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  1. Jas looked up from her book when Eqwina came marching to her. Was she that predictable? She glanced at what she was reading, another history book..yep, I am that predictable. She bookmarked her tome and slipped it back onto the shelf, then gathered her red skirts and followed after the little, if not as little as herself, Sedai. She wasn't sure of the specifics, but she knew enough to not ask questions. Raeyn was waiting for them at the bottom of the library. Jas feel in behind Eqwina as she examined the unconcious Warder lump. How easy they were defeated. She wouldn't take one. Eqwina turned to her as Raeyn left in a huff. “Well child?” Jasmyne looked at the Ajah Head, then to the boy, never blinking, emotions never changing. Without looking back, she asked "Could anyone hear his screams from here?" Jasmyne Ceres Baby Black
  2. Allrianne pondered each possibility. The drying weave would use Fire. Air, as Satin just answered, could be used to wring it out. She was pretty sure she could pull the water out of the sponge with Water. She wasn't exactly sure how to use Spirit, but supposedly it was possible. And Earth? There was no way Earth could pull water out of a sponge! She decided to test out the Water theory with her bucket. After performing her ritual clawing, she embraced the Source and grabbed a firm hold on the cool, slick flow. She then picked up the sponge and held it over the bucket. Next, Allri wove into the sponge with her flows of Water then 'pulled' on them and watched the water fall out of the sponge back into the bucket. She felt her sponge up. Not perfect, but it worked. She raised her hand then pronounced to the Accepted. "Water can be used to pull the water out of the sponge." Allrianne Viventi Earth? Really?
  3. Allrianne watched with interest as Jerinia showed Satin how to light candle with the Power. Well, that seems quite practical. How could the Power be evil if it can be so useful to someone as clearly in the Light as me? After Satin was done, she stood up and wandered over to the candle. She quickly reviewed what her teacher had said and mentally prepared herself to replicate it, if possible. A usual, she dug her fingernails into her forearm and raked down with as much pressure as she could do without being woefully obvious about it. She didn't even notice that she had caused herself to bleed. She was too enthralled with the heavenly feelings that holding the Source gave her. She reached for the reddish thread that always felt nice and warm and guided it to the wick. She began to wrap it around, but she lost her hold on it and it just vanished. She furled her brown and took hold of it once again. She went slower this time and slowly wrapped it around. She gave a little squeak when the candle suddenly had a small flame above it. She was speechless. She actually did it! Allrianne Viventi Still blocked
  4. Tig eyed the boy who seemed to be holding a smile back. What did he find so funny? He'd fix the boy. He could be funny. "Darial, eh? Hmmmm, that's unfortunate. Well, for you at least. You see, we don't accept people whose names start with D, P, or V. So, if you'll follow me, please. I think it's Ban'Sheen's turn for feeding." By sheer force of will, he did not smile, smirk, or grin the whole time. That would have ruined it. He eagerly awaited the boy's reaction. Tigara Kazim "Funny"
  5. If we assume the Ogier appeared in the AoL, the logically the Stedding would have come when they came. If the Ogier disappear, I don't know if the Stedding go with them. They survived the Breaking, so I'd assume they would stay.
