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  1. Thank you! Mistborn was my first foray into other fantasy worlds after finishing WoT (I, too, had a hard time leaving the WoT world; talk about a book hangover), and I love it almost as much. Absolutely adore Vin above Luthadel and Sazed!
  2. I have had difficulty with this one. I can see the validity of both theories; that Nakomi could be the Creator, or the Pattern. Either could make sense. What I found most interesting in this post was the fact that Brandon Sanderson added the scene with Nakomi and Aviendah. If in fact Nakomi is either the Creator or the Patter, either one, then I think it closely parellels some happenings in his Mistborn trilogy. Specifically, I am thinking of the mists snapping people (to help create an army of Allomancers), and this god-like being taking on a human-like shape within the mist to communicate with Elend Venture. Any other thoughts here?
  3. I was not too pleased about the body-swapping. I never liked that theory. But what's done is done. I was shocked that Lan, Perrin, and Faile all lived! ANd absolutely crushed by the deaths of Egwene and Bela. And my latest thought...Brigitte tells Elayne that she is going to be reborn very soon, and that Gaidal will only be a few years older than she. I think Brigitte will be reborn as one of Elayne's children, and Olver is Gaidal. Maybe?
  4. Ariel Burgess (reddera), who is doing the artwork for the WoT card deck, also did a stunning painting of Lanfear, which dipicts her more vengeful and evil, rather than coquettish. You can find her work on Facebook: http://www.facebook....164127706972822
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