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  1. Ok, so I didn’t really know where to put this post as I can’t find a Towers of Midnight specific thread. Also I’m on my phone in work so can’t really browse properly but after 12 years of reading this series I have finally finished book 13 and I am ready to start A Memory of Light! I started reading the series in 2006 when a terminally ill member of my family knew I loved reading and asked if I would read the eye of the world for her to let her know if it was worth reading. She knew that it would probably be one of the last books she ever read and so wanted to make sure it was a good one. Filled with determination to finish the book as quickly as I could to give her my opinion I picked it up and within 2 days had finished it! I was hooked! Sadly for my family member she didn’t get to experience the wheel of time series and every time I pick up one of the books I get a sense she’s watching me! Over the years I have had multiple re reads of the first 8 books as I kept re reading them in preparation as newer books came out. Unfortunately life got in the way and my reading of the series slowed down! I travelled the world, I finished university, lived abroad, bought a house and my partner gave birth to our son. All of this stopped me from finishing the series and the furthest I had gotten was book 9. In February this year I decided I had to know the ending. My son was older and life was getting easier and so I picked up the eye of the world and started to read. I was filled with memories of my life as I read each chapter and what I was doing the other times I had read the books. As I approached the Brandon Sanderson books I worried for the series. The later Robert Jordan books slowed to an almost immovable pace. Some scenes were almost impossible to read as the narrative progressed at an agonisingly Slow pace and the thought that another author was about to take over the series that had dominated my life like no other worried me. In my opinion I had nothing to worry about, while sanderson’s writing style took some time to adjust to when applied to the wheel of time, the change in pace and perspective was refreshing and I found that reading his books was some of the most enjoyable experiences I had with the series. I quickly whizzed through the first two and last night closed the book after reading the last 180 pages of TofM in one sitting. By this point it was after midnight and I couldn’t pick up the final book knowing that I was too tired to give it my full dedication. Tonight I will start it and finally begin approaching the end that I have waited for for 12 years! I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers and although I have some ideas about how I think the story will end I can honestly say that I have no clue what will happen and I am excited to finally find out!
  2. I know for some people reading more than one book is a big no no but for me I need a massive variety when reading. For example at the minute i'm reading, A Crown of swords Possession - James Patterson The Mortal instruments City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Waiting To Be Heard - Amanda Knox Cat and Mouse - James Patterson The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty For me it really depends what I'm doing and what mood i'm in. I tend to have a different book for a different activity such as, in the bath, reading in bed, reading on my phone when i have downtime in work, reading on the bus on the way to work. When i finish 3 or 4 of the books i'm reading now I will probably start ASOFAI. I also find that a lot of the time I sit staring at my bookcase and just want to read them all!
  3. I've gotten myself into quiet a readers predicament. I started doing a reread in september and thought at my average reading speed that I would be finished before A Memory of Light was released. That was before my job changed slightly.... I now work 6am-9pm with a driving time of an hour to AND from work, couple this with the fact that I work 7 days a week and my only reading time is via e-book on dinner breaks and on every other day when it is my turn to drive to and from work. I am currently on chapter 6 of Lord of Chaos and do not see myself getting to A Memory of Light any time soon. Sadly for me I won't be a part of the fanbase that will be spending the next few days/weeks/months (depending on your own reading situation) reading this book. Still, I wish everyone a happy read and I hope we all get the ending we wanted. Happy reading!
  4. Sorry to make the thread morbid but wheel of time to me has quite a personal meaning. I have always been a massive reader and everyone in my family would comment on the fact that I had been reading books since a very young age. Due to this I often shared books with my much older family members and compared our opinions on them. It was because of this that in 2006 my aunty who had found out she was dying of cancer asked me to read eye of the world first to let her know if it was worth reading or if it would be a waste of time! I was extremely close to my aunty and so I read the books in about 3 days I literally just read and read and read. I told her that the book was excellent but extremely detailed with some deep story lines. She passed before she would ever have gotten a chance to finish many of the books but from the moment I began reading I was hooked and have since become a huge fan of the series. now any time I read one of the books I think of her, it isn't in a way that upsets me, it is simply in the way that I think she loved reading as much as me and that this series was one of the last topics we shared together before she passed!
  5. Thanks for all the opinion, I am extremely pleased that some people think that books 7 and 8 drag slightly, I remember in my first read through finishing 7 and being like what was the point in that book! Although I didn't used to like book 2 and on my second read through decided I did so maybe I missed a few plot points in 7.
  6. I have read the books and listened to audiobook versions and I have two big problems with audiobooks. The first is that they are read too slow, I find that I naturally read quicker and usually when I have an audiobook I have the book as well and find that I begin reading ahead. The second problem I have is the pronunciation of the words, some of the words, aes sedai for example I read differently on my first read through. I read them wrong admittedly, despite there being an explanation on how to pronounce them in the back, but it was how I read them and when I listen to the audiobooks I found it initially distracting. Other than that I do enjoy the audiobooks from time to time and will still use them.
  7. Haha my plan is to finish towers of midnight the night before the final book but I can see myself finishing much sooner than that, today alone I have read over 400 pages of Dragon Reborn/Shadow Rising!
  8. haha that's true! although when I finish the story I will wish I had another 18 years of story left!
  9. That's all I need, like I said I will be reading them no matter what because I need to finish this story and will re read it more than once. The pick up in pace may not be a bad thing in the final few books, Jordan has already painted a huge picture of pretty much everything in the first books that the increased pace should make the final book more exciting.
  10. I am enjoying the series and loved the first time I read up to book 8. I will read all of the irregardless of the split I just wondered if anyone had noticed a difference.
  11. Hi everyone, first of all I'm new here and sorry if this thread is elsewhere but here goes; I started the Wheel of Time series about 5 years ago and quickly raced through to book 8. Sadly I began to get extremely busy and had to stop reading and after about 2 years I would look at the series on my bookshelf and think I really need to finish those. Anyway about 2 months ago I started reading them again and have jsut finished book 3, the reason I am starting this thread is to ask, what are the books like when Brandon Sanderson takes over? I know the writing style is going to be different and a lot of the material was already written so it is still Jordan's story but is it a noticable difference that effects the story? Also please avoid spoilers I have read up to and including book 8 but can't remember much as it was years ago and have only gotten up book 3 in my recent re read.
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