  6. Tigara led the new boy through the Fortress after Ardicus had to go attend to his "business". He was probably going to try to flirt with Shana again. If he's right, then some sort of explosion will occur shortly. And it would be amusing. And Tig would laugh. On thier way to the rooms, Tig suddenly stops and asks the boy "What's your name? The fool told me nothing!" Tigara Kazim Far too tired to write anything better. :P
  7. Stupid, good for nothing Ardicus! What in the name of the Great Lord is he doing recruiting in Saldea? The blasted fool can't even Skim! The I have to waste my precious time to come and fetch him since I'm one of the few stationed in the Fortress who can Travel! Tigara continued his mental muttering as he romped throught the deep, Saldean snowscape. His heavy furs already had clumps of ice frozen to it. At least the wind had stopped howling. The wind made it seem twice as cold and made him thrice as miserable. He was a Taraboner! He liked it warm and humid! He finally made out two, humanoid shapes in the distance and within a few minutes, they met. That fool Ardicus and a very exquisite looking young fellow. He was saldean, but different. Pale with blue eyes? Odd, but it didn`t matter much to him. Just another meat puppet. He eyed the two cooly with his green eyes. `Well, are you two ready to go?` Tigara Kazim Dreadlord
  8. Jasmyne shuffled through some papers on her low desk. She had become a bit more interested in developing her own personal Eyes and Ears and now the paperwork was getting ahead of her. But it never hurt to know something that someone else didn't, like where some channeling men might be, ripe for shipping to the Great Lord. A knock on her door snapped her out of her little world and she gave a harsh "Enter" without looking up from her work. A red-haired novice with a face peppered in freckles entered with a deep curtsey and said nothing. This one must have been to see her before. After she finished her paper, Jas looked up. "What is it? "Larindhra Sedai requests your presence in her office at your earliest convenience, Jasmyne Sedai." The vein on Jas's forehead buldged just a little. That wretched woman! She knows that Jas can't focus on anything when she knws that Lari needed her. "Fine, you may go." The novice curtseyed again and scurried out with Jas on her heels. She opened the door to the Mistress of Novices office and took a seat before Larindhra could say anything. "What is it that you need?" she said as calmy as possible, but she could tell her tone was a little on the cutting side. She wanted to be done with her as soon as possible. ~**~ Mentoring? Well, that wasn't so bad. But there was something about this one. Lari was trying to hide a smug look from her, so the girl was probably some priss. Jas sauntered back to her rooms and send a novice to fetch the new girl. She hated the novice quarters and would avoid them if at all possible. Jas looked around her rooms to make sure everything was in place. Her room could be described as lavish, but that would be an understatement. Gilt was on everything, her deep red curtains and drapes were fully embroidered with thread-of-gold, and everything else was more than fit for a queen. She took a seat on one of her sofas and waited for the soft, malleable girl to arrive. Jasmyne Ceres Sedai of the Red Ajah Unfortunately shares an Ajah with Larindhra
  9. Amazingly, Saeric's anxiety and nerves had just melted away. He was as happy as a cat in a barn full of cows with leaky udders. He didn't really notice much happening as the old Brown led him deep into the tower. He had no idea where he was or how to get back out, but strangely, he didn't care. She finally indicated a room to him and he went in ahead of her. He was about to ask what they were doing in here when an invisible gag was suddenly in his mouth. Within seconds of that, he flew agaist a hard, stone wall. He grimaced in pain and would have yelled if he could have made a sound. The impact was enough that he drifted out of consciousness. Nap time...... Saeric Talvus In Trouble
  10. Talim eyed Thera as she gazed into her skull. Light, this woman is a creeper! She resembled a banshee as the redhaired beast dug her claws into her delicate, perfectly shaped lobe and drug her over to a hard, unforgiving chair where her bottom would be severly discomforted. Whines and groans abounded as she massaged her ear with some ointment she had with her. “Now that you have decided to take your seat and be a good little girl, we can begin again.” Talim's head jerked and her eyes popped, focused on this haughty woman. The nerve of her! She opened her mouth to protest, but the demoness cut her off. She gave quite a sterm speil and then perked on her elbows, waiting for her to respond. Most definitly a creeper. "Very well. My name is Talim Mishadake. I'm here to join the Warders. Will you need any other information, or perhaps some sort of enrollment fee?" Talim Mishadake Thera's new best friend
