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  1. I need some answers as to the nature of Min's abilities. I remember RJ saying at some point that they are not OP related but I would hope that some light is shed on Min and her viewings . More than just "they come true"
  2. I just finished TOM and was reading the glossary and it confirms that Graendal was Asmodeon's killer under her entry. Did I miss something? or is this something that will be reveiled in AmoL .Sorry if this is redundant, I am trying like hell to get caught up....re reading TGS now ( or rather audiobooks, I get distracted, it's a PITA)
  3. IMO from where Aram came from, the simple way of the leaf , him having left by the act of weilding a blade and leaving the w.o.t.l.is much like an excommunicated Amish. Some of them do well and some get into trouble. Aram let that zelout Maseema "the prophet" get to him... I don't know what you call that in psychological terms I think despite being of the light , and idolizing Perrin, Aram was just destined to be a follower to his death. Maseema seemed to me to be taveren-like if there is such a concept.
  4. From the night that Moirane and Lan took Mat Eggy Perrin and Rand from Emond's Field to the day that Mat Thom and Noal get Moraine out of the tower of Ghenji... how much time has passed? I have guessed many times and have a good idea but I just got finished with The Gathering Storm and from dialog it seems like that Tarmon Gaidin as of the TGS/TOM is a week away? Enlighten me as to how long it takes for this series to happen in real time.
  5. http://www.variety.c...464?refCatId=13 http://geekology.co....eleased-in-2013 This is my second post and I wanna say first I never thought I would find a series that I would be so devoted to. That I would love SO much.I started WOT on a whim 12 years or so ago and really fell for it.I am now re-reading the series and am at LOC.Anyway.Here are two articles about a major movie company buying the movie rights for Wheel of Time. Do you think any director can do this series justice? Both articles mention a "seven firgure deal" I don't think this could be told in any less then seven 4 hour movies, and even if that were done the amount of plot that would have to be abrigged would atleast IMO ruin alot of it's greatness. I searched for WOT in relation to a movie in the search engine and found nothing being discussed so i hope this is not redundant. Opinions? I just would hate to see this wonderfull series butchered on the big screen..
  6. I read Eye of the world around 2000 and only got as far as ACOS and because of life taking over I stopped. I now am re-reading the series and am really enjoying it. I think it's been an advantage to have read the first few books several times and starting over years later because for me every time I re-read the series I glean something new from them. I catch details missed in the past. I am glad to be a part of this community. Rodney
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