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  1. I agree. i was so eager for the ending of the Book, thinking that all of my questions would be answered. But no, there are so many things that I'm wondering now...
  2. I don't like the reasoning myself. A world without violence can't exist because people don't have the free will to be evil? I don't like it, I hated how easily Rand was swayed ... but I understand it (in relation to the book series) and can deal with it. My issue was that it was even a plot point - I don't think the series would have lost out at all had Rand aimed to Seal the Bore all along instead of coming up with the idea to kill the Dark One. It seemed weird that for all the wisdom Rand gained post-VoG that his views could be shaken by a potential future of Aviendha playing with some children. The entire explanation of it we saw from Rand's PoV frustrated me - it lacked finesse in the same way VoG did (and the end to the Mistborn trilogy) - because what we were shown in this chapter didn't really feel sufficient enough to do to Rand what it did. The Dark One fight felt a bit anti-climatic and vague to myself, and though I think Sanderson has done a decent job with Rand over the last three books I thought his actual story in AMOL lacked excitement and the problems I have just mentioned aren't really Rand-specific. Anyway, i was hugely glad that Rand lived, his character deserved it and I'd have been distraught had he died. I have little problem with the pipe thing, but found it weird he could leave his father and childhood friends believing he was dead. He wasn't swayed by Aviendha playing with children. he went into the world where the dark one no longer existed and nothing was "right." The attitude that Elayne had wasn't correct at all, and there was a "shadow deep in her eye." The description of the shadow was similar to the description of those who had been "Turned." It more than likely had something to do with the fact that Elayne's attitude was without aggression.
  3. I just got done reporting every review that gave it a 1 for no ebook lol Oh, and your Blog Review is what made me check it out.
  4. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/reviews/A-Memory-of-Light%2FRobert-Jordan/1109624139?sort=4#reviews Sort the reviews by lowest star ratings, and count how many people are rating this book 1 star because there's no ebook yet. It will take you a while.
  5. Is it confirmed that Cadsuane POV is Brandon's doing or was that inference from the style? My problem with Rand riding off for a care-free life of exploration really was the casual attitude as his grieving father is standing broken over his funeral pyre and the potential extension of that into the possible abandonment of his children. I know he suspected one or more of the 3 women would follow him but he really was pretty sanguine about it. The other poster who mentioned it was him "letting go" is a possible explanation but I have problems aligning this attitude with some of his thought process in VOG where he realised that it was all about caring. The 3 women doing such a poor job of feigning grief was also strange. That suggested that maybe this was all about just hiding Rand's survival from the world at large and that after some time away he would quietly re-engage with those he cared about. Because if Nynaeve and Cadsuane smelled a rat someone else in the inner circle would. So again, why not tell Tam? I wonder how much of the epilogue we read here was written by RJ many many years ago. He said he knew the final scene since 1984, I wonder if he wrote this some time ago and if it would have seen rework if he had lived. Brandon plainly really didn't want to change it beyond what was absolutely necessary -- the right decision -- but I do wonder. And I do feel somewhat sorry for Brandon as the epilogue made it impossible for any post-TG scenes . Why do you say the epilogue makes it impossible for ant post TG scenes? I have a feeling that what makes impossible post TG scenes is that Robert Jordan probably has no notes for anything post TG, and that everyone who really enjoys his books would be hesitant to ruin what his vision for it may have been.
  6. I think the people arguing about Rand not killing the dark one are missing the entire point... The pattern isn't good or evil, however, the Creator and the Dark One are. The Creator is inherently good and the Dark One is inherently bad. They both affect the pattern in different ways, and if you were to remove one entity, then the other would reign supreme. If the pattern is unaffected by the dark one, then the Creator will influence it more greatly and get rid of the shadow that hides in the hearts of all...
  7. I was satisfied with the majority of the book... but very massively disappointed with the ending of the book. While the ending wasn't quite as awful as it could have been.. it leaves so much open. I was hoping for more of a background behind the world... how the Aiel turned how... how the dragon's peace lasted... and hell, it makes me angry that Rand takes on the body of Moridin, but then just leaves... why does he have to leave exactly? The ending made me feel like there is a need for something more.
  8. No - way too expensive. You can always try covering the jackets with decent book covering plastic, you know :P Well, the fact that it's expensive is the point.. the books in leather would be specifically meant as a collectors item, and possibly to read with great care
  9. Here's my own take on it: I like both of them. I loved the way Robert Jordan created the world, and I loved how he really got into the depths of his characters. But it was meant to be a six book series. Robert Jordan was a master at writing, but he let himself get carried away with creating the world, and he created too many sub plots, to many strings of the story that had to be closed together at the end. Brandon Sanderson was at a bad spot when he took over the book, because he needed to end the book with what he had. If robert jordan was still writing the series I'm sure we would have even more books to go through before the end. Brandon Sanderson has done an excellent job at taking the story lines and bringing them to a close. Let's also not forget that the manuscript for the memory of light was finished already, Sanderson just had to bring the books to words.
  10. Wait what? Was this in the towers of midnight or something else I missed? >.<
  11. First off, I'm new to the site and am a big fan of the Wheel of Time books as well as my father, who got me into the series originally. I was talking to him earlier today and we wound up talking about how the jackets for hardback books always managed to get messed up in one way or another, no matter how hard someone tries to keep it mint... unless they just don't read it, or take the jacket off. During this, my dad mentioned that he would pay to have the entire series bound in leather... and it made me want this as well. My question to everyone here is: If they made a matchset of the books with every one of them bound in leather, would you buy it?
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