  11. Saeric was hopelessly lost. There were simply too many gardens in the Tower and he could not be bothered to map them for how often he went there...which was seldom. On light feet, he took turn after turn down stone pathways, seemingly passing the same rosebush every five minutes. He was supposed to be meeting Thera somewhere, but she likely left thinking he had snubbed her. He was likely in for a penance of some sort, as well. A couple laps around Tar Valon or something torturous like that. He turned another corner beside a patch of lilies and then saw two people standing afar. Maybe they could give him some directions out of here. As he got closer, he noticed they were Aes Sedai. He stepped to the side so they couldn't see him, as it was very rude to interrupt an Aes Sedai's conversation. But.... his curiosity got the best of him and he inched closer through the plants and flowers, using his Warder training to keep as silent as possible. He got within hearing range without notice and he listened from near a small fountain. He couldn't make much sense out of it. It seemed like the way they usually spoke, nothing double meanings and hidden messages. But even this seemed a bit...odd. The shorter of the two went to move. It was at that time that a bee decided to sting him on the neck, causing him to squirm and twitch a bit. He froze as the two looked right where he was in the bushes. They saw him and he was sure they would be less forgiving than Thera. He slowly stood up, head down, to face the Aes Sedai. He couldn't say that he didn't mean to, when he obviously went there on purpose. "Pardon me, Aes Sedai. I got lost in the gardens and hoped you could give me directions. I didn't mean to eavesdrop and I didn't understand what you said." He said with as much innocence as possible. He really didn't like lying to Aes Sedai, but it might lessen the blow...he hoped. Saeric Talvus Kill away! ^^
  12. Allrianne stumbled into her room and began to clean her face. All the dust from the tapestries had mixed with her tears and her whole face had been covered in grim. Her muscles ached from swinging that bat over and over. Her throat burned from inhaling all that dust and then coughing it up. She was just generally exhausted. She scrubbed the grim off of her face and neck, then brushed the dust from her hair and slipped a clean dress on. She slowly made her way to the dining hall and reluctantly joined her dusty comrades. She hadn't taken much to eat. She knew that she would just end up picking at a lot of it and it would be wasted. She had a half a potato, a small chunk of meat, then a regular helping of vegetables. As it was, she only ate half her meat and potato. Her vegetables she made herself finish since they were favorite part of the meal. The rest of the time, she just stared at her plate while the other girls wolfed down their food. Satin was going to give herself indigestion and Aeryn was going to bloat the way they were going. Allrianne Viventi Dainty
  13. Ikki watched with interest as Covai formed a hammer right before his eyes. He wasn't a sword, but a sledgehammer? It seemed...different from the normal, but Covai was the boss man. He went over and gripped the hammer with both hands. He grunted to even pick it up and it took all his might to swing it over his head. But the results were exactly as intended. The head had buried itself in the ground where it had struck. Ikki wiped the sweat off his brown and gave his teacher a weak grin, then tried again. He strained to swing the top heavy tool and nearly fell over on his third try. "I thought this was saidin training?" Ikki muttered as he picked himself up, waiting for new instructions.
  14. "That i do. Would you be interested in buying any?" Jagaea struggled to figure out what she was saying. Does she have to have such a thick accent? She brushed aside a random strand of hair that had ventured onto her face and replied, "I might have some interest. You have jewels and silks, yes?" Suddenly, she noticed something...odd about the captain. It was very familiar...the captain could channel! How unlikely was it that a channeling woman would just appear on her doorstep...figuratively. Then she remembered what nationality she was. Tairen. They were nearly as bad as Amadicians. If she told this woman she could channel, they'd likely both be dead from her panic frenzy. Maybe this one was best left dormant. Jagaea Kazim Resisting the recruiting urge
  15. Allrianne pondered as Jerenia talked about these elements and weaving and all that. It almost bordered on interesting. She began to recall her times holding the Source. Her first had been an unusual event where that Blue had tricked her into it. But her other times...there may be a connection. Her second time had been in Larindhra's office and she had spilled scalding hot tea on herself. Then her third time, yesterday, had been caused when she landed on her back on the floor after spazzing out. Could it be that perhaps, she could hold the Source when she was in pain? She quickly tried to grab it consciously, just to see. She didn't want to, but she had to know. And thinking back on her dream, the Children were right. She was one of them now. She couldn't go back. Maybe she should just make the best of