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  1. THAT IS AMAZING! Oh my goodness, it is perfect. Do you sell your art? I would definitely buy.
  2. Are they also going to release chapter 3 early?
  3. Fighting with saidar would be really awesome, who doesn't to be able to wrap people in air? Throw fire about and countless other things? But fighting with saidar against people who aren't feels somewhat like cheating. Like at Dumai's Wells, we saw the asha'man absolutely demolish thousands of people like it was nothing and the Shaido were pretty much defenceless. It takes just as long as it does to learn a traditional weapon as it does to learn to wield the power, and so to me the two are pretty much equal and I think fighting with both would be the best way. But if I had to choose only
  4. TALMANES! I love him so much. But if I were a boy, definitely Min or Tuon.
  5. The wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. A birthday came about on the World Wide Web. It was not the first birthday and it won't be the last but it was still important none the less. One age gone and another one come...14! Happy Birthday, Dragonmount!
  6. In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith’s pride shall come. When I hear "First Among Vermin", I think of Fain. I agree that the "One Eyed Fool" is Matrim and the "Fallen Blacksmith" is Perrin, but "Him who will Destroy" is more likely to be Rand. These theories are so good, but I can't decide which one I think is more likely to happen.
  7. This is awesome, I laughed so much!
  8. I've thought about reading that series. How good is it? Is it written in a similar style to Jordan? A Song of Ice and Fire Wheel of Time Anything Tolkien I'm pretty new to the Fantasy world myself, but I don't ever want to leave it.
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