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  1. i didnt read all the replies but didnt we know Taim was DF or whatever back during PoD? Didnt he either turn or recruit Rochaid to kill Rand? Yes the reader knew that Taim was up to no good,however the "general cast" did not. I have to assume that BS chose to out Taim as a bad guy off screen in the same way the "general cast" found out about Callandor's flaw and its behavior amplifying the True Power. I dont like alot of these off screen revelations but I guess BS wanted to save himself the page space necessary to put in on screen in AMOL.
  2. Is there an AS negative bias? True Is there an Egwene negative bias? True However I believe that both the AS and Egwene were written in by the author in such a way that a substantial portion of the fan base would naturally drift towards dislike of the two. So you will always have a pro Rand camp as well as a defender of the AS/Egwene camp in the fanbase
  3. Why do we always keep coming back to a female dragon? The canon does not support there being such a thing. Balance is generally there in WoT but there is not always a opposite for every idea in the wheel.
  4. Possibly but i remembered someone in team jordan [think it was Maria] RAFOing 90 percent of the questions asked in an interview that pertained to Verin and the black ajah. Very few if any of the questions were answered or even remotely touched upon in AMOL. So im finding alot of authors using RAFO as a kind of a shield to not answering questions for theier own particular reasons.
  5. RAFO currently stands for Read And Find Out-IMO after AMOL it should stand for Read And you might Find Out
  6. A good author will of course foreshadow what he's going to do, but for major things like this it's probably-wise to throw out some red-herrings. No doubt we were supposed to suspect some of these other things, otherwise it would have been too straightforward. Yes I understand that perfectly. What I was getting at was that anybody that had argued against those predictions was pretty much shot down and made to feel like they didn't know what they were talking about and confronted with the stated foreshadowing as prove that they were wrong. The bottom line is that foreshadowing may be open to interpretation and is not fool proof.
  7. One thing that I would LOVE to know is how some our most knowledgeable posters could have been so wrong on their predictions that Nynaeve would pull Rand out of TAR after a death. Were the foreshadowing used for that prediction so ambiguous? Also the predictions that Nynaeve would heal someone thats been dead 3 days
  8. IMHO, Egwene taking Taim was far more thematically appropriate and interesting than Logain doing so. Curious as to why you feel that since there seem to be more foreshadowing and expectation of Logain being the one to tackle Taim.
  9. I was wondering whether BS simply disregarded thew foreshadowings for Nynaeve to heal death and maybe pulling Rand out of TAR as part of his rexurrection theories.
  10. Doing heroic acts is not a guaranteed of in inclusion as a hero anymore then being a sometimes bad person would disqualify you from the same
  11. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that since the DO and the creator balance each other out, and DO had an avatar hence creator avatar is a far reach?saidin to balance saidar-Aes Sedai to balance Ashaman-Shaidar fade avatar to balance nakomi creator avatar. The Wheel of Time is full of equal and balancing forces
  12. First, it is not deus ex machina. Deus ex machina is a plot device whereby something that could not be solved by the previously explained rules, characters and events is abruptly resolved through the intervention of heretofor unknown character or power. Nakomi-Creator never is not invented to solve a seemingly impossible problem or conundrum. At the end of A Memory of Light, she does basically nothing but serve as a sounding board for Rand to expound a worldview too. Meanwhile, it Towers of Midnight, she helps INTRODUCE a problem that Avi will find in the Crystal Columns then solves on her own. No deus ex machina in either appearance. Second, even if it was deus ex machina and therefore dumb in your opinion, that isn't an argument against it as the best interpretation. It actually reinforces my opinion that those who argue against Nakomi-Creator are doing so because they are unsatisfied with the storyline and, therefore, seek to invent something else out of whole cloth like the Nakomi-Verin interpretation. On a final note, let's assume Verin was a former Aiel AND a Hero of the Horn. Neither is grounded in canon. But let's assume. Where in the series is it indicated that a Hero of the Horn could intervene to ensure that descendents of her people followed the right path? Hawkwing lived for a thousand or more years in the Dream World without stepping in to right the wrongs of the Seanchan. Did he care less about his people than Verin? Or might the Heros not have the foresight or ability that you seek to ascribe to them? They aren't the Creator.... +100
  13. Ultimately the fanbase will not be satisfied until BS or team jordan clarify Nakomi's role and origins which from what im hearing not very likely
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