it. Trying to grab the Source, she seemed unable to grab that little light. Unable to feel the warmth of the sun on her little white rose. She looked from side too side as Jerinia continued. No one was watching her, so she rolled up one sleeve and dug her fingernails into her forearm and clawed up towards the elbow. She winced in pain as some skin came off and a little blood was leaking. Mostly just red skin, but it might be enough. She tried to be a rose again. But rather than embracing the light, she embraced the pain, the wind that whipped at the rose. And there it was! She had it! She stood up and approached the Accepted and stared in awe at the five threads laid across her hand. They were...pretty. She almost grinned at the surprise on the Accepted's face, both at Allri's quick volunteer to be first and the fact she was holding the Source. "Reaching" out to the threads, she pulled on the milky white one. "Umm, I think this is Spirit. Right?" Jerinia nodded and she kept going. "Hmm, they all seem to be even, I think. Like, none of them jump out at me like the first did, but they don't appear to be resisting my pull either." She decided on the blue one, almost reflective. It seemed...refreshing and pure. "I think this is Water. At least it seems that way." She pulled on the bronzish looking one and it felt firm and strong. "Earth?" The Accepted nodded. Allri started to feel her grip on saidar loosen and the threads looked fuzzy. Checking her arm, it didn't hurt much anymore. She looked at Jerinia with a sad and apologetic look, then she dug her fingernails back into her forearm and gave them a good scratch. Her grip on the Source strengthened and she could see the flows clearly again. She grabbed ahold on the opaque flow. It felt very free. "I suppose this has to be Air." Looking at the last one, she took hold of the red flow and felt it's heat. "This has to be Fire." Her teacher nodded and Allri returned to her seat and let go of the Source. Maybe this isn't all bad... she thought. Maybe channeling wasn't evil, but she wasn't convinced Aes Sedai weren't. Allrianne Viventi She did it! Yay!!!
  16. "Louder and silent at the same time? Why, that's crazy. Let me try!" Heather replied. She began to close her eyes while keeping the image of the fire in her head. Focus on the fire. She sat there, in a trance-like stage for about a minute. Suddenly, things were as described - silent, yet louder. More...aware. She opened her eyes and exclaimed, "I got it!" She practiced going in and out of this feeling. A thought struck her. "Hey guys, why don't we have a snowball fight? When we're in battle, we won't be in a peaceful environment, so we should practice staying in the void while we're distracted!" She nodded sagely, then bent down and collected a snowball in her hands.
  17. Allrianne woke up face down on her crusty pillow. She had cried herself to sleep and had twisted and turned all night long. She had been facing nightmares about Jerinia and Larindhra fondling her and forcing her to hold the Source. All the while she had been screaming and calling out to the Children of the Light, who were blatantly mocking her, saying that she was one of the witches now and there was no going back. She rolled out of bed and forced herself to get off the floor. She put on her plain, white dress, then brushed her teeth and combed her hair before grabbing something to eat in the mess hall. She sat alone as usual and ate in silence, occasionally broken by a sob. Once she was done, she collected her dishes, took them to the kitchen, and slowly made her way to the next class. Like last time, Satin had just managed to beat her there. She gave her teacher a slight curtsy and found a seat in the back once again. She folded her arms on the desk and rested her chin on them, looking very bored. Allrianne Viventi Still not happy
  18. Heather followed suit as A.D. and Saira plopped down and sat crosslegged. She stared intensely at the small fire , attempting to "feed" her emotions into it. She didn't really know how do do it, but she found herself slowly getting closer to it. Slowly closer. She retaliated once the heat started to scorch. "Ow! Too close!" she fell backwards and flailed her arms. After she got back up, she looked around sheepishly. "Ummmm, yeah. The fire's hot." she went back to staring, keeping a careful distance from the flames. How are we supposed to do this? Heather Eventful
  19. Allrianne reluctantly offered the help to get up. But Light, her back burned now. She picked her chair back up and sat back down. She pondered about what the Accepted said. Why would the Creator allow Darkfriends to wield his power so freely? It does seem like a sporadic thing, so why not use it? No, I mustn't think like that! Should I? She put her head in her hands and moaned. This was so complicated and she was getting a dreadful headache. She supposed she had done the assignment, so she just held her head in her arms until she was dismissed. Light, why did it have to be her? Why did that Blue have to abduct her? Why did she have to channel? Allrianne Viventi The seed is planted...will it grow?
