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  1. One interesting observation... no one has voted for Min! What may be the reason? Is that because she cannot channel? Or because her character is always shadowed by Rand? Mind you she does have special ability, that is unique. No other character has it. So, what can be the reason?
  2. WoT is a long series. With 13 books so far, you are bound to find some parts of the story boring/ slow/ unnecessary. Why don't we all share the parts that we would skip on subsequent reading. Even without thinking, I can say that part which I found boring is from tFoH. When Nynaeve and Elayne travel from Toman Head to Salidar. (Ch.8 onwards) I just can't bear the two of them. that part I have always skipped whenever I have read the series again. please share your thoughts. thanks
  3. That is a great quote... TFoH Ch. 3 yeah Asmodean didn't get enough ink to develop into the unique character he was promising to be... still Lanfear is my favorite forsaken.
  4. yeah I also thought so. book 10,11 had the best development of Mat's character. IMHO BS didn't/couldn't handle him well. Still he is the best!!
  5. One thing we all need to understand that in epic fantasy stories, everything (including plot, characters, the magic system, etc) are developed over a period. I think even the author is not very much clear about them. He just keeps on adding and refining the details to all these... (take example of LOTR mother of mordern fantasy novels) So, IMHO this was just one of the irregularities of WOT. No need to speculate in detail. On lighter note- maybe somebody snapped a picture of a shaggy old man fighting with a fade (you don't get to see this routinely!) :-D
  6. Hi. Sorry I couldn't keep her in the poll... it allows only 20 choices per question. I know Verin is one of the important characters in WOT, silently moving pieces behind the scenes ... May be later on we can include her. But for that we'll have to remove one of the existing choices! That would be Faaaiiilllleeee! Maybe Faile will 'FAIL' to remain on board! But still the poll is quiet young, and 'none' choice still has more votes than Faile in 2nd question... We should wait for 2-3 weeks to allow all to vote. Then we will remove the least favorite person. Also you can always change your vote by deleting your vote, and re-voting Thanks
  7. Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. Mat is the most versatile and adaptable character in the series, able to influence all around him without any special powers (though he being a ta'veren may be counted as one) Still he is my choice.
  8. Hi. Sorry I couldn't keep her in the poll... it allows only 20 choices per question. I know Verin is one of the important characters in WOT, silently moving pieces behind the scenes ... May be later on we can include her. But for that we'll have to remove one of the existing choices!
  9. Hi everyone (On topic) I am not very happy with BS for his use of modern words like command centre, operating, etc. Also he has managed to completely destroy Mat's character. I mean he really has no idea how to keep Mat witty, and funny! Ends up with pathetic lines... Does anybody else also finds this so?
  10. Good choice! And as the story is progressing, we may yet find Lanfear returning to Light (or help Rand in some way). Had this been a multiple choice poll,she would've been one of my choice!
  11. yes, that is entirely possible. But still I feel... anything is possible in WOT!! Thanks for your view.
  12. I believe RJ confirmed that Olver is definitely not Gaidal. Demandred is not Taim. RJ has stated this in multiple interviews Yeah I know that. But the point is RJ (may he ever RIP) is not anymore concerned with these worldly matters. IMHO Brandon can change his earlier minor points (if only to conclude the story cohesively in one last book) because there is not much ink left to accommodate new twists and turns for these minor details.... Anyway I am at least pretty sure Olver is Gaidal Cain. (just look at the conversation of Birgitte with Mat in the last book). these are my 2 cents! thanks
  13. I totally agree with you... even i end up clicking 4 of them. Sorry, I had to modify the poll rule to allow only one choice. Only the most favorite!! Even with 20 choices to choose from, I am sure many will complain about not including Berelain, Logain, Lews Therin, Bashere, Gareth Bryne, Galad, Rhuarc, Loial, etc... feel free to suggest any modification to choices. I am ever willing to accommodate. but also suggest one name to remove from list!!! thanks. P.S.- Modified the poll to allow you to suggest any name to be taken off from primary poll.
  14. My vote goes to Mat Cauthon. He is quick, bright, witty, adaptable, brave but not overly so, enjoys life, will do what is needed to be done when time comes, master commander, truly a silver lining in the dark cloud of WOT! And I almost forgot, he is the luckiest man in WOT!! Now it's your turn! Don't forget to post the reason behind your vote!!
  15. Please share your favorite character in WOT with all of us! I know the choices are limited! I know that similar polls may be running (but not with all above choices), and if Mods decide to close this poll, I have no objection! But We really want to know from 20 most likely candidates, who wins!! May the poll begin!!!
  16. I would like this particular plot:- Fortuona raiding the white tower with all the might of seanchan army. in the end she is captured by aes sedai. but then Mat turns up and proclaim her to be his wife, to the wonder of all of them (minus Fortuona!{that is a long name... may be we should stick to Tuon!}). This brings arrogant noses of all aes sedai (including Elayne, Egwene) down. blah blah blah... this brings end to the feud between Tower and Seanchan. Everyone prepares to fight the true enemy- Dark one and his cronies. Mat has always been my favorite character in WOT.(maybe we should run a poll stating our favorite character in WOT, hmm...) thanks
  17. IMHO you are wrong about Taim's true identity. he must be Demandred. thanks
  18. I can guess one answer at least... Olver- He is Birgitte's soul mate.. Gaidal Cain. but every clue points toward this conclusion... 1)he must be younger than birgette... 2) he is ugly 3) he is reckless 4) birgitte is very concerned about his fate, as shown in book 13. there you go!! one question to OP... why did you ask this... Why Bela just didn't kill the Dark One in book 1 ? thanks
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