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  1. I tend to agree, and have posted similar theory more than once on various threads. I believe to truly trap the DO Rand will seal fain in with him (much like the forsaken originaly were) and the two evils will keep each other in an eternal stalemate within the prison.
  2. Yes they can. Because the farther from Shayol Gul the less control the DO has, it's in the quote. The DO normally would be able to resurrect someone if only small amount of balefire is used. Since it happened so far away from SG he wasn't able to. Only a theory but it certainly is as valid as most others I have seen. That's simply not what RJ said. He said "the Bore doesn't really exist in Shayol Ghul, the Bore exists everywhere, it's simply in Shayol Ghul where it can be perceived most easily. By the same token he has greater access to people at Shayol Ghul than he does elsewhere." He's not describing a setup in which a graduated system of slowly reducing influence radiates from Shayol Ghul. He's describing a two tiered system - Shayol Ghul, and the rest of the world. Shayol Ghul is special, for some metaphysical reason that I don't think can be described adequately. But there is no difference between other locations in the rest of the world, based on distance from Shayol Ghul. That is what "the Bore exists everywhere" means. Shayol Ghul is special and unusual. But the Dark One's access to the rest of the world is uniform. And it is very easy to interpret that as the farther from SG the less access he has. How is that easy to interpret from a statement that pretty much says the exact opposite?
  3. Thought it was Janghai Pass. Not sure myself tho honestly
  4. that would be a good ending Agreed. Also would work if he lives his life, grows old, and on his death bed hears "i have won again Lews Therin." and the wheel continues turning... Moridin will be so upset :p
  5. I would guess she either gives it to somebody whos off to fight forsaken/dreadlords, or she is worried one of her ter'angreal may interfere with callandor and/or the sealing. Or both :p
  6. I hadn't even considered this, but now that you mention it... Mat COULD just throw a 'grenade' at it, thanks to Aludra. Had to mention grenades, eh? LOL I honestly thought it would be Fain, but that settles it! Mat KO's SH with the Holy Hand Grenade! :p
  7. You do realize that is precisely why it has been foreshadowed so strongly correct? Death is unhealable but Nyn won't rest until she heals someone three days dead. We get repeated mentions on the topic throughout. It's about as blunt as it gets my friend. I would say thats as blunt as it can get to, just going in the other direction :p oh well, guess we find out when aMoL comes out :)
  8. So you think it was the Pattern's design to have her ripped out like that? I guess it could be, the pattern works in mysterious ways :p Either way still doesnt seem like something a 'good guy' should be doing.
  9. Except for Rand and Moridin having become able to sense each others bodies, going so far as to even being able to draw the other into one's dreams despite both sides probably guarding their dreams. Or Moridin's talks about the Fisher King in the sha'rah game which can switch sides Min's viewing of Rand and some other man merging into one another and Egwene's dream about "a man dying and it being important that he did not die" oh and then there were quite a few fights in TAR like when we saw Rand being transformed into LTT or into an animal or Birgitte being transformed into a child. In TAR exchanging bodies could be quite possible. Especially if they enter in the flesh. And so far most of Rand's encounters with Moridin have taken place in TAR or a similar place. That's far more in my opinion than a theory which says because it happened to Birgitte RJ is going to use it again with Rand. Ermm maybe one or two could generously be called foreshadowing for a swap(which would still be a big stretch). Most have little to nothing to do with it. Those are no more a stretch then assuming someone will heal death, which has been repeatedly drilled home as impossible. Or that Nyn decides something moghedien did to torture/kill birgitte is a good idea to do to Rand. Frankly i would say all 3 have about equal foreshadowing, which is little to none. People see what they want to see, and everyone believes that they have the right of it. Honestly a 'merge' or 'soulswap' seems most likely to me, not because i think we've been hinted toward it. But because these things have happened already (rand with LTT, several people thru transmigration, luc/isam...) and dont seem to have an adverse effect on the soul being transferred or merged. I just cant see why its been so heavily stated death cant be healed no matter what, just to have Nyn be like 'oh i can do that to' Same goes for something as obviously evil as ripping soneone out of TAR. That is in direct opposition to the patterns will, if they were supposed to come out, they would be born. Thats how it works.
  10. No. While some of the people here seem to think their opinion is fact, these are all just theories and speculation :p
  11. I do like this idea, especially since Fain is now essence-of-ShadarLogoth and Haran is essence-of-DO.. and we've already seen what happens when SL-evil meets taint! (PS: Why haven't Rand's wounds annihilated each other in the same way..?) I believe they havent because they are equally matched, and at a stalemate. And the two fight each other on and on warded off from the rest of his body. Btw i think that is a big foreshadowing of how the DO will be defeated. Rather then the forsaken like last time, you seal Fain inside the DO's prison. The two evils will again reach a stalemate with each other, in effect keeping them both from gaining enough power to break free.
  12. Im not saying it wasnt obvious mat would give up his eye. What i mean to say is it wasnt obvious how he would give it up. Im sorry i dont explain myself as well as i mean to. As for bodyswap having no foreshadowing, i would gave to strongly disagree with that. Its all a matter of how you interpert things. Rand often sees Moridin's face now, and can sense him. One of the mire recent times it happens it states the feeling is getting stronger, and Rand thinks to himself how he can actually feel the other mans prescence in his mind. So what will happen when they are actually face to face? Tge only other 'person' ge ever sensed like tgat was LTT, who he eventually merged with. The bidyswap tgeory also could tie in to how rand will die tet live afain, as his body dies. Also hiw ge who is dead still lives. He lived on in moridins body. This also explains tge black gauntleted fist holding callandor. It is rand in moridibs body. Also with the bodyswap tgere is no reason to 'rip' him out of T'AR, which i agree is possible but also seems inherently evil. And no need to heal death, which has been repeatedly driven home as the one thing that can never be healed. Even rand with callandor only made that little girl a puppet. I don't 100% believe in either theory, but both have been heavily foreshadowed depending on how you interpert things. The fact us nobody but BS actually KNOWS what will happen. So discounting other theories simply because you believe your own to be right or more likely is foolish imo. We all have to wait and see what happens. And frankly these prophecies can be interperted several different ways. We wont have an answer til aMoL comes out, so dont pretend to know better then everyone else. **apologies fir spelling im typing on my Phone**** p.S. i mean no offense and don't seek to discount anyones theories or thoughts, i just dont like when people act as though their point of view is the only possible one. True or false, everyone here puts time and thought into the way they interpert these books and shouldnt just be shrugged off or told they dont know what they are talking about.
  13. I didnt catch they eye untill my 2nd readthrough (around time winters heart came out i guess) and saw mins vision of the eye on one scale and the world on the other. While the clues were def there if you were looking fir them i wouldnt say it was super obvious an eelfinn was gonna rip his eye out of his face :p. what is going to happen isnt nearly as hard to figure out, or as fun, as HOW it is going to happen. We all know its pretty much down to either death/resurection or the bodyswap. But how it happens is the fun part, and what we all really wanna know ;)
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