  20. Allri's eyes widened only slightly at this woman's defense against being a Darkfriend. It could be true, or it could be a story she uses to make people think higher of her. She wasn't about to believe it, in any case. Aes Sedai were notorious liars. “Your full name, age and place of birth? Speak up, child!” Allrianne just looked at her. Why would that matter? she wondered. But the look Larindhra brooked no nonsense, so she gave in. "My name is Allrianne Angelicia Viventi. 16 and born in Amador, Amadicia." She watched the Red scribble down the information, then get up and dig in a small closet. “Put these on, child; the colour should make you happy, at least.” She arched her eyebrow. They thought that by putting her in all white, that it would convince her that she wasn't in training to be a Darkfriend Aes Sedai. How amateur. At least Larindhra had the decency to not look at her while she was changing. She examined the simple, white garb, checking for powders, poisons, or anything else not normally in a dress. She slowly undressed and cautiously put the dress on. It felt...fine. Once she was done, Larindhra led her away and down a series of corridors. How big was this place, anyways? She was led into a small room with some very basic furnishings. Three beds, one of which appeared to be in use. She had a roommate? “You will stay here until your mentor sends for you; her name is Taeadra Culthane of the White Ajah. I suggest you mind your manners with her.” Allri nodded and the Mistress of Novices left. White Ajah? She hadn't heard much about these Ajahs that Aes Sedai divided themselves into. She had heard plenty about the Blue on her way here, but her knowledge of others was less than basic. The only thing she thought she knew about the White was something about logic. Maybe it was White to further convince her of the lack of Darkfriends in the Tower. Not likely. She sat on her bed and waited for this Taeadra to call for her.
  21. "Sniveling wretch, it's no wonder your countrymen sent you off to be trained by the witches, you don't even have heart enough to be a spineless White Cloak, hiding behind their ignorance and anger. Don't worry, Allri, I'm sure if you keep this up even the witches of the Tower will decide you're not worth the effort and send you back home to be useless somewhere else." That spurned a small response from Allri. She rubbed her eyes and managed to get out a small objection. "I wasn't sent. I was kidnapped." She went into another set of whines as she followed near the back of the trail of novices, near where Satin was. She did, however, make an interesting observation. At least three of the girl in this class were nobles before coming here. herself, Katiana, and that new girl, Aeryn. She heard about her and some claim of nobility in Tarabon, or maybe Almoth. In that general area, at least. It was a rather lengthy walk to where they were going. Her tears were dried when she got to the laundry. She saw the stacks of tapestries here and there. "So what do we do now?" She honestly had no clue. She never had cleaned anything before.
