered that Mat just got married and is now a nobleman. The two things he promised never to do and never to be had suddenly occurred. In that light, this new Mat makes a lot more sense. He's somewhat lost his place in the world, but is trying to just ignore it. However, he can't. Tuon affected him more than he wanted her to, and it forced him to reevaluate his life, except Mat didn't want to reevaluate. He wanted to stay Mat the rogue (and we as the audience wanted him to stay Mat the rogue), but he had to become something more. Not only did he have to deal with the problems with the gholam, not only did he have to fight his way back to Andor, not only did he have to worry about saving Moraine, but he also had to reevaluate his very core. I don't know about everyone else on here, but when I'm dealing with personal problems (especially personal identity problems) it is very hard for me to act like myself or do anything that I normally do. Everything feels off. Now it could be that I'm just making hella excuses for Brandon, and maybe I am, but the way Mat was written made some sense to me. I, as the reader, still enjoyed reading Mat's story and point of view. While it wasn't perfect, it was fine to me. Back to this Mat though, in this book, I enjoyed the story. I didn't particularly like how he had to rely on Demandred dying to beat him. It makes it so Demandred is the better general. While I understand Demandred was supposed to be the best of the best in terms of general-ing, I would have liked to see Mat perform a little better before Demandred died.
  4. Mo's meeting with Rand seemed quite forced and not as emotional as I would have hoped... but she still did her thing.
  5. Right: Demandred in Shara 3 becoming one being the three powers with Rand/Nynaeve/Moraine/Moridin (edit: also got that callandor amplified the TP) I agreed with the body swap theory Those were my main three predictions that I had solid opinions on, so I'm happy I got those. That's not to say I wasn't surprised by anything... like Egwene. Oh, poor Egwene.
  6. From the last couple books, at least to my memory, Rand thinks that they will ask him, but Elayne and Min (or maybe just one of them... I can't remember) think that he must ask them. It is a bit of a pickle....
  7. I think Rand, Mat and Perrin will all be heroes of the horn. I mean, Rand is LTT reborn, Mat has the military prowess of Hawkwing and other great generals, and Perrin... well if he was left out that would be no fair Yeah, and Rand channels awesome and is going to fight the DO. And Mat has his luck that he relies on and uses in cool ways. And Perrin... uh... shuns his ability to talk to wolves.... That's hero worthy right? Jk, jk. But honestly. Perrin needs to do something awesome in the last book. Like bash somebodies head in with the hammer and then rip the throats of darkhounds out with his teeth.
  8. Yes, but it is generally believed that this was before RJ had a really clear idea of what he wanted Traveling to be (as in later he realized that he wanted to be able to have armies travel also with the help of channelers). As such, in the prologue and in the end of tEoTW we see Lews Therin and Rand Travel without opening gateways.
  9. Egwene, really? Not that you like her, but for that reason? She never appeared to me in that light. If there's anyone who fits that bill it's Nynaeve I would say. RJ must have thrown himself away with laughter with every POV he wrote for her in between TDR and TPOD, she's like the queen of hypocrisy in those books. If blindness to one's own faults makes one human there's no topping her. That was unbelievably over the top for me. She would directly contradict what she just said. Also I have some small disconnects with Nynaeve in other areas, like I don't really like healing people, nor do I think it's overly important. It's impressive, but that's not something that naturally interests me in any way. Egwene and Gawyn get shaped by what's around them constantly. They are forced to make incredibly difficult decisions. It's really easy as the reader to take the information we have and then get very frustrated that Gawyn and Egwene make uninformed decisions. And when a character makes a decision people don't like, they immediately dislike the character. That's really what I mean by them being very human. They make the wrong decision for decent reasons. Maybe not good reasons, but not bad ones either. They act on the information they have, and generally stick to those decisions. Personally I connect with that. If you want me to go more in depth on this, I can. Gawyn's support of Elaida is a pretty good example of this, but I'll only go through it if someone requests it. I guess when you get down to it that's more the reason I like Gawyn. With Egwene I just love the story arc and seeing the changes she goes through. She goes from a dream-filled emond's fielder that is amazed by the world to the most powerful woman in the world. And she does a fantastic job as Amyrlin. Her POVs were by far the most exciting to me in books 9-11. In the end she's an intellectually smart and willful person who acts from the heart, which is very similar to what I am in real life, which just makes me identify with her more.
  10. I dislike characters at certain points in the story. But I tend to like them all on a whole. Ex. I really don't like Moiraine in the beginning (boy, everyone's gonna hate on me now...). Of course I grew to love her by about book 4, but she doesn't handle Rand even close to right until after book three. Though I think her ability to reexamine her strategy makes her the coolest AS ever. I will say though, that I actually really like both Gawyn and Egwene. Through all the books. They have all their struggles and they make really, really, really stupid choices, and they act off of half-information and don't really think at all times, but they are some of the coolest characters in WoT to me. They're so human it hurts.
  11. I agree the ability is awesome. But he never embraces the ability really. He uses it when he needs it, yes, but never really makes an effort to really learn how powerful it can be. That's why Rand's channeling and Mat's luck are more appealing to the readers, I think. They see them as awesome abilities and see the characters using them to their fullest extent. Perrin just shuts the wolves out. :/ That being said, I'm really looking forward to his parts in aMoL, as he seems to have finally gotten over the same problems he had back in book 3 (wolves, axe vs. hammer, how to treat Faile...).
  12. I loved the whole Rand/Avi thang up until he sent her away. RJ got them in the perfect spot for a great emotional scene where they got their stuff figured out, and then just seemed to say, "Oh, Min's gonna be here soon, better have Rand send Avi away." It makes some sense in the series, but the Avi/Rand thing kind of falls away for me when they don't see each other again for so long. Min I felt was a tad rushed in the beginning (she met him in Baerlon and is instantly in love forever? eh...) but they develop a fairly strong and healthy relationship. But as Rand grows harder and more distant, it seems strange that Min stays so infatuated with him. Yes they are bonded and they've shared many an experience with each other, but Rand becomes so different from who he used to be. In the end it's good Min still stayed with him as otherwise I think Rand would have just cracked like an egg, but it still seemed strange. Are you, like, me? Because this is... this is what I think just said better than I could say it.
  13. Wait, hasn't Min told Rand about Elayne's children by now? I think he already knows...
  14. Rand and Elayne. They kiss in the stone of tear for 4 days and then 6 books later (the first time they see each other again I believe?) they get down to business. Honestly? Min is also a little strange, but at least they have a somewhat decent amount of time together, and same with Avi, but Elayne is just... ugh. Also, I identify with Gawyn and Tuon a lot more than other people I think. Egwene is one of my favorite characters, and Gawyn I think is a good match. Tuon I personally believe is perfect for Mat, but most people will want to cut off my head for saying that. Then again I'm also a hopeless romantic so my relationship views in books get heavily skewed by any number of factors. But I adore all the interactions between Tuon and Mat. She has just the right amount of mischief in her. And also Moraine and Thom is rushed as heck. They're just suddenly in love after not seeing each other for 8 books? Da heck?
  15. That is a fantastic idea. The damn kid has been hanging around a lot, and besides coming up with the entry to where Moiraine was kept, he hasn't done much for his amount of face time. Also, it's hilarious how far afield a thread can go from it's original topic. I've been noticing this more and more lately. A thread starter topic is relatively "answered" and or thoroughly discussed on pages 1-2 and then 3 and onward is about anything else related or that happened to be brought up. It makes it a pain to find threads again because the titles are way different than you expect.
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