  22. Stepping out from one of Whitebridge's many Inns, Jagaea surveyed the town. It was one of the nicer towns in Andor. Caemlyn was the best, but Whitebridge was close. And the men here tipped well, for being Andor. She wasn't fond of Andor for that one reason. They were a much more modest country than some others. While in some places in Murandy, Tarabon, and Altara, she could get away with wearing almost nothing at all. But Andorans were far too bashful to show off any skin beyond hands and faces. Wearing a slightly clingy gown of a smokey blue cotton, she began her wandering. Her hair wasn't in braids as is often was, but instead her golden locks flowed freely down her back. She still had that large, pink flower tucked behind her ear from that man last night. A nice man, but just a bit creepy. She found herself wandering near the docks. She liked being near the water sometimes, and Whitebridge has a very nice dock. Spotting a man at a distance, she gracefully wandered his way. He looked important and most importantly, rich. Getting closer, she noticed it wasn't a man, but a woman! A woman captain! She had seen very few of those, unless you counted the Sea Folk. She couldn't very well turn around now, not after she purposefully made her way here. If she was a captain, she might be interested in bartering. Yes, that would work. "Hello there, Captain. You have goods to sell, yes?" she said, doing her best not to slip out hints of seduction. Jagaea Kazim A Dancer. At least, that's all you'll get to know. 8)
  23. Meli grabbed her swans as the nice Tower Guard gave her a boost. They weren't as heavy as she thought they might be. Perhaps they were hollow inside. "Thank you very much, Mr. Tower Guard. I'll be fine for now. Go back to guarding and I'll call if I need you again." Not even looking to see if he left, her focus went straight to the pair of swans. She ran her hands across them, wiping most of the dust off onto her hands. Promptly wiping the dust off her hands onto her dress, she picked it up and began looking at it from all angles. It definitely had a look of thick, hollow porcelain. Suddenly, she was struck with the feeling that by extending a weave of Water, or maybe one with Water in it, through the heart made by the necks, the weave would be invisible to anyone. It was mostly a feeling, but she couldn't shake it. Taking a simple flow of Water, she extended it through the heart...and it didn't look different. It didn't seem different at all. Maybe she was wrong. Or maybe the weaver can still see it? She decided to find another ter'angreal and see what it was like. Picking up a fat bronze ring with a topaz on it, she felt it and looked it over. Another feeling came to her. It was like a well, but for a single weave. Like it was stored in there. She wasn't exactly sure how to get in in there, or how to get it out once it was in. Picking up a pair of gold bells on a chain, she tried this one. The feeling was back, but stronger. She knew what this one did. With the right weave in the right bell, it could call animals and make them tame, but with the same weave in the other bell, the animals would be repelled and become really aggressive. By this time, she was literally bouncing with excitement. She knew what ter'angreal did! Seeing an ivory hairbrush, she wove a simple weave of Air into the small, clear gem on the end of the handle. It glowed a yellowish color. She picked it up and ran it through her hair. Her breath was lost as she looked at the sections of hair she combed. It was blonde! Her dark brown hair was a pale, golden blonde! Trying the same weave except with Fire, she ran it though her hair on the other side of her head. It was a bright brilliant crimson! She gave off a squeal of delight! She set the brush down on a box and barged out the door. Her guard was still there. "Stay here! I'll be right back!" Hiking her skirts up, she tore down the hall and up the stairs looking for the nearest Aes Sedai. She couldn't wait to tell someone her news! Melianna Hollmen The multicolored-haired girl whose going to get in trouble OOC: Thanks a million for the post Talavin! If you like, you can post more, commenting on the situation or slinking off to see Eqwina or something. If you're busy, then no worries. ;)
  24. Ikki got to work right away. Coming to the first man near him, a Soldier by his lack of coat pins, he took him by the head and Delved him. A crushed foot and some heavy bruising on his chest was all that troubled this man, as far as he could tell. "So how did you manage this?" Ikki asked, trying to cheer the man up with friendly conversation. The older man replied with a raspy voice, "Airborn trolloc crashed into me. While I was on the ground getting the abomination off of me, my foot got stepped on, twisting it and breaking it. Managed to get up and hop to safety, though." Ikki nodded and wove the Healing. The old man stiffened and shivered while his bones mended and bruises Healed, then slouched after it was done. "Sounds like you were lucky. That should fix it. Get some rest and some food, then you'll be fine." he smiled and moved to the next person. The next patient he was unable to tell rank seeing as he was sitting there in nothing but his breeches. He didn't need delving to see the burns on his chest and side, but he delved anyways to see what else. Nothing else was wrong, thankfully. He wasted no time with the Healing. The burns just faded away into smooth, pale skin. He gave the young Cairheinin a pat on the shoulder, and carried on with his routine. Delving, Healing, then move on to repeat. Occasionally he could give a bit of chit-chat, especially if it was an odd wound, but for the most part, he stuck to his routine. Ikkiliad sur Paendrag Gonna need a break